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Oct 25 2022

5 Benefits of moving your business online with Shopify

5 Benefits of moving your business online with Shopify

Benefits of “Moving your Business Online with Shopify”

With the due course of time, the ecommerce industry has significantly transformed the entire shopping dynamics of people across the globe. It has empowered business owners and sellers with amazing flexibility to showcase their products & services in ways like never before.

Breaking the stereo types of doing business through a physical store has led to a revolution worldwide, with start-ups, and mid/large-sized businesses rapidly moving online.

However, in order to take the big step of the transition, you will need a great functional eCommerce store in hand. A perfect store is a fine blend of aesthetics & functionality. 

So, finally, you have decided to moving your business online? But, how can you bridge the gap between a physical store and an online store?

Don’t worry about that, as Shopify is here for your rescue. Shopify is a hosted platform that allows online merchants to efficiently set up stores with a huge variety of features.

It cannot go unnoticed how many super brands across the globe have made a move to Shopify/Shopify Plus. 

To make you understand everything in detail, we bring you this article which will cover the benefits of having an online store on Shopify. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s read further, why you should move your business to Shopify

What is Shopify?

Shopify/Shopify Plus is a cloud-based, self-hosted enterprise ecommerce platform that has been devised to create and manage high-growth online stores.

In today’s world, everyone wants convenience, and no one wants to face the hassles of offline shopping. The Ecommerce sector makes it easy for today’s hyper-active customers.

With the help of a Shopify eCommerce development company or Shopify plus development company, one can create outstanding online stores and sell a variety of products or services with much ease. No wonder why Shopify boasts of vendors located in more than 175 countries. 

A good Shopify plus development company gives your business or brand the global market visibility you always dreamed of. It takes your products/services to people across national and international boundaries in just a few clicks.

How to use Shopify? why moving your business online with Shopify?

Shopify works on SaaS software and employs cloud technology which offers excellent scalability to it as a whole. At Shopify, you can sell a limitless variety of products and services.

With a small monthly fee, you can access the admin panel, wherein you will be able to edit your store by adding or removing products whenever required.

The data entry process in Shopify allows you to process and manage orders easily. Plus, you get the benefit of even tracking them in real-time. Isn’t that what you need?

You will just have to pay minimal monthly charges to Shopify in order to avail all the above-mentioned benefits. And, to top it all, you will also get a two-week trial period at Shopify.

Benefits of Shopify

Shopify is suitable for any business which sells products or services needing the least amount of configuration. 

Through the advanced Shopify homepage, merchants can sell as many products/services as they want and boost sales and revenue.

Shopify now powers more than 600,000 businesses and has contributed to over $82 billion in sales.

Are you wondering how to choose the best Shopify eCommerce development company and if Shopify is the best ecommerce platform or not? Read further for more details.

Being a hosted platform, Shopify remains hassle-free for users as they will not be required to purchase any web hosting service or install any particular software for that.

Since it’s not owned by the user, one just has to pay a monthly charge to keep using it. With good internet, the store can be operated from anywhere in the world.

Let’s look into more details, why you should Moving your Business Online with Shopify.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Shopify is a highly affordable ecommerce solution. The most advanced version will cost you approximately $299/month. And the best part is that price is negotiable in the case of Shopify Plus if you own a large-scale business.

2. Easy Payments

Shopify offers greater shopping convenience with multiple options for accepting payments from customers. Clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button will link the customers back to their accounts, where the money will be deducted. 

3. Easy Setup

Shopify is extremely easy to set and use with no tech-related complications at all. Easy setup is one of the major advantages of Shopify as it allows non-coders to create their own ecommerce store without any complication.

It is the perfect web solution for people who don’t have any hardcore knowledge about the technicalities of developing eCommerce stores. 

All one has to do is go through the setup video guides, interactive tutorials, and brief documentation available on the Shopify website. 

With so much information in hand, anybody can launch an eCommerce store is not more than 15 minutes. On the other hand, Shopify also takes care of everything from coding to serve, web hosting, and software updates. So, you do not have to waste your time and energy on that.

