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Important questions to ask a WordPress website developer


Are you looking for a WordPress development company to build a suitable website for your business? However, you don’t know what you should look for or the questions to ask a WordPress website developer?. The one thing you know is you don’t want to have a bad website development experience.

Your website is an important aspect of your business, and you would want it to be as finely made as possible. Apart from attracting visitors, it generates leads and increases revenue for you. You need to have a premier quality website to achieve those goals.

A website customized to your specific needs will do wonders for your business. On the other hand, a poorly developed website can damage your business’s reputation and decrease revenue. Thus, you need to hire the best WordPress developer who can cater to all your needs and develop an ideal website for you.

This article will guide you on hiring a WordPress developer dedicated to creating the best website for you. We will look at the questions you must ask a WordPress developer before giving him the project.

Table of Contents:

What qualifies as a bad website development experience?

It’s not easy to find the right WordPress website development company or a freelancer in your first chance. Most website owners go through a few website developers before finally finding the one. Among the many website developers you have hired, there may be one or two who gave you an awful website development experience. The terrible website creation experience can have any of these factors:

  • Delay in project submission
  • No response after advance payment
  • Not fulfilling your complete requirements
  • Additional costs
  • Not delivering on their promise
  • Reluctance to listen to your queries or provide you clear answers
  • Frequent delays in delivery

Why do you need to hire a WordPress developer

Why do you need to hire a WordPress developer?

WordPress is free, user-friendly, and the most popular open-source blogging platform. WordPress offers multiple advantages, which makes it an ideal platform for building a website. The easy-to-use features enable you to develop a WordPress website yourself. However, it doesn’t make you a capable WordPress developer.

It would be best to think for the long term while running a business. A website is an important aspect of your business and can damage your reputation if built poorly. A professional WordPress website development company in India or an individual will not leave space for any such mistakes. Here are some of the reasons depicting the need to hire a WordPress web developer:

  • An expert website developer would create a completely customized website according to your specific requirements. Their experience, skills, and creativity will ensure you have the best website made for your business.
  • A WordPress developer would take less time to develop a user-friendly and highly efficient website.
  • A website developer will give you the technical support to effectively handle the problems with your website. It may lead to fewer visitors and\or conversion rates.
  • A WordPress developer for hire knows multiple languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.
  • An experienced website developer knows users’ expectations from a website. Thus, they will make a website that fits your and your users’ needs.
  • A WordPress developer is equipped with enough knowledge to keep your WordPress website secure. They keep themselves updated with all the latest changes in technology to develop the safest websites.
  • Hiring a WordPress developer saves your time, effort, and investment.
  • A WordPress developer will improve user experience by creating an SEO-optimized website.

A WordPress web development company or a freelancer is a must if you want to build a scalable and reliable website. Save your time, effort, and money by hiring a dedicated WordPress developer. And use that spare time to focus on important tasks of your business that come under your expertise.

Questions to ask a WordPress website developer

So, you have decided to hire a WordPress developer to build your website. Now, you must know what questions you must ask a WordPress website developer before hiring him\her. Asking these questions will ensure that you hire the best WordPress developer who fits right in your team.

How many years of experience do you have in WordPress website development?

An experienced WordPress developer has had enough practice to gain all the useful knowledge and skills and has done multiple projects before; he\she will know about the expectations of their clients and website visitors.


Ideally, you should hire a freelance WordPress developer who has enough experience developing the kind of website you want. Not only the number of years but the quality of experience also matters. Hire a WordPress developer who has done a few high-quality projects over someone who has done multiple low-quality projects.

What do you expect me to provide?

As the website owner, you are a part of the complete website development process. You don’t get rid of your responsibilities after hiring a WordPress developer. It is important to create a complete road map of what kind of a website you want.

The developer may need the below aspects to create the most alluring website for you:

  • Your Time
  • Advance payment
  • NDA contract
  • Website assets like content, images, and other data
  • Existing social media account usernames
  • Existing domain and web hosting details

Save your time and start your project early by giving this information to your developer.

How much do you charge for the website development?

Once you have successfully communicated your requirements, ask them their charges for the website development. The cost will depend on various factors like theme creation, requirements, developer’s expertise, etc.


Go with the developer who is giving you the best services at the most affordable prices. Do not hesitate to hire an expert WordPress developer if you can afford their services. Expert web developers offer creative and innovative web solutions.

How much time are you going to take to complete the project?

The timely completion of the project is important. It would help if you went for a WordPress developer for hire who would build an appropriate website for you in less time. Sometimes the project might take some time because of your requirements. Thus, understand the developer’s point of view as well.


How will you build my website?

This is a technical but important question that you must ask. It revolves around three ways:

  • Using an existing theme that is inexpensive but not unique. You would find many businesses using the same theme, and it also offers fewer customization options.
  • You can customize an existing theme. It requires less time and a small design. However, a common problem surrounding this method is that future updates break designs and functions.
  • Customizing a scratch theme: You will get a website tailor-made for your specific needs with the customized theme.

Ideally, it would help if you went for the option to give you the best website suitable for all your needs. Do not just think about pricing. Think about how a good website will benefit you in the long run.

Do you offer maintenance services?

After getting launched, a website can run into any problems, like getting hacked, running slow, crashing, etc. The website developer who created the website can offer solutions for such problems better than anyone else.

Maintenance Services

Ideally, you should ask top WordPress development companies about their after-launch services and figure out a plan if they don’t offer such solutions.

Do I get 100% access to my website?

