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Jul 3 2019

WordPress – The best Website Builder CMS in 2019

WordPress – The best Website Builder CMS in 2019

The online world is evolving at a faster pace and so the entrepreneurs. Today we cannot assume any business without a website, be it large scale organization or merely a startup. Many entrepreneurs are feeling content with this evolution as they can reach a wider audience and target the international market as well. However, with the plethora of website building platforms, it becomes a matter of crux to pick the right website builder for your business. Though you can evaluate all the aspects on the basis of your business type, which plays a major role in website building, still it’s not a cakewalk to find the platform that could serve your requirements.

Things become more complex when entrepreneurs belong to the non-technical background. That’s the reason a free open-source platform was introduced by the developer’s community back in 2003. Today, there are 34% WordPress website on the internet and the ratio is growing rapidly. Besides this, WordPress is available in two versions- for self-hosting and the other is However, many businesses opt for WordPress development services rather than org because it distresses the entrepreneurs from non-core activities of website development.

If you’re looking for a wordpress development company in India, we can help you with some effective tactics to find the right partner for you:

Check the reliability

As you’re opting for offshoring services, it is important to check the reliability of the company to protect your business from unnecessary frauds. Therefore, it is important to focus on the work ethics of your partner company in order to build trust as your data is crucial and you cannot randomly share the details to any partner.


This plays a major role as the online world is overflowing with so many websites and being non-present on web browsers, that means you’re losing thousands of dollars each day. Therefore, it is imperative that your outsourcing partner should meet the deadlines so that you can launch your website successfully.


Being in an offshore country, it is crucial that your partner should be responsive to your queries. This is the critical step in web development as your team is in another country; you should be updated timely with the progress report of the website. More so, if you want to make some changes in your website or you have made some changes in the strategy, your partner should respond to you quickly. We always recommend checking the communication ways your partner has adopted to stay in touch with you.

Look beyond portfolio

Before you proceed with your outsourcing partner, revising their portfolio and the work they’ve delivered till date is inevitable. It might happen that the company will show you some other site that they’ve not designed or the developer might be some other person, etc. These are some of the major concerns that you should be worried about.

Cost of web development

In case, if you’re planning to opt for WordPress e-commerce solutions, the development cost might be higher because e-commerce websites are often overloaded with extra pages, plugins, etc., to make the user experience seamless.  More so, the website might require some WordPress theme integration, which again increases the cost. And if you’re planning to hire WordPress developers from a top-notch company it again comes with more cost.

If you’re a startup, we advise you to first evaluate your needs, if you think that you can earn higher revenues then spending on a website is an ideal choice. But if revenue is the secondary concern for you, then investing much can take a toll on your business.


Another factor that businesses should take into account while hiring WordPress Development Company is the services that they offer. We at Pixlogix offer a wide range of custom WordPress development services to make our clients feel as we’re working beside them. Since 200, Pixlogix has served 1000+ clients successfully with 98.99% accuracy with regards to project management. Our WordPress development services include:

  • We provide top-notch WordPress consulting services
  • Our technical support is always with you
  • We keep your website updated with every latest version
  • We help you with plugin development as well to enhance your user experience
  • Our theme customization services enable us to deliver beyond expectations
  • Forget about domain migration and servers
  • Stay stress-free about data security

Kew Takeaways

I hope the above-mentioned factors will help you find the right service provider for your company to fulfill your WordPress web development needs.

In case, if you’re looking for one, then feel free to Fill up Request a Quote Form:

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