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Choose Magento 2 to Disrupt the E-Commerce World


With a marked rise in the number of online purchases, the prospects of the E-commerce industry is definitely looking up. In 2017 alone, around 1.66 billion people made purchases online. Technological innovations in the fields of AI, AR, and VR might soon make real store-like experiences for customers a reality. Consequently, local sellers are also taking note of this change and are transitioning to online marketplaces.

PHP-based content management systems (CMS) are extremely essential to managing online stores with the least intrusion of developers. Magento 2 is the go-to platform for such etailers (a person or company that sells products and services online) as an intuitive, effective and affordable solution to establishing an online presence.

It dominates the global market with its user engagement tools, agile and flexible format. Additionally, Magento 2 is more mobile-friendly and 20% faster than the earlier versions and includes powerful tools to facilitate seamless user experience. Magento 2 makes data backup extremely easy and its innovative tools for rapid development and agile and efficient testing make debugging simple.

Hire Magento Developer can help you to get web solutions for improved conversion rates. It leads to an increase in revenue due to a hike in the number of users. Here are some more reasons for you to opt for Magento development services.

Brilliant Architecture

Magento 2 offers etailers complete control of their online store and its content and also the option to scale up as per their needs. With more and more upgrades being made available for merchants such as Magento eCommerce (On-Premises), enterprise-grade scalability, radical infrastructure development, and improved functionality have become a reality.

Magento 2 Architecture

Image Credit – WebDux


Additionally, Magento development services facilitate ease of use and it also boosts website performance. It allows store owners to keep a track of sales and inventory, and also save time by automating repetitive tasks. Magento 2 also offers the option to manipulate CSS, JavaScript, and HTML and condense images to optimize the web page. Full-page caching is also another bonus offered by Magento 2 for faster page loading.

Next Generation SMO and SEO

Online visibility is enhanced when brands know how to augment their presence on popular social networks. With the help of your social networks, you can easily drive traffic to your website and convert them into leads. Magento Social is extremely helpful because it offers sellers the ease of syncing their product catalog with their social networks.

It also allows the creation of innovative and irresistible advertisements on Facebook to drive up sales and also to build a community of a loyal base of customers. Additionally, you can reach your target audience with the help of embedded precision targeting tools by hiring an experienced Magento Development Company.

According to research, the websites which pop up on page one of a Google keyword search have a click-through-rate of around 71.3 percent. The other pages hardly see any SEO-driven traffic.

Organic Traffic CTR Graph

Magento 2 offers tools to pinpoint SEO problems on web pages. In fact, etailers can exploit in-built SEO tools on Magento 2 to optimize web performance and drive user engagement on a global scale. It is one of the most SEO-friendly cloud-based platforms to offer business-class features. Its well-structured HTML codes too give businesses edge over other B2B and B2C start-ups.

Etailers can have power over SEO properties such as page titles and meta tags.  Magento eCommerce Development Services can also help you to choose precise keywords and aid you in creating a responsive website with rich deep links.

In-Built Security Permissions

Magento Security Permissions

With regular updates to streamline E-commerce websites, Magento 2 has awesome features to ensure website security. It uses an SHA 256 hashing algorithm and security threats are repeatedly zapped out.

Magento rolls out new security tools on a regular basis to scan for potential risks and vulnerabilities. It offers a secure, fully customizable admin panel with a two-step verification process to ensure data security. Additionally, adding SSL certificates and enabling CAPTCHA makes it extremely difficult for bots and hackers to attack such websites.

Handy Top Rated Magento 2 Extensions

Its intelligent API offers the opportunity for peak performance by introducing third-party extensions and eye-catching themes. Such ergonomically designed websites set online store owners apart from the rest by breaking apart from conventional trends. Select authorized Magento e-Commerce development services to pinpoint helpful, safe extensions suited for your business needs.

You can integrate popular payment gateways to ensure faster check out as well as payment security tools to hide sensitive customer data. No matter which industry you belong to, Magento 2 offers a variety of extensions to build the perfect industry-specific website. Be it beauty, fashion, or electronics, Magento 2 has got your back!

Personalized Experiences

Customizations can be made easily to enhance user engagement, and inflate revenue generation for etailers. Magento 2 offers users simple and fast checkout facilities and also the option of filtered and advanced search through online stores.

Etailers can actually note user behavior and offer personalized experiences to retain customers. This aids in building a loyal customer base, and helps in offering a memorable shopping experience to each and every user with the latest E-commerce tools in the market.

The customizable platform of Magento 2 offers customer segmentation tools to help you identify your target audience for each and every product. Its dynamic and changeable CMS banners can be used to engage users of different age groups living in different locations. Consequently, Magento 2 enables users with the power to save addresses and other user information for faster checkout.

Magento 2 offers the merchants to expand their business comfortably and so a large number of stores are transitioning to this version for a richer experience. Not only does it offer faster catalog importing options, but it is also more responsive than the previous version.

But since it offers a different platform, many existing Magento users are reluctant to rebuild their websites again. Transitioning to Magento 2 might take some time to catch up, but it definitely offers a plethora of options to online merchants!


Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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