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Nov 8 2017

[Infographic] Which is Better Option for eCommerce Website Development: Shopify or Magento?

[Infographic] Which is Better Option for eCommerce Website Development: Shopify or Magento?

Selecting the right Magento eCommerce Development platform makes a huge difference in an online store. It can make it easier for you to manage inventory, drive more traffic and satisfy your customers. Today there are many different eCommerce Website Development platforms are available in the market.

However, the two most widely used platforms are Magento and Shopify. There are two of the best available e-commerce web development platforms for businesses today. Both of these have its advantages, and it’s that’s why it is very difficult to choose between them.

Shopify vs. Magento Comparison

eCommerce Website Development

Both platforms offer inventory management for online stores. But Magento 2 eCommerce Development is surely better in offering a larger pool of themes and templates. It also offers a number of apps and add-ons.

Shopify offers better features for blogging. So, if someone intended to start their blog copy is a desirable choice.

Ease of Use

Magento 2 eCommerce Development

Compares with Magneto, Shopify is easier to install and set-up. However, it is a closed platform with restricted flexibility. This is where Magento website development gains an edge. It certainly offers better flexibility because of its Open Source Nature.


Hire Magento Developer

Shopify offers 24 x 7 help, allowing its users to communicate via email, phone and other ways of communication. On the other hand, Magento does not provide more support in the Community Edition. However, they offer vendor support in its Enterprise Edition.

Hosting and Security

Hosting and Security

Shopify has more hosting and security advantages over Magento. It also takes care of hosting and provides a free domain name.

Magento needs to set up your hosting and cheaper packages. It may also need a dedicated server and CDN to work it more effectively.

Provision for coupons and discount codes

coupons and discount codes

Shopify does not offer any coupons and discount codes. This feature is not available on its free plan. However, you will get that in the advanced version. Magento’s basic plan itself allows discount code creation and calculation functionalities.

Payment gateway options

Payment gateway

Shopify is enjoying an edge in this department as it offers support for 70 payment gateways while Magento Community offers a much lower number of payment gateways. However, it is possible to add more payment gateways with Magento Extension Development or via third-party add-ons.


eCommerce marketing

Both Magento and Shopify have plenty of rich features for eCommerce website development and the purpose of SEO. However, the explanation of Magneto is more and certainly offers better marketing capabilities.

It offers comprehensive newsletter subscription, built-in extensive promotion options, and detailed analytics and statistics reports.

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Cost and Pricing

As for cost and pricing concerns, the basic version of Magento is always free. Moreover, paid themes are available at a very low price of $1.

On the other end, Shopify doesn’t have any set-up fees. However, their plans are expensive as it starts with $9-$299 a month are available. Although, it does not need you to pay any bandwidth fees. Its paid themes also start at $80 which is far more expensive compared to Magento website development.


To conclude we can say that, Magento provides more flexibility while Shopify is the easier to use eCommerce Website Development solution. It also provides superior built-in marketing functionality whereas Shopify comes with more support. Moreover, the cost of Magento eCommerce development is also very less.

So, you should better go for Magneto and hire experienced Magento Development Company like Pixlogix to create a great website for your business.

Infographic of Shopify Vs Magento eCommerce Development


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