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Nov 12 2020

How to Boost Sales of Your eCommerce Store in 2021

How to Boost Sales of Your eCommerce Store in 2021

We often see some eCommerce store owners show off about their online product sales they lean to generate daily. In the meantime, it is captivating, but it is equally disappointing for those online stores who are doing well and still unable to bring profitable sales.

In realism, there is no rule to generate more sales on your store; however, it all depends on how well you target your audiences and the tools you use to operate your store, which helps increase eCommerce store sales. The use of quality Magento 2 Extensions for your eCommerce store enhances your customer experience and boosts your sales. Hence a Magento eCommerce development company can surely assist you in this process.

In this blog post, we will offer you the best recommendations to increase your eCommerce sales significantly. As you require nurturing your online business and just creating an eCommerce store alone is not enough.

1. Optimize Loading Speed 

There is no hesitation while putting up speed at the top in our blog post. Time for us is precious, which also applies to our website visitors and customers. They can merely switch to another brand just because your online store is too sluggish for loading any of the clicks. So now you know why speed is crucial compared to other factors?

Let us offer you researched information for superior illustration. For every second delay on your online store concerning your website loading time, the outcomes yielded are fewer page views, trim down of customer satisfaction, and loss in conversions.

So, optimizing the loading speed of your Magento 2 site is the key to success.

2. Upgrades without Coding

You can save your time, efforts, and investments with ready-to-use premium Magento extensions for your eCommerce store. Pixlogix’s Top Rated Magento 2 Extensions have already assisted thousands of eCommerce store owners in boosting sales, engaging visitors, and gathering leads, and much more to offer. All our Premium Popular Magento 2 Extensions for the eCommerce website are simple to set up and run.

You can explore the best Magento modules and plugins right on Pixlogix’s website. The Pixlogix’s extensions comprise Contact Form for Magento 2, Magento Blog Extension, Magento 2 Order SMS Notification, Magento 2 Email Quote, and Magento 2 Product Attachments.

What makes Pixlogix a better preference for Magento 2 extensions is its swift to install these extensions, they offer document repository, is 100 percent Open Source and comes with unmatched technical support.

3. Effective Online Payments

The most decisive point for all business transactions is the precise payment stage. The store owners many times experience and find abandoned carts where the payment process is not completed by the online buyers. Here, the potential buyers merely add products to the cart but they later leave before the payment checkout course of action. So, as an eCommerce store owner, you must make sure that your payment procedure is perfect and enable customers to accurately complete their sales transactions.

You also need to take certain actions like foremost, include as many payment alternatives as possible and not just the criterion credit card choice. Also, install Magento plugins to enable clients’ payment processes so that they can check out right away the subsequent time they shop.

4. Switch to HTTPS

If you have not already opted or done so, you must get an SSL certificate for your online store in the year 2021. We have all seen big business organizations such as Uber falling prey to diverse types of cyberattacks. All online shoppers have gotten more cautious about making online transactions and informative about their details. One of the best approaches to win your customers’ reliance on security measures is by switching right from HTTP to HTTPS. You can think of SSL certificates when you need to secure your subdomain.

By its HTTPS awareness and movement, Google has endangered to mark any site without an applicable SSL certificate as insecure. So if you want to be highly profitable in 2021, you should get your SSL certificate now.

5. Facilitate Personalization

Personalization offers your customers a sense of belonging in your eCommerce store. Give confidence to your target customers to build a user account containing all their details and information related to their shipping and payment. With this approach, subsequent product orders can process straight away. Even explore their likes and send them product recommendations along those lines.

Today, we all want to feel special, so even record their birth date and anniversary for sending a congratulations email along with a coupon code or some product/service incentive.

6. Enable Digital Marketing

Your likely customer spends more time on social media channels than they do on your online store. To effortlessly reach them, you must be sharp in the form of product and marketing content you put out there to promote your brand. We live in a world where people now find the text boring and instead like to watch exciting videos. If you want to make eCommerce sales in the year 2021, initiate thinking and make exciting product videos. There are many other forms of social media channels and content types such as storytelling or Infographics that can assist you in interacting and engaging with the customer.

Showcase your customers and target audiences diverse colors and sizes of your products, informative guides on using the services and products, and attracting them through digital marketing tactics. You can be posting these contents and videos on your site and different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

7. Blend Cross-sell and Up-sell alternatively

Not everyone exploring your online shop will know what they are looking for in a site. So, signifying them some correlated products and bundles will be the best convenient approach to provide them with what they straightforwardly want. Or else, energetically create their requirements when they are on your site, which will be the combination of your cross-sell and up-sell strategy.

8. Apply Voice Search Optimization

The deeper we get involved in the search and information age, the more we become effective at multitasking or lazier, making processes smarter than harder. So, as we go further into 2021, smartphone applications like Alexa and Apple’s Siri can better enable your prospective customers with voice search rather than spending extended periods searching for a product on your site.

They will require just saying the product name, and the outcomes pop up. So, ensure that you optimize voice search for your online store if you wish to boost and make more sales.

Moving Forward on How to Boost Sales of Your eCommerce Store in 2021

So, eCommerce players must act on these technology and business trends to increase online transactions. Magento is the most useful eCommerce platform, which is presently enabling thousands of online stores. Merchants from across the globe are improving the scope of their online businesses with the assistance of the most competent Magento extensions.

Selecting the extension that fulfills your requirements comprehensively is the need of the hour. Pixlogix’s Magento 2 Extensions can take care of most tasks allied to your online store with splendid features and added functionalities. So, to increase eCommerce store sales is now more comfortable when you choose effective Magento 2 extensions with the assistance of a Magento eCommerce development company. Meanwhile, for your exclusive business needs, Magento extensions are always there to work profitably in a Magento’s centralized architecture.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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