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Laravel – The Perfect PHP Framework for Startups


Do you know what the Laravel PHP Framework is and why should you use it? 

Well, this is the very basic question. If you also want to clear all your doubts about Laravel, you need to read this blog now. 

Startups have a tough time digging for a place in the technology industry. With almost an app launching in the digital ecosystem every day, it isn’t easy to create a unified presence.

Competition is undoubtedly rising, and each of the above options requires the creation of websites that are feature-rich and conform to industry standards.

Another issue of concern is the technology to be used for web application development. Especially for startups, choosing a framework is a critical development factor and requires a lot of thought.

Where Java has long reigned supreme, Laravel is a newcomer. However, this is only a theory, and the practical side of the technique has a different opinion.

Laravel is among those frameworks that have seen a steady increase in usage over the past year, with 133,801 websites. Here are the top using counties’ data.

Country Websites
United States 13,704
Brazil 5,058
India 4,666
China 4,504
Russia 4,288
Japan 4,198
United Kingdom 4,139
Indonesia 3,629
Poland 3,055
Netherlands 2,552
Rest of the World 54,102

Although Laravel started late, it is by no means stagnant. As the fastest-growing framework in the tech community, Laravel may be the best choice for you as a startup company. However, we would not base our judgment on just a few numbers.

Instead, we’ll go through the entire framework and list the features, benefits, and factors that favor implementing Laravel as a starter framework.

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Laravel – Open Source Full Stack Web Development Framework

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that allow developers to indulge in complete web development.

Firstly, Launched on 9 June 2011, Laravel follows the MVC pattern. From HTML generation to feature integration and database management, the Laravel framework covers it all. 

The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern allows developers to build large, customized applications easily and in the shortest possible time.

Laravel is also a customizable form of PHP framework that allows developers to create applications for small and large companies. One thing that sets Laravel apart from others is the security built into the framework later, making web applications free from hacks and data attacks.

The extremely built-in ORM also simplifies the task of database migration and management. It uses an organized code structure that speeds up the development process, thereby reducing time to market.

The fact that Laravel allows you to code functions directly in PHP eliminates the need to integrate plugins and also helps you overcome the complexities involved. All in all, considering Laravel as your start-up framework would not be a bad choice.

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Why choose the Laravel Framework for building your business website?

If you are a beginner juggling finding a framework to ease your web development process, we are afraid you’d be overwhelmed by the options. Every framework has something that would appeal to you, and it would give everyone why you would go with Laravel.

Here we will outline some interesting features of the Laravel framework that will explain why it is gaining so much popularity. The market is full of top Laravel development companies with amazing services and a team of seasoned Laravel developers.

#1 Easy to use and learn

Since Laravel is a PHP – based framework, it is easy to learn Laravel. Laravel has gained huge popularity as the best server-side scripting language, so when it comes to hiring newbies for your startup, getting them trained in Laravel is much easier.

#2 Widespread popularity

With detailed documentation and extensive community support, Laravel helps Laravel developers fix issues and map industry standards for best-in-class performance.

The presence of documentation for each function and feature makes integration easy and allows developers to learn on the go as well as modify as needed.

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#3 Better performance

Performance is more of a requirement than an option for a start-up. Laravel, on the brighter side, is loaded with components and excellent features that have the ability to increase overall performance.

From a secure interface to multilingual support, developers can use the framework to maximize the efficiency and performance of their applications as a whole.

In addition, Laravel embeds native support with Redis and Memcached caches. This allows developers to cache multiple elements that trigger the overall development process.

#4 Eloquent ORM

It’s no big surprise that Laravel has a built-in ORM that allows it to manage databases. Such a system helps developers work on different databases through Active Record implementation. The ORM system also enables the database to function without requiring extensive SQL queries.

Hire Laravel Developers

#5 Traffic management

Having a website is one thing; having a functional one is another, and having a website that experiences tons of traffic are on another level, right? While managing user traffic can be daunting for most developers, those using Laravel don’t have to worry too much.

Laravel’s unique message queue system helps balance the load and efficiently manage the website’s overall traffic. This eliminates the possibility of data interruptions or service outages, ensuring a smooth transition across the web.

