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Apr 17 2023

Top 10 Reasons to Use Magento for eCommerce Website Development

Top 10 Reasons to Use Magento for eCommerce Website Development

With the constant increase in the number of online shoppers, creating an eCommerce website has become the wisest decision a business can make. The eCommerce market is changing and growing rapidly so businesses need to respond accordingly. They need to be agile to capture the market. Hire Magento eCommerce website development features that can be useful for you.

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms that offer a number of features such as shopping carts, catalog management, and so on. It has many advantages that make it suitable for building an extremely efficient and secure online eCommerce store.

Building an eCommerce store for your business is a valuable decision to benefit from online sales and a wider customer reach. A reliable eCommerce website development company can help you build a robust eCommerce website to turn your rough idea into a working reality.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top features of Magento eCommerce development. Read this full blog to know the major reasons for choosing only the Magento platform as your eCommerce website builder. 

Top reasons why you should need Magento for eCommerce website development

#1. Open source

It is one of the main reasons for using Magento for eCommerce website development. Unlike other top eCommerce platforms like Shopify where you have to pay, Magento is an open-source and free-to-use eCommerce platform.

The open-source version of Magento allows you to make the most of the platform’s capabilities to create an excellent e-commerce website for your business. It offers distinct benefits and features that make it easy to build robust e-commerce websites.

Being a very flexible platform, it offers endless customization options that fruitfully suit your project needs. Since it is an open-source platform, there is no cost associated with using it to build websites.

#2. Dedicated eCommerce platform

Content management systems like WordPress give users the ability to add eCommerce functionality. However, Magento offers specifically an amazing eCommerce experience. It is a well-known platform dedicated exclusively to e-commerce website development.

Magento is a sought-after solution for e-commerce development due to its features and functionality, including simple inventory management, dashboard, up-selling and cross-selling facilities, server customization, product bundling, etc.

#3. Scalable and flexible eCommerce store

The e-commerce domain is dynamic, and your website needs to be updated to reflect the latest developments. Additionally, as your business expands, you will need to scale it to meet new needs and requirements. The scalability and flexibility of the Magento platform make it easy to scale your website in line with the expanding requirements of your organization.

 Magento is available in different editions, including community and enterprise editions. While the enterprise edition of Magento is not free, the open-source edition is free.

Depending on the needs of your company, you can choose any version. You can benefit from Magento development services with their experienced developers to create a highly scalable eCommerce website.

#4. Architecture

Magento 2 includes more technologies to increase website optimization and customization. In fact, the old technology stack has been completely replaced by the latest Magento 2.

Here are some of the most notable technologies not included in Magento 1:

  • Composer allows you to reuse third-party libraries without having to deal with the source code, reducing extension conflicts.
  • NGINX is an HTTP cache, reverse proxy, and load balancer all in one.
  • Symfony simplifies content management which improves functionality and improves the appearance of the site.
  • Varnish that Improves site speed.

The latest version of Magento is a powerhouse when it comes to speed, proxies, and conflict resolution. It has been modified to meet the goals of businesses to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

#5. Properties

Magento offers a wide range of features compared to other eCommerce platforms. These features play a vital role in making this platform much easier to use for everyone who uses it.

From catalog management to the checkout experience, the platform’s features facilitate the end-to-end eCommerce business process. As an example, check out this page builder video below.

#6. Integration becomes easy

Magento provides easy cooperation with many third-party services. The process of introducing new features or improving existing features is facilitated by painless integration with third-party services.

Magento stores can be integrated with payment gateways like SecurePay, 2Checkout, Adyen, Affirm, Afterpay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal for doing transactions to receive and make payments.

When you partner with a Magento development company, they can conveniently integrate various third-party extensions into your website to provide additional functionality.

#7. High performance

In terms of performance, Magento is a good choice for eCommerce development as it allows you to create fast-loading websites.

A latency of 100 milliseconds could result in a potential customer being lost. Magento comes with tools like Vanish, Memcached, and so on to improve site performance.

Magento 2 also works with less server response time due to various features integrated into this platform. You also have access to so many third-party extensions to help boost your site’s performance. With the help of a Magento development partner, you can optimize your website for better performance and user experience.

#8. Security

Security is one of the main things to take care of when developing an e-shop. Because e-commerce websites are always a target for hackers. A small security flaw could cost you customer data and customer trust.

Magento is a highly secure platform to operate on. It has Built-in security features that minimize the risk of cyberattacks.

You can also limit the number of attempts to log in to the admin panel; you can integrate a captcha into login forms and back up datasets frequently. In addition, the latest version of Magento removes data vulnerabilities and offers two-way authentication.

A skilled Magento developer understands the necessity of eCommerce website security and can develop a Magento eCommerce store packed with advanced security features for your business.

#9. Multitasking

We all love multitasking, and so does Magento. The best thing about Magento for eCommerce is that it allows you to multitask, allowing you to work on other important tasks at the same time while monitoring the performance of your Magento site. It all boils down to Magento saving your precious time.

Merchants and developers can also manage all items, billing, and customer information using a single and user-friendly admin panel that the CMS offers.

#10. Mobile experience

Currently, The online world is going to be dominated by mobile devices. If you want your online store to be successful, you need to focus your efforts on satisfying your mobile customers. This is why Magento for eCommerce is smartphone compatible.

The Magento platform supports HTML5 to maximize the mobile shopping experience. Additionally, it has the ability to resize the image and supports video.

You can customize anything you want with a Magento eCommerce website. With built-in drag-and-drop functionality, you’ll only get an exceptional mobile shopping experience.

Let’s wrap it up

The above points illustrate the reasons why you must use Magento for eCommerce website development.

Magento is a robust platform for building e-commerce websites with a wide range of features. It allows you to create secure and high-performance websites. With Magento, you can create a secure, responsive, scalable, feature-packed eCommerce website for your business.

You can choose a top Magento website development company to build an engaging and extreme-quality eCommerce website as per your business requirements.

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