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Feb 5 2020

Topmost advantages of Magento eCommerce development

Topmost advantages of Magento eCommerce development

The eCommerce stores are increasing at a rapid speed. And almost every company irrespective of its size is establishing an eCommerce store online. However, the one platform that most of the eCommerce stores come in on is Magento eCommerce development. Moreover, most of the businesses hire Magento developer to build their eCommerce website.

Leading companies like Nike, Coca Cola, Burger King, and Samsung use Magento to run their eCommerce sites. This scenario is the reason why right now, Magento is known as the most powerful platform. And it is used to build various kinds of eCommerce solutions with ease. If you are a merchant and want to set up your store using Magento, then you need to know the benefits of Magento.

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  • Magento extension development

The Magento Form Builder from Pixlogix facilitates the online stores to add inherent contact or feedback forms effortlessly. Even, it authorizes store visitors to offer helpful feedback or place an inquiry for company business. The blog Magento extension by Pixlogix exists in community edition as well as enterprise version. Pixlogix assists with the installation, support, and management of these extensions. Further, you can leverage these functionalities from drag and drop Magento Custom Form Builder Extension.

  • SEO friendly

You are putting your website online, and hence you need to rank it. The ranking is the most critical part of any website, and if your website is not on par with the browser’s standards, it will never get the traffic or ROI. This scenario is the reason why Magento matches all the SEO requirements. There are so many inbuilt SEO features that will help your website to get better ranking online. As the search engine results improve, your site will get more traction. As the number of visitors increases, you will have more potential customers and more business.

  • Mobile friendly

Most people find smartphones quite handy, and they prefer to shop online while they are on the go. However, this case is an entirely common phenomenon these days, and this is the reason why every website needs to be mobile-friendly. Magento has inbuilt features that will support shopping on the mobile. The mobile shopping experience will be similar for customers, be it shopping for the entire catalog or shopping for a particular product, the whole mobile user experience will be good for the users.

Magento supports both audio and media files along with great features like zoom, swipe in, drag and drop, etc. Moreover, it is an excellent option for M-Commerce, and this is the main reason why you have to get your online store built on this platform. Besides, it is future-ready and will help in providing a great mobile shopping experience for your users.

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  • Convenience

The main reason why so many people prefer online shopping over brick and mortar shopping is the convenience. They can sit at their home and shop online with ease. But if the eCommerce store is not per the standards, there are high chances for them to get disappointed. But Magento is different. The Magento offers excellent convenience for the users so that they can enjoy shopping on the website without any worries.

  • Robust, easy and quick

After adding the required products to the cart, the one thing that users have to do is checkout. However, the checking out process must be simple and completed in just some minutes. And you will get to see this feature in Magento. Moreover, the platform has an inbuilt checkout and shipping feature, which makes it quick. You have to select all the products and checkout. There are various payment modes that people can prefer here. There is SSL security both at the front end and backend to ensure that the execution of orders is pretty quick. Magento doesn’t use any third-party application or extensions support here. Hence it is accessible to checkout for the customers and is safe too. Furthermore, you can always update the checkout process with a third-party extension.

  • Multilingual and multi-currency functionalities

Magento has inbuilt hold up for multiple languages and currencies. Hence if you create a Magento based eCommerce store, then you won’t require worrying about when you will plan for getting higher it into diverse countries. With Magento, you can build sites allied to any of the regions having different currencies and languages quickly. Magento also backs numerous payment modes.

  • Fit for all

Magento is one of the significant CMS that can fit any of the business needs. You can anytime go forward with Magento without any second thought. No matter you have a small or large business, Magento will fulfill your desires. So, Magento is an immense CMS that accurately fits it all.

Key takeaways

These are some of the far-fetched benefits that one can get from Magento. So you must be clear now why today businesses are looking to adopt the Magento platform. And consider or look at it as one of the most elegant solution platforms to develop eCommerce portals having online business requirements. Now, you can effortlessly hire a Magento development company and design a useful eCommerce store for your business at affordable pricing.


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