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#6 Built-in functions

Laravel is an open-source, full-stack web application development framework, has a rich library, and supports a number of built-in features. From plugin integration to API access, Laravel is compatible with all.

In addition to the above, Laravel includes several features such as authentication, social media integration, payment gateway, etc. These features seem to be of great value to startups because they are new and don’t prioritize coding every single feature.

#7 Time-centric

Following the Model-View-Controller architecture pattern, Laravel does not require the use of complex codes. Instead, it has pre-built tools and templates that can be used to integrate services. This, in a way, supports the development process and leads to a more planned approach.

Also, full-stack includes all the elements needed to develop a web application and completes the entire infrastructure, which saves a lot of time.

From authentication to caching, Laravel makes methods that would otherwise require hours of coding simple and easy.

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#8 MVC supports an object-oriented approach

The first and best advantage of using the Laravel framework is that it follows an architectural pattern based on model, view, and controller and has a distinct, beautiful syntax that makes it object-oriented.

#9 Built-in authentication and authorization

Laravel provides a default configuration for the authentication and authorization system. This means that with a few crafting commands, your application will be equipped with secure authentication and authorization.

#10 Packaging system

Packages are a great way to speed up development because they provide the functionality we need right out of the box. A packaging system deals with a number of supporting software or libraries that help a web application automate the process.

Laravel uses composer as a dependency manager that manages all the information needed to manage packages. Image, Laravel Debug bar, and Laravel IDE helper are some of the best Laravel packages.

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#11 Multiple file system

Laravel also has built-in support for cloud storage systems like Amazon S3, Rack space Cloud Storage, and local storage. Switching between these storage options is amazingly simple because each system’s API remains the same.

All three systems can be used in a single application to serve files from multiple locations, as in a distributed environment.

#12 Artisan console

Laravel has its own command line interface called Artisan. Common uses of Artisan include publishing package assets, managing database migrations, seeding, and generating boilerplate code for new drivers, models, and migrations.

This feature frees developers from creating proper code skeletons. The functionality and capabilities of Artisan can be extended by implementing new custom commands.

#13 Engine template

Laravel comes with a built-in template engine known as the Blade Template Engine. The Blade templating engine combines one or more templates with the data model to create the resulting views by passing the templates to cached PHP code for better performance.

Blade also provides a set of custom control structures, such as conditional statements and loops, that are internally mapped to their PHP counterparts.

#14 Scheduling tasks

Introduced in Laravel 5.0, the scheduler is an addition to the Artisan command-line tool that allows programmatic scheduling of periodically executed jobs.

Internally, the scheduler relies on the cron daemon to run a single Artisan job, which in turn executes the configured jobs.

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#15 Events and broadcasts

Laravel has a concept called broadcast, which is useful in a modern web application for implementing real-time data, displaying live feeds, etc.

Broadcasting allows you to share the same event name between the server and client side, so you’ll be able to pull real-time data from the application.

#16 Testing

Integrating a PHP unit like a testing framework is very easy in Laravel. When it comes to application testing, Laravel, by default, provides a unit test for the application, which itself contains tests that detect and prevent regressions in the framework.

Additionally, unit tests can be run through the provided artisan command line tool.

In addition to these features, Laravel also has official packages that come in handy when integrating various features into an application.


Having said all of the above, it wouldn’t be bad to advocate using Laravel as a web development framework for your startup. It has extensive community support and a large library, and Laravel is one of the fastest-growing development frameworks that has seen a steady rise since its inception. 

Cutting-edge, scalable features make it one of the best choices for development frameworks. The layer of security it adds to the app builds trust and attracts a larger audience, expanding its global reach.

If you are planning to turn your billion-dollar business idea into reality and looking for top Laravel developers, hire Laravel developers from experts like Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. This can build a top-notch website by using the Laravel framework.


Samir Bhimbha

Samir Bhimbha is the Founder & CEO of Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. which offers web and app solutions to fulfill business's online needs and help to improve their online presence with many clients in the USA, Europe, Australia, and more. He is a skilled entrepreneur, web designer, developer, and team leader who can handle every situation. With 15+ years of experience in UX/UI design and web development, he is leading a team of IT professional talents.

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