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Mar 8 2019

Ultimate Guide: How To Make WordPress Website Faster And Optimized?

Ultimate Guide: How To Make WordPress Website Faster And Optimized?

Do you know the fact that more than 40% of people will abandon your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load? Neither you nor your audience like a slow and mundane website, especially when you are trying to grow faster.

No matter whether you have just set up your online presence or ruling over the years, the way your WordPress site behaves online influences how successful it will be. This clearly indicates how decisive it is to keep your website faster with the help of a professional wordpress development company.

Slower and poorly optimized WordPress websites will not only put you down in the Google search engine but will also cut-off the overall revenues you are generating from it. If you have already hired a WordPress development service provider to improve your website performance, ask the developer to have a look at these best practices that can help him understand how he can create better, faster and optimized WordPress site for your business.

First and Foremost, Get The Basics Corrected!

You might get plenty of suggestions about how you can gear up the performance of your website, but we often ignore the core aspect – “Optimizing CSS, JavaScript, and Images”! If you have hired a professional wordpress development services provider, then get in touch with them and ask them to figure out:

  • How they can merge multiple Javascripts
  • Compress JavaScripts & CSS
  • JavaScripts & CSS
  • Tweaking Header Expiry/Caching
  • Off-load JavaScripts, Images, CSS & Static files
  • Handling Images and CSS properly
Get OFF The Junk From Database…

Over time your database can become a junk of old files and unused data. This at the end piles-up unnecessary data and affects the performance of your WordPress site. Of course, you can manually tune-up the database, but it involves a little technical stuff of accessing MySQL. So, if you are not so technical, you can hire a WordPress developer to get it done for you!

WordPress Development Company India

Also, you can simplify the process of optimizing the database with the help of WP-DBManager and WP-Optimize plugins. All you have to do is to install it and select the option of repair, backup or restore the old version of your database.

Ensure You Use Content Delivery Networks…

Usually, the content delivery networks are having a wide geographical reach. They can be located anywhere across the world and it caches the various static contents, like images, JavaScripts and CSS, of a website.

Content Delivery Networks

It keeps a copy of all the static content on the server and serves the request coming to your website using the nearest server of a visitor. This at the end boost-up the way you deliver information to the customer. Hence, start leveraging from the available CDN networks like CacheFly, CloudFare, etc.

Don’t Go Made At Advertisements!

There is no denying that most of the high-traffic websites count on an advertisement for the revenue! And no one will ever like to detach those 3rd party ads from their website. But, do you know keep adding those advertisements will indirectly increase the overall loading time of your WordPress website due to frequent calls to the external servers.

WordPress Theme Customization Services

Therefore, it is always crucial to have a balanced ration of advertisements and the performance of your site. Getting rid of a few advertisements will not hamper your business for sure!

Have A Scheduled For WordPress Maintenance…

This is one of the most crucial aspects that many of us often ignore. You can always get help from a professional WordPress development company to keep your website up-to-date by regular checks at various levels.

WordPress Maintenance

You can get speed things up in your WordPress site if you maintain a few things like:

  • Update WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Removing old and unwanted post revisions
  • Get rid of Spam comments

Talk to our WordPress Developer
to put your idea into Execution

Wrapping Up…

If you think you want to validate what all things need to be corrected in your website, you can get help from some useful web services and tools like Yahoo! YSlow, PageSpeed, Pingdom Tools, etc. Such tools will give you a broader view of how your website is performing and what all things need to be fixed for better performance.

Creating and optimizing the WordPress website is no longer an option but it is a need of a day in order to achieve success. And it is always good to follow the points discussed above when you feel your online investment in WordPress Development Service is not giving you enough ROI. If you think you are not enough technical to handle this, you can always hire top senior wordpress developers to get it done in a cost-effective way! Want to know, just drop your feedback in the comment and we will get back to you…


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