It is in your best interest to build a website that you have 100% access and ownership of. Make sure to ask for WordPress administrative access, FTP access, database access, and DNS settings access.

Hire a WordPress web developer with which you do not have to fight to get this information. And if you’re not familiar with how to use it, ask for training to learn to use these instead.

What is your process to develop a WordPress website?

Most developers will firstly analyze your requirements, build a development plan and then get it verified by you. Then they choose a suitable theme and start the development process.

Ideally, you should hire a WordPress theme developer to include the testing phase at the end of their process and ensure that you can check whether the final product is what you asked for or not.

Will you be building a mobile-friendly WordPress website?

Most users access websites through their smartphones these days. Mobile-friendly websites are also favored by Google while ranking in the search results. If you’re building a new website, make sure to build a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile-Friendly Website


You can get a mobile website built specifically for mobile users or create a mobile application. If you’re looking to make your existing website mobile-friendly, getting a mobile website built is a good option. It does not require much rebuilding or redesigning.

How will you SEO optimize my website?

WordPress is already an SEO-friendly platform and gives its users ample opportunities to enhance their search engine ranking. However, implementation of some SEO practices is still needed while building a website.

SEO optimize

A website’s main objectives are to attract targeted traffic, generate leads and increase the conversion rate. An SEO-friendly website will ensure that you achieve these goals without much effort.

Hire a WordPress developer who can implement proper SEO techniques for the on-page optimization of your website.

Some necessary points that a developer should address:

  • A unique title and meta descriptions for each webpage
  • No-indexing of unnecessary archive pages
  • Consistent permalinks throughout the website

You can even hire an SEO expert later for more on-page optimization.

Will it be scalable in the future?

Like every other website owner, you also want to grow your website and business in the future. With time when the number of your visitors will grow, your needs will also grow.

You would want to make necessary changes to your website to provide additional services. Thus, it’s important to have a website that will be easily scalable when needed.

Will it be easy to add new features to my website in the future?

It is important to keep optimizing and updating your website if you want it to generate results for a longer period. Ask your website developer how easy or difficult it will be to add new features or functions to your website.

A few things to do after launching your website are:

  • Addition of new page templates
  • Addition of new e-commerce functions
  • Changing themes

How are you going to keep my website safe and secure?

One of the few downsides of using WordPress is its vulnerability to getting hacked. Ideally, you want to hire a WordPress developer who has previously dealt with a hacked website and came up with a solution for it. Get to know if they can find a solution to resolve a hack efficiently and quickly. The developer should keep a check on the below factors:

  • Website updates
  • Usage of security tools like Cloudflare
  • Use of reputable themes and plugins
  • Proper codes to block the easy entrance of the hackers

safe and secure

Will you make changes to the final product if I do not like it?

You might not like the website design for the first time, or there might be some changes that you would want them to make. Ask your custom WordPress development company if they will be willing to make those changes according to your requirements. Also, confirm whether the cost of those changes will be included in your bill or will be done free of charge.

How will my website convert visitors?

You cannot solely rely on your website developer to build a website with a high conversion rate. Develop a conversion strategy for your website and then communicate your requirements to the developer.

Convey information about your targeted audience, geographical location, USPs, and CTAs. You want them to create. Communicating this information will ensure that the developer will design the website accordingly by implementing essential elements.

Where will my website be hosted?

This question is often overlooked but is quite important for many reasons. If you get thousands of website visitors every month, go for a dedicated and reliable hosting environment.

Consider an affordable shared hosting solution if your website is relatively new and doesn’t attract many visitors.

Why should you get a great hosting solution for your website?

  • A responsive and reliable hosting provider will save you time and effort.
  • You will be able to target the local audience because the host location will be following your geographic location.
  • You get access to your hosting settings.
  • Hosting setup is provided according to your targeted traffic.

Will the website use a bit less loading time?

Google rates a website that loads within 2 seconds or less as good. These websites are also favored in organic search engine ranking. A fast-loading website will ensure your website can retain visitors, generate leads and achieve your other goals.

Loading Time

Make sure to ask your WordPress developer for hire to build a fast-loading WordPress website for providing a better user experience.

Comprehensive tips to hire a WordPress website developer

Hire a WordPress developer online who is capable enough to build a suitable website for your business. Only the website that fits your requirements and is liked by the users equally can be considered a good website. Here are some of the tips to hire a WordPress developer who can help you in achieving these goals:

  • Craft a clear and detailed description of your requirements. Your purpose for building a website, features you want, etc.
  • Ask him to create an SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly website.
  • Hire a dedicated WordPress developer who can give you quality service.
  • Assess their experience, knowledge, skills, and expertise to build a unique and creative website.
  • Check their portfolio and customer reviews to know whether they are the right fit for you.
  • Understand the developer’s work process and communicate your requirements before starting the collaboration.

Final Thoughts

Although WordPress is the most user-friendly and straightforward content management system, you still need to hire a professional WordPress developer. You know how to develop an essential WordPress website doesn’t make you a WordPress expert. You have even more reasons to hire a WordPress developer if you are from a non-technical background. Hiring an expert is more expensive than developing a website yourself. However, the ROI of a website built by a professional is more. We have already discussed the many benefits of hiring a WordPress website developer. We also discussed the questions you must ask to hire the best WordPress developer.

This article is your guide to keeping yourself safe from any fraud and choosing the best services. A poorly built website will damage the reputation and brand of your business. Thus, you want to ensure that you choose the most capable WordPress developer in India who can fulfill all your needs. Use the questions and tips in this article to buy the best WordPress website development services.


Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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