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Top 12 excellent benefits of Laravel web framework!


Bearing in mind, the competition predominance in the market presently, the one thing that entrepreneurs and developers can’t afford now is time. Our contenders are striving more than us and that’s the common rule of thumb in entrepreneurship. That’s the reason one should have an infrastructure that can pace up with the speeds we aim to work on Laravel web framework.

This is notably crucial for web development, where the time-to-market has to be minimum or our idea becomes antiquated or second. Working under such tremendous pressure from all sides, we should assure the framework we deploy adheres to these requirements.

That’s where Laravel web development comes into play. But what is Laravel?

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a comprehensive web development framework that possesses an expressive and rich syntax. Laravel was developed with the theory that the building process should be fairly pleasant and delightful as the app usage process. That’s why Laravel App Development carries some of the most developer-friendly features to empower them to quickly develop apps and websites.

Laravel Usage Statistics Charts

Its compelling features and functionalities make Laravel one of the most favored development frameworks. To put in some numbers, note that there are over 148,829 live websites (and counting) powered by Laravel.

Why choose Laravel?

Laravel is really a compelling PHP framework that assures swift development owing to the host of its essential features and functions. Laravel offers developers the power to code flexibly and take care of dynamic development requirements- from small websites to full-scale enterprise web applications.

Are you planning to hire Laravel developer for your next project? Here are the top advantages of Laravel web framework that you should know:

Native Authentication & Authorization System

With Laravel, you can simply focus on user authentication and allocating necessary access rights as everything is already configured and inbuilt in the framework. For developers, Laravel extends a structured way to describe the authorization logic, saving time and making things easier.

1. What does this mean for your project?

  • Control access to safe resources
  • Manage inquired access claims with efficiency
  • Disprove unauthorized requests

2. Uncomplicated Mail Integration System

Laravel offers a ‘SwiftMailer’ library is a compelling mail integration library that can be used for streamlined API mail configuration for unique accounts. Accompanying the inbuilt library, Laravel recommends sending emails and notifications over multiple channels and allows drivers for several local and cloud-based mail services like Mandrill, SMTP, Amazon SES, PHP mail function among others.

What does this mean for your project?

  • Notify users on completing every activity
  • Effortlessly integrate mail notification systems
  • Send notifications and emails via SMS & Slack

3. Cached Memory Alliance for Better Performance

It’s a recognized fact that caching heads to remarkable improvement in the performance of any system or application. Laravel grants support for backend caching via inbuilt operators that stores cached objects in the file system. You can also raise the cache limit using relevant commands in Laravel.

What does this mean for your project?

  • Better memory control, automatically
  • High-speed achievement
  • Advanced backend performance

4. More lenient Exception Approach

Laravel has an inbuilt mechanism with proper configuration flaws and an exceptional approach. Also, the Monolog logging library that comes integrated with Laravel provides end-to-end support for the approach of various logs concurrently.

When exceptions are managed easily, it heads to the creation of a more interactive and informational interface developing the usability of the solution.

What does this mean for your project?

  • Enhanced information delivery to end-users through real-time notifications in the situation of an exception
  • Improved client satisfaction ratio due to user-friendly and communicative interface
  • Enhanced usability for the end-user without resistance

5. Better Administration of Security & Technical Vulnerabilities

With Laravel, developers can manage the most significant security issues like request forgery, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection. Being a secure structure, Laravel preserves a developer’s code and encourages developers to determine security vulnerabilities and technical matters before deployment.

What does this mean for your project?

  • An improved and more secure performance guarantee
  • Exclusion of crucial vulnerability concerns and security matters
  • Swift debugging and fixing of security and technical failures

6. Quick Automation Testing

Automation testing is used to monitor the performance ratio of an application describing how well a resolution performs without any case of crashes, failures of bugs. With Laravel’s inbuilt testing traits and assistance for PHP Unit testing utilizing phpunit.xml, developers can simply test primary user behavior and explain the output without spending much time and effort.

What does this mean for your project?

  • More active testing due to automation
  • Automation assures no gaps are left in the testing of key features
  • Solid performance ratio calculation by managing multiple outlines

7. The divide of business logic from presentation logic

Laravel has MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture which automatically takes care of separation between logic and expression syntax. Such dissociation makes it more accessible for UX/UI designer to work on intensifying the user interface without interrupting the developer or core functionalities. Also, the division ensures that developers can append new features and retaliate bugs quickly by spending minimum time.

What does this mean for your project?

  • More active development and administration of feature extension requests
  • No dispute between UI/UX designers and developers
  • Simple debugging at any stage of development

8. Easy URL Routing Configuration

Laravel’s inbuilt file configuration which captures automatically stored by the framework makes it simpler for developers to determine and identify routes. Laravel allows a URL and cessation which makes the whole process or routing configuration hassle-free.

What does this mean for your project?

  • Lesser chances of blank URL redirection
  • Improved user experience and interactivity
  • More agile development owing to intuitive loading of URL routing configuration

Hire Laravel Developers

9. Dynamic Task Scheduling and Management Configuration

Laravel developers can control communication agendas to interact with end-users more efficiently. Its inbuilt ‘Command Scheduler’ enables developers to pre-define a command program which will be performed at a particular time or triggered in case of a definite event. 

What does this mean for your project?

  • Simple process and task management through automated development, communication, and maintenance of schedules.
  • Automated approach of repetitive tasks like the automatic cleanup of data or sending periodic emails to subscribers. 
  • Abridged time-management for programs using a single CRON entry.

10. Highly Secure Laravel web framework

Security is an essential basis for any type of web app these days. Laravel intrinsically has numerous features and functionalities which can make a web app more reliable to manage vulnerabilities.

Its ORM makes optimize PDO to manage instances of SQL injection to make sure nothing penetrates the system by avoiding the system firewall. Also, Laravel reduces the chances of cross-site inquiry forgery or scripting because of its language and opportunity handling.

What does this mean for your project?

  • Swiftly develop and scale application without bothering about security
  • Manage complex security vulnerabilities without adding extra efforts
  • Inbuilt fundamental security traits for improved security

11. Object-Oriented Library Accessibility

Laravel promotes object-oriented libraries and has a huge file for object-oriented, pre-introduced libraries. This library can be utilized to provide an application with numerous features like encryption, password reset protection, and CSRF operations.

What does this mean for your project?

  • No need to spend time and effort in developing object-oriented structures
  • Inbuilt library for implanting added functionality in an app

12. Smooth Database Migration

Database syncing is a tiresome process that requires long hours on part of developers. With Laravel’s integrated database migration feature, developers can efficiently update the database quality speedily without endangering security.

What does this mean for your project?

  • More active database syncing between development framework
  • More comfortable and fast database migration without troubles

Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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