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How Can Web design and SEO Work Together to Deliver Max ROI?


Most of us may think of web design and SEO as completely different elements of an online presence.

Well, this isn’t true. Search engines don’t just look at the content when index pages – they also look at the experience a page delivers to customers.

The fact is that web design and SEO need to work together to help website owners get the maximum benefits. In short, both of them co-exist. You can look for an experienced website design company in India that can help you build an SEO-friendly website that works wonders for your business. Some agencies that provide web design services also offer SEO and other digital marketing services to help your website rank higher in the search engines and also drive targeted traffic to it.

An abysmally designed page could provide weak user experience, and search engines don’t want to give their users such experiences. In other words, they won’t show your website if it doesn’t give their users what they seeking. It’s essential to understand that most clients will assume their website will index for their selected keywords. They desire SEO results for their sales even though they don’t really know what it is and how it going to help in boosting sales of any business with a greatly designed website.  They might not realize it’s an essential service. So, it’s up to you to consider the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization and how it will affect their brand presence.

The ultimate goal of both website design and SEO is to deliver a great user experience. Designers focus on the aesthetic components while SEO focuses on making the site rank higher in Google. Some website owners may think that they hired the best web design company India and once their website is live, their job is done. That’s just the beginning of your journey. You need to hire skilled SEO experts to help your business get visible online and make sales.

We’ve put together a list of strategies that can be used for helping you achieve your business goals:

1. Define the goal

Before you hire a web design agency, you should identify your business goals. Do you want to create brand visibility? Or want to generate sales from your eCommerce store? Are you looking for new customers who may be interested in buying your products and services? Once you know the goal behind your business website, you can talk to the web designers and SEO professionals to work together. Whether the company you hire for web design services offers SEO services, or you hire a third-party agency for it, both teams can work together to help you achieve higher profits.

So, quality web design is required for any operative internet marketing campaign, mobile responsiveness will also boost SEO techniques.  Your site design will affect your Google rankings and Identify whether you have a sustainable online presence or not.  This is because design affects how search engines distinguish your site, as well as how users taking it.

2. Mobile-friendliness

With a lot of users browsing your website from their mobile devices, you should hire a web designer who can build a responsive website. No matter what device the user accesses it from, the browsing experience would be great. Did you know that mobile-friendly websites have better chances of ranking higher in search engines? Talk to the web design company India to know whether they would be creating a mobile-ready website for your business.

Responsiveness is very much basic essential nowadays with the rise of mobile commerce. Web design companies aggressively empathies more on its mobile appearance rather than desktop its relatively boost up the business. A good, user-friendly website that is also striking will bring visitors back. This is a simplistic way to determine it, but it’s a fact. There is a lot more that goes from the website design perspective, but visitors will appreciate & align with a website compatible with mobile devices.

Mobile-friendly websites are intuitive, customer-centric, and attractive on a shorter screen. This interprets to exclusive user experience for the users as they don’t have to search around to find the call to action buttons, easy taskbars, and menus. Pictures will be an appropriate size. And the website will load quickly and cleanly.

3. User-friendly website

Websites with poor navigation or improper categorization can increase the bounce rate. If a visitor lands up on your website and cannot find what he’s looking for, there are chances that he will leave the site and would never return back. It is important to have a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. Try different ways to engage your visitors and increase your conversion rate.

UX played at important role in shaping up a website to serve business needs. A user- friendly website can only be structured by a web design company that has experience in the rebranding of businesses. As it sets the tone of the entire online presence, businesses focus on the user-friendliness of the website a lot.

4. Fast loading website

Does your website take more than 3 seconds to load? You could be losing a lot of business. Visitors are likely to leave your site if the web pages don’t load within 2-3 seconds. It is important to have a fast loading website to reduce the bounce rate and achieve higher search engine rankings. Optimize the images, remove unnecessary plugins, and try different methods that can help you make your website load faster. Discuss this issue with the top web design agency so that the professionals can help you.

A significant managed server or host should also be able to support you resolve the litany of additional factors that could be slowing down your website. For media files to details of the page, Server response time will play a huge deciding factor in streamline page loading time.  

5. Engaging content

Informative and unique content is a must for the users and better SEO. Google loves fresh and unique content with the right use of keywords. One should make sure that the website has the original and right piece of information in the form of content on all the website pages. Hire an experienced content writer to produce the web content for you to make your site rank higher and engage the visitors too.

Hire Best Web Designer

When SEO is performed along with website design, you can expect better results. Whether you are designing a business website from scratch or want to revamp an existing site, make sure that you get the best web design services at affordable costs.

Earlier web design considered the first phase of the web development cycle and has no relativity with SEO. Over the course of time SEO is now essential to run all sorts of businesses and hence web design companies align with SEO guidelines to give an additional edge to their clients. Hence, we can’t ignore the importance of UI/UX in setting up an SEO friendly website which makes an impact on the sales graph. However, we advise you to hire a professional web design company that provides both design and SEO service to you and take care of your business in this competitive era.

So, if we look this in a broader way, I’m sure you now get the importance of website Design in Search Engine Optimization implementation. Right from the beginning of the web creation, web development companies keep an eye on future techniques and work accordingly. That’s the smartest way, isn’t it?



Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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