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Jul 7 2022

Top 11 Elements of Modern Web Design

Top 11 Elements of Modern Web Design

The ultimate guide to top 11 elements of modern web design

It doesn’t matter if you want to design a new website for your project or have to revamp the existing one. What matters the most is following current web design trends to stand out from the competitors.

It has become the need of every business today. A robust and modern web design works like magic. It attracts visitors and helps in increasing user retention as well. With changing times and market trends, the website design must be adapted accordingly.

Putting in engaging content, timely updates and other additional elements strongly enhances the entire look of a website. Modern web design also impacts the SEO, branding, professional growth and your overall web presence.

Many of the current web design trends talk about elements which relate to your business goals in a way nothing else does. They can capture a visitor’s attention and offer a smooth user experience on multiple devices, which helps them stay longer.

Are you also looking for a web design company that can provide trending website design elements? Do you want to hire web designers to meet your website goals well?

In this article, we will look at the web design trends for 2022, which will instantly improve your website’s overall impact. Let’s read ahead!

Importance of Modern Web Design

Businesses have moved online, and people have turned to the internet for almost every other requirement, from shopping and transactions to paying bills; everything is digital. In this digitized world, what attracts users the most is the website they are surfing.

Importance of modern web design

If a website is overcrowded, difficult-to-navigate, or too flashy, the visitors tend to exit immediately. At the same time, a website with a modern web design will keep a user hooked for along with easy-to-navigate features, minimal design, and good content.

A modern web design is aimed at offering the best user experience. It lets a website function seamlessly while rendering it the much-required visual appeal. It also favours good SEO practices and keeps your website ranking up in Google search results. 

Let’s now discuss the current web design trends briefly:

Great UX

User experience or UX is the most crucial aspect of a modern web design.If your website is loaded with everything necessary but doesn’t have an efficient UX design, then it is of no use. A good UX interface calls for engaging content. The users can interact with your site and take desired actions, even increasing sales and profits.

Great UX-UI

Engaging Content

If there’s no content, there cannot be a website! Excellent and engaging content is the driving force of your website. This is the only reason why people will want to visit your website. And content plays a crucial role in implementing SEO strategies as well. The content you put should be readable, precise, and informative.

Engaging Content

High-Definition Images

Great-quality pictures of your products increase user engagement. Various businesses have also started incorporating primary images to highlight their essential products, services, and new launches. This allows a user to relate to your brand offerings easily. 

High-Definition Images

High-quality images are easy to scan or zoom in. They bring out the best details of the products.

Virtual Design

People remember what they see. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words!”

The pictures, layouts, design, and everything on the creative side will act like the mainstream heroes of your website. Use good graphics, lovely images, and decent colours to make your website more appealing to the visitors or maybe the potential customers. Focus on emphasizing what’s important and avoid doing anything unnecessary. 

Hamburger Menus

Too many complicated menus and sub-menus make it challenging to browse the websites. Besides, it utilizes a lot of space, especially the smaller screens of mobile devices.

Hamburger menus are quick and practical solutions to such issues. They consist of a button which extends to a broader menu, eventually saving space and keeping the look of the website uncluttered. Hamburger menus also offer an excellent user interface with easy navigation.

Colour Scheme

Please keep it simple and awesome! A lot of websites lose visitors only because of their flashy colour scheme. Keeping your website’s colour palette attractive yet straightforward is highly recommended.

It should closely relate to your business and target audience demographics and must never go over the board. Choose elements, colours, and fonts which may grab the visitor’s attention. A modern web design comprises two to three design elements.

For example, Apple and Amazon have a single colour background with one primary accent colour. This makes it for the user to read without putting too much strain on their eyes. 

Hero Banner 

The most prominent image on a website’s homepage is the hero banner. 

Always use a very high-quality image for this purpose. It is essential that the idea is mobile-responsive. Make it attractive with your brand colours and appealing text with high readability. Use a call to action (CTA) feature for high user-engagement

Product Feature Videos

Different companies are now using product videos on their website. Having a product feature video can make a difference in user engagement and overall sales.

The feature conveys more information about your products and enhances brand reputation in the market. They can also be used to highlight a specific purpose and can positively impact the buyer’s choice & decision-making process.

Mobile-Responsive Layout

In 2020, almost 50.8% of the total internet global traffic was via mobile devices. With the increased usage of mobile devices, the websites have been pushed to enhance the mobile responsiveness of their layouts.

A mobile-friendly format requires a responsive website design. A responsive web design strategy offers a website the flexibility of adapting to various screen sizes without compromising quality, UI elements, and user experience. 

White Space

An overcrowded website makes navigation difficult and takes away the focus of visitors.

White space is used for the distance between various web page elements. Plenty of White space is a visually appealing property of a website. It gives you the impression of a tidy look with easy readability.

Easy navigation

Easy navigation on a website offers a great user experience and immense satisfaction. If a website has a cluttered layout and detailed information, users will feel overwhelmed with the load.

In order to make navigation an easy task for the visitor, websites must have simple navigational menus. This will allow users to find products and other related information without hassle.

Speed Optimization

Web pages with a load-time of five seconds experience a bounce rate of 38%. A large portion of users can drop off your website if it takes longer to load. Loading speed plays a crucial role in modern web design, whether on laptop/PC or small screen devices.

Everyone on earth wants the website to load within milliseconds as soon as they click on it. If not loaded immediately, visitors may leave the site in no time. 

What to do in order to achieve quick loading time:

  • Optimize the visual content- images, banners, videos etc.
  • Select a robust hosting environment- VPS hosting, shared hosting, or any site dedicated server.
  • Compress the files without compromising on the quality.

Lead Generation Creatives

Keep a scope to connect with your existing and potential customers using different features such as promotional emails, newsletters etc. Use call to action buttons to generate new leads and enhance sales by gathering user’s email addresses. Email addresses are gathered when visitors have to fill a contact or signup form.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Your website should have all the design elements coded so that the site may function flawlessly for a unified user experience, regardless of the device or browser being used. Test your website on real browsers and devices before launch.

It could be achieved with the help of testers and designers with an in-house real device lab or leverage cloud-based testing solutions. In the latter case, one must upload the software and run the necessary tests on real browsers and devices.

Efficient Customer Support

A dedicated customer support team should always be by the side of your clients or customers. It acts as a token of trust that you are always with them even after their purchase. The most crucial aspect of having a good customer support system is minimal waiting time.

Unmanaged calls and long waiting durations can frustrate a user. Help should be provided in the least possible time. Apart from that, including FAQs, tutorials, guides, chatbots, and other relevant, informative material for assistance. 


A website can be a significant identity of a business. It speaks for the products, services, and brand value of a business. It takes a business from being unknown to being a global enterprise.

To make this a successful endeavour, one must hire web designers or a web design company which incorporates current web design trends while creating the most beautiful business website for you. A modern web design by the hands of a reputed web design company can enhance the entire look of the website. 

Modern web design requires constant updation with solid and attractive visuals, fresh and engaging content, and a mobile-friendly layout. It’s crucial to seek help from professionals and devise a proper web design strategy to develop functional websites as per your business goals.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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