4. An Attractive Ecommerce Store

Shopify offers attention-grabbing ecommerce stores which can be customized as per choice with so many visually appealing templates to pick from.

There might be a specific set of themes, but Shopify provides excellent UI/UX in ecommerce stores.

5. Amazing Themes & Templates 

We hope that you wouldn’t like a user feeling bored upon visiting your eCommerce store. One thing that strikes first in the head of a visitor is the overall look and feel of your online store. Hence, it’s never a good idea to skip that part or pay the least attention to it. 

In order to ensure that the visitors get a positive impact when they explore your store, you need to make it visually appealing. This can be achieved by employing a good theme and a great layout.

In Shopify, there are more than 100 attractive themes to choose from. These themes are designed by professional web designers. Many of these are free to use. To make the most of it, it is highly suggested to hire the best Shopify developers.

With that, you can also customize images, sliders, and more. The vertical slideshow will display your products, information, images, blogs, and other content in easy-to-find areas. 

App Benefit

Having an ecommerce store that could be accessed anywhere anytime, right at the comfort of your fingertips, is what every merchant dreams of. Shopify provides you that freedom with its mobile app. This app will let you manage products, orders, shipping, payments, etc., from your smartphone with just a single tap.

Features of the Shopify App:

  • Add products of your choice.
  • Upload products’ pictures directly through the phone’s gallery.
  • Mange the products with ease set details like features and price with absolute comfort.
  • Receive real-time notification when upon receiving an order.
  • Track live sales and visitor traffic with insights.
  • Connect with your team from anywhere.
  • Conversion details are available.
  • Check order status, exchange, returns, refunds, etc.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Create Ecommerce stores that are mobile-friendly. Such websites can be accessed from multiple devices with varying screen sizes.

The biggest advantage of having a mobile responsive website is that your store will get significant visibility amongst users or visitors as a large portion of the masses uses smartphones.

More people are shopping online on mobile devices because they are more responsive. Hence, Shopify provides websites that are responsive on mobile devices. 

High Security & Reliability 

Shopify offers extensively secure ecommerce stores with a high degree of reliability. With this, you can rest assured that your business and the customers’ data & privacy will never be at risk. The security is updated and maintained at regular intervals to keep you stress-free all the time.

Lightning Fast Speed

With optimized hardware and software, Shopify proudly boasts of a super-fast loading speed, which makes your site load in the blink of an eye!

This saves time and increases visitor retention as slow-loading sites frustrate a user significantly, and they end up leaving for your competitors. 

App Integrations

Shopify lets you customize your ecommerce store with the help of app integration. With this benefit, one can incorporate extra features and functionalities into the store and add to its value and goodwill.

SEO Friendly with Excellent Marketing

In Shopify, you can create page redirects, minimize on-page changes, monitor duplicate content, and enhance the site’s performance.

You can use high-performing keywords, shorter URL strings, and a simpler directory in order to up your game in search-engine rankings.

Shopify lets you create powerful SEO blogs to reach the maximum audience. You can make use of various SEO tools, title tags, and powerful meta descriptions to make your blog a hit.

 Plus, you can advertise your content-rich blog on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

With an ecommerce store on Shopify, you can even run Google smart ad campaigns. 

24/7 Dedicated Customer Support

The customer support at Shopify will never let you be dissatisfied at any hour of the day, and we mean it! Even if you have a question in the middle of your sleep, just visit their Support Page or simply call +1 855-816-3857. Shopify customer support is available 24*7.


If you want to get your own eCommerce store, then this is the time, and Shopify is the solution. In just a few years, Shopify has become the favorite platform for merchants and entrepreneurs to run their online businesses without any flaws.

More than 1,000,000 active users on Shopify swear by the exceptionally well functionality of Shopify.

No wonder these numbers are constantly increasing day by day, and more small and mid-sized companies are shifting to online stores with Shopify for better growth and conversion.

We hope our article (why you should move your business to Shopify) cleared a lot of doubts about Shopify and will help you choose a good Shopify ecommerce development company.

If you want to know more about how to choose the best eCommerce Shopify development company or how to hire the best Shopify developers then feel free to book an appointment with Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


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