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Jan 10 2017

Magento 1 vs. Magento 2: Switching & Comparison between both Magento Versions!

Magento 1 vs. Magento 2: Switching & Comparison between both Magento Versions!

Ecommerce merchants still become confused while planning their transformation from Magento 1 VS Magento 2. What’s complicated and how to make a better choice or when is the correct time to strategize this move is perplexing? We bring you answers to switching and comparison to the queries merchants are still asking, with all details in this blog post.

There’s in excess of approx. 300,000 shops on Magento in the market so those with Magento 1.x, should explore all these technology tactics to switch to Magento 2. And know what’s the difference between them. Magento 2 is available and is completely over the Magento ecosystem.

All the queries with Magento 1 vs. Magento 2 are summed up below with

A) When should a business plan the upgrade to Magento 2?
B) How is the process around this switch? Smooth or Sore
C) What’s the difference between them when we compare both? Pros and Cons
D) Is it really worth it?

So, let’s try to respond to these important queries

A) When should a business plan the upgrade to Magento 2?

This totally depends on your present website and its condition. If your website is executing well and you are getting business orders, your current version is not so outdated. There is no haste, however, you should initiate exploring Magento 2, connect with your solution provider or start doing some basic research on the internet.

If you’re still on an older Magento version or even on a novel version but partaking thoughtful performance problems, again with multiple third-party extensions to be managed, now it should be the best time to think and initiate with a revamp plan.

If you require to significantly improve your current store’s overall performance and if you need our help we can always assist you to figure out the best technology and business solution to be executed on Magento 2.

B) How is the process around this switch? Smooth or Sore

Let’s be prepared that the process would not be completely smooth as expected by you. You have to migrate with all the required data and details about the products, complete store setup, your client information, business orders, and much more to move amid the two platforms.

However, you need to know that the code and the theme customizations including third-party extensions will not be transportable; they would essentially be redone on Magento 2.

So, extra funds would be required to be invested in visuals and functionality has to be revamped. This should again be good as it would lead to newer and innovative ideas like:

  • Making you re-think your corporate plans
  • Get free of the old legacy code
  • Improve global usability of the portal

Also, if you have 40 to 60 extensions on your current store, Magento 2 can be a rescuer as it will make you re-think and rebuild belongings, confidently and in an advanced way.

C) What’s the difference between them when we compare both? Pros and Cons

Magento 2 authorizes B2B and B2C businesses to offer omnichannel and consistent shopping experiences with healthier presentation and with better system scalability. It offers supreme flexibility, innovative features, good functionalities and greater opportunities for developers on the technology part and for the merchants who would do business on the new platform.

The key improvements or pros in Magento 2

  • Better Performance
  • User-friendly Tactics
  • Modernized Checkout
  • Up-to-the-minute Technologies
  • New shopping functionalities
  • Framework Enhancements
  • Excellence in Extensions
  • Continuous Platform Updates

Some Cons in Magento 2

These are the key enhancements; however, it may be indeed tough to get an estimation of the actual performance of Magento 2. Even while Magento 2 is professed to be a much quicker platform in comparison with the 1stversion, diverse performance tests show fewer positive consequences.

Also, Magento 2 can allow your web store with better technology features and business functionalities; it needs extra investments in your software and hardware.

D) Is it really worth it?

It will be definitely. The key reason is the transformation itself, for Magento, there is no moving back. Also, if you are not moving to Magento 2, you should still be aware that the mainstream and the new concepts around it and related to commerce will be executed on Magento 2, in the future.

So, if you are assembling the needed tasks and working on active plans not to get left in arrears, even if you are continuing with Magento 1 for some time period, please contemplate on these below required action items:

  • Initiate thinking on improvements for the next 3 to 6 months
  • List down extensions you are not aggressively utilizing
  • Start discussing with your solution partner about the overall plans for Magento 2

Key Takeaways

With all Magento 2 pros and cons stated above, Magento 2 undeniably will be the best option to set up and operate with. And it is clear that Magento 2 is the forthcoming of the great platform and upgrading to it will be the need for the future. Magento 2 is promising and has improved functionalities as well as top features that will technologically enhance your eCommerce store.

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