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Apr 19 2018

Which website Design is Better? ready made template V/S custom design

Which website Design is Better? ready made template V/S custom design

When you think to expand your business, the first thing you must have some pre-plans to go digital and expand your online business by advanced promotion. So, your subsequent step should be to develop a website for business advancement. Definitely developing a website will increase your business reputation and brand credibility.

Your customers no longer need to visit your physical store, they can have all the information about your product or services online available on your website, everything with just a click and a scroll!

Now you must be thinking oh! It’s a fantastic idea but the actual problem starts when you start planning for website development, the very first dilemma you face is whether you would like to go for a custom design or ready-made template.

You would find a lot of answers over the web taking the favor of either of the ones. But through this blog, I will take you into the depth of the strength and weakness of using the readymade template and custom design template as well as your own factors that make you choose the right web design template.

Let’s move ahead and analyze to decide who is the winner of the battle: Readymade Template or Professional Website Design Template.

There are several factors that help in deciding which template is suitable for your website.
1. Spending Cost

If you are a budget constraint, choose a ready-made template for your website. It is cheaper than custom design but there is some limitation to functionalities and features.

If you think to add new features that are necessary for your business in the future – unlike custom design it is not supportive of it may cost you higher than a custom design.

So think wise before opting for any one. Have a clear vision and budget defined to choose the best one?

2. Build Brand Identity

If developing a brand identity or increase credibility online is important for you than choose a custom design for the website. Custom design allows crafting the website in a way you want.

If you have a prototype designed for your website and budget is not an issue than custom design for a website can speak about your brand better than a ready-made template. You can add/update/modify features and functionalities tailored to your business requirements.

3. Meet Business Goal

If you want to develop a website that represents your business goal, choose a design that perfectly shows what your website is all about.

Optimize your web design in such a way that passes the right message to the audience and it boosts visitors to your website easily.

4. Time Constraint

If you are in a hurry to develop a website, just go for a readymade template. In custom design, you need to have patience because it takes time to develop a website from the scratch – developing a layout, implementing and building a website (images, videos, graphic design, backend coding) and final touch requires a great deal of time.

Thus for a business who can’t wait so long, a readymade template is perfect for you- ready to develop in just a couple of days.

5. Robust and Flexibility

If you are looking for feature-rich and dynamic website design, a readymade template for sure is not meant for you. The readymade template offers an inbuilt package of features that fit in all the websites.

When you try to add features, there may be an issue of code conflict or other possible issues.

While in custom design, a developer develops a website from the scratch and you don’t have to face such problems because they will follow a functional coding from the beginning and have a clear idea about the plugins and add-ons if needed to add in future.

As we see the basic factors of each individual can affect taking a decision on the ready-made template or custom design.

Now we will see the advantages and disadvantages of using a ready-made template and Custom Web Design Services.

Readymade Template for Website Design

In this fast-paced world, we have ready-made things available talking about instant food, instant products to instant services. You do not have to wait for anything.

Similarly, we have a readymade template for website design for businesses looking to develop their websites online.

Readymade templates are designed as a sample website layout for website development. These templates are available online and you just need to purchase them to use for your website.

One drawback of a readymade template is, many people can use the same template as yours for their website. Thus, it doesn’t make your website unique from others.

Advantages of Readymade Template
  • Affordable

    The readymade template is cost-effective as it reduces design effort and you only need to focus on getting your website integrated with a readymade design template. Thus if you are looking for a financial advantage, a readymade template is an affordable choice.

  • Online Support

    If you buy a readymade template from online sources they have their online customer support, forums, and FAQs facility to guide you and resolve your issues. Even if you look forward to adding new functionality, they assist you with the customized coding requirement.

  • User-Friendly

    The readymade template is easily adaptable to your business need. You get a specific website design tailored to your product or services.

  • Add-On Feature

    A readymade template has an add-on feature if you have missed out on any functionality. Just add on and get the functioning of the service.

  • Quick launch

    Get your website ready in just a few days without waiting for a long time. If you need an instant website launched, the readymade template gets you done.

  • Easy to Maintain

    A readymade template is built on powerful CMS which makes it easy to maintain a website and run flexibly on it.

Disadvantages of Readymade Template
  • Minimalistic

    A readymade template is a limited edition design because it lacks in providing exclusive designs. It offers a standard pattern with a ‘one size fits all’ feature which can be used by several users.

  • Less Customization

    Though readymade templates are flexible in design, still while you consider making a major change in functionality, you will face large coding issues and backend complications.

Custom Design for Website Design

Custom Web Design Services

For a custom design, you need to Hire a Website Designer who is creative as well as understand your requirements and craft a website related to your business niche. You can represent your brand very well by using your own thoughts and accordingly, a web designer can effectively sculpt the website layout.

Advantages of Custom Design
  • Unique Design

    Developing a website from scratch allows you to add own colors, graphics, and mold design in your own way relevant to your business.

  • More Optimized

    Website developed will be completely SEO optimized making search friendly which can boost your website rank higher in search results.

  • Easily Customizable

    You can have extra features added later on without any troubles because you have complete control of the website in your hand and know the ways to manipulate how the website appears.

Disadvantages of Custom Design
  • High Maintenance

    The custom design needs a regular maintenance requirement and you may need to invest more to maintain your website.

  • Expensive

    Usually, the custom design is quite expensive compared to readymade if you are financially open and looking for a unique well professional designed website then only go for custom design template.

  • Time Consuming

    Developing a website from scratch requires a long time about 2 months incorporating all the features, design and making an SEO friendly website. You need that much patience to see a fully developed website.

Final Verdict

So, both the templates have their own pros and cons, so from the above preference, you can decide which template will be best for you. If you are looking for a readymade template just get purchased online or if you would like to go for a custom design template than hire a Professional Web Development Company India to have a better business website developed for you.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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