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Jul 14 2021

The complete guide to maintain website security on WordPress

The complete guide to maintain website security on WordPress

With more than 65% market share, WordPress is currently dominating content management systems. Moreover, thanks to its appealing and massive online presence, it is attracting more users to avail of the WordPress development services.

While many users are delighted with the offered benefits and wide aspects of WordPress, some users also face issues while accessing it. Fortunately, all the significant problems faced by the people while accessing WordPress are easy to handle. However, the concern arises when the issues are related to WordPress security.

Security breaches are not meant to be taken lightly as they can extend unpleasant experiences both for the website owners and the website visitors. To avoid such security issues, many companies are trying several WordPress eCommerce solutions.

Interestingly, even if you are technically sound, you can still preserve the security of your website. Monitoring and analyzing the website performance during all the crucial development stages can help to avoid security issues.

Understanding the need for website security, it is essential to focus on the possible elements to minimize the risks of any security violations. Therefore, let us look at the various ways that the website owner can avoid problems related to website security.

How to overcome the issues related to website security?

issues related to website security

One of the best and simplest ways to avoid website security problems is to hire a WordPress developer and work on a detailed and well-maintained plan to keep the website safe. It would help if you started focusing on such a plan during the initial development stages to avoid any complications.

Also, try and focus on all the possible security aspects during the planning stages to avoid facing any problems during the later implementation stages. Here are some of the points that can be taken care of to overcome the security related issues in a WordPress website:

1. Use the latest version:

It is seen that most of the security issues in WordPress are because of the use of outdated WordPress versions. Using outdated WordPress versions can attract some major security vulnerabilities.

Check if you are using the latest version of WordPress. Using an outdated WordPress version may land you in many security breaches as the version would no longer support the current challenges.

Therefore, it is suggested to invest and use the latest and current version of WordPress, which is equipped with all the elements to tackle the existing and potential security breaches.

2. Focus on regular updating:

WordPress is quite effective in coming up with the latest and advanced version updates every now and then to patch up with the major security issues. The updates are to overcome the security challenges bothering the website security.

Thus, the websites concerned with their security should prioritize regularly updating to the latest version of WordPress. Besides updating the WordPress version, the business websites should also focus on updating all the plugins they use.

3. Migrate to use HTTPS:

You can attract more and more visitors to the website by providing them a sense of security, authentication, and reliable connections. This can be easily done by migrating to HTTPS.

HTTPS helps to establish a safe and secure connection between the server and the user’s browser. The data is encrypted in the user s browser before it is transmitted to the server. Once the information is received, it is decrypted on the spot before further proceedings. This ensures that the transmitted data cannot be used even if tracked by the malicious intermediates.

Apart from this, migration to HTTPS can also benefit the WordPress development services. This is because it increases the page loading speed along with bringing in the desired benefits from SEO.

4. Choosing the default theme for your website:

Rather than using any fancy personalized website theme, it is recommended by the experts to use the basic website theme. The basic website theme is known for its optimal functionalities and security.

Moreover, the basic theme is tested extensively for various security concerns and issues. As the theme is relatively close to being secure and safe, it is considered the gold standard. It is observed that the WordPress-themed website is not prone to any security breach unless and until a bad code is introduced into the system.

5. Trust a reliable hosting service:

One of the best WordPress eCommerce solutions is to trust a reliable hosting service. Unfortunately, it has been observed by the experts that the companies investing in local hosting services are more prone to security threats and breaches than the companies who invest in reliable and high-quality hosting services.

A reliable hosting service is not necessarily the most expensive one. You just need to research and look for such a hosting service that suits all your needs and requirements.

Hire a WordPress Developer

Final words to maintain website security on WordPress:

Website security on WordPress is one of the necessities for any website to offer a seamless customer service experience. A secure WordPress website can attract many loyal customers while providing authentic accessibility. Thus, you need to hire a WordPress developer to ensure and maintain complete website security on WordPress. It is recommended to trust an experienced name to avoid any hassles. For any more relevant information, do get in touch with us in the comment section.


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