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Jun 19 2023

Best Guide on Why Hire a Magento 2 Development Company

Best Guide on Why Hire a Magento 2 Development Company

Best Guide on “Hire a Magento 2 Development Company”

There’s no denying that your business can reach new heights if you take it online with the help of a great website. An Ecommerce website is a sure-shot solution to boost your business growth instantly.

However, it’s imperative that an ideal business website should be scalable, easy to customize, responsive, user-friendly, and visually compelling. To grab such a website, one must choose a trustworthy platform.

Having said so, we highly recommend Magento 2 for the same. When you build an online store with Magento, it opens doors to uncountable benefits and flexibilities. Magento 2 provides a strong online store with incomparable functionality. It, definitely, is the best choice to go with.

Magento 2 was introduced in 2015, and since then, there has been no looking back! Magento 2 instantly took over the marketplace for building astounding websites for a variety of businesses. 

So, if you want to hire certified Magento developers from a Magento 2 development company, then you’re on the right page.

First we will talk about Magento 2 features that are as amazing as you are. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading further. 

What is Magento?

Magento is the most popular and commonly used content management system (CMS) for Ecommerce websites. It is a free and open-source platform. Magento is built on the Zend framework and written in PHP language. It is loaded with amazing features and functionality that will make you come back for more! 

Magento provides a great user interface and exciting marketing tools for your dream project. Don’t forget that a wonderful website is a gateway to a strong online presence and unbelievable opportunities. 

Although Magento comes with a steep learning curve, it only takes a while to master it. And the end result is outstanding. You will get endless exclusive features and functionality for your website. 

Magento gives you a whole new world of possibilities with extensive customizations and easy scalability. Not only that, it is SEO-friendly too. So, the next time you wish to rake up your website’s search engine ranking game, then don’t shy away from choosing Magento 2.

This is one of the reasons why top brands and famous businesses have trusted Magento over the years. For example, Samsung, Nike, Ford, Coca-Cola, etc., are a few of the top-shot clients of Magento. 

Benefits of Using Magento

Let’s look at the most sought-out benefits of Magento: 

  • Easy functionality
  • Marketing & search engine friendly URL 
  • Multi-lingual platform
  • Easy to customize as per your business requirements
  • Diverse range of functions
  • Multiple secure payment options
  • Revenue generating tools- upsells, cross-selling etc.
  • Responsiveness; facility to create a mobile-friendly business store
  • Automatic website updates
  • Huge community support
  • Wide variety of themes
  • Efficient product management with the flexibility to display price as per need
  • Option to add more than one image for a single product
  • Perfect solution for mid or large scale businesses
  • Can manage a huge number of products easily.

Magento 2 Development Services

So you have finally decided to digitize your business and move online finally; move your offline store online. Have you selected any Ecommerce platform to launch your website? Do you know which one will be better than the other?

Are you aware of all the details and pros & cons of switching to an Ecommerce platform? There’s no denying that the surge in online commerce has made it easy for businesses to expand in various dimensions. However, it remains a challenge to choose the ideal Ecommerce platform for your business website from amongst a wide array of competitors.

But, if you have ample knowledge about a good content management system, then it helps you in the long run. It also helps in choosing an Ecommerce platform that has all the appropriate qualities, which are helpful in creating an amazing website for your business. One such awesome Ecommerce platform is Magento 2.

Magento 2 is now a part of Adobe commerce and is one of the most popular Ecommerce across the globe. Before coming across Magento 2 features list, let’s first see the interesting Magento 2 was launched as a comeback against Magento 1 shortcomings. And, it proved to be a success as well.

Magento 2 is, no doubt, the best choice for creating great Ecommerce stores. Hence, if you are new to the world of online business or if you have to upgrade from an outdated store to a new one, then Magento 2 should be the ideal solution.

Hire a Magento 2 Development Company

Top-Shot Magento Features:

Thinking about what all features will you get if you hire certified Magento developers from a Magento 2 development company? Read below to find out.

Powerful Extensions

Magento 2 provides a huge list of impactful extensions comprising 3900+ extensions in the marketplace already and still Growing

  • Dedicated customer support
  • Payments and Security
  • Safe shipping and quick order fulfilment
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Site optimization
  • Marketing

User-Friendly Interface

Magento 2 is simple, user-friendly, and easy-going, with a wonderful admin panel in an absolutely new avatar. It also offers exceptionally good tool navigation.

Revamped admin panel allows easy and quick access of business information. And it can be personalized according to the user’s preferences. This offers efficient management of orders, products, and customer data.

Two-Factor Authentication & New Media Gallery

With two-factor authentication, Magento 2 is now more secure than ever. The second step of authentication asks the user for a code generated by the system, which makes it more reliable.

With the new Media-Gallery, the Store admin has the flexibility to search, filter, or sort pictures more quickly than before.

The gallery is associated with Adobe Stock which lets you directly view the stock image previews.


One of the major lags which Magento 2 covered is the integration of API into the system.

Magento 2 facilitates API technologies such as File Exchange, SOAP, REST, and GraphQL. Having API in the system allows users to integrate different third-party software and services. 

New Admin Security

Magento 2 offers safe and secure admin control with just one person logging in per admin user account. This is a impactful security practice because while using your account, you will know if anyone else is trying to access your account or not.

Enhanced Product Management 

Magento 2 offers a pleasurable user experience with its improved product section, which can incorporate a wide variety of products. This offers immense customer satisfaction because they will be able to view more and more products to choose from. 

Features of Product Section:

  • One can manually add or remove products via wizard 
  • Fresh options added for user notifications
  • Users can add product data by mass actions

Users have the flexibility to configure any feature as per their choice. With varying options for editing online stores, the user can save a lot of time by creating configurable products in one go instead of creating individual products. 

Excellent Customer-Oriented Shopping Experience

Magento 2 has been created keeping a seamless Ecommerce experience in mind. The main goal is to increase the conversion rate and generate maximum revenue for businesses.

A better UI/UX is guaranteed with good API compatibility, which also offers third-party integration to the websites. 

Another major addition is getting an account/profile created in just one click. This also offers an improved shopping cart experience with zero possibility of an abandoned cart.

Improved Customer Service 

Receiving exceptional customer service is every customer’s dream. But what if you’re stuck with poor customer support that leaves you helpless at the end of the day? Feels like a nightmare, isn’t it? And especially when you require urgent assistance.

With Magento 2, you’ll not have to worry about the same as it provides a client service representative who can enter into the website as the customer from the Magento Admin using the new Seller-Assisted Shopping feature. With this, a lot of time gets saved as they don’t depend on the customer to provide their respective passwords.

  • They can assist the customer by adding a product by SKU or uploading a CSV file.
  • They can check the wish list, account details, and shopping cart. And can also move a product to and from the wish list.
  • They can also create or cancel orders on the customer’s behalf, which provides added convenience and saves a lot of time.

Purchase Approval Workflows

This feature offers control over approval methods for certain purchases basis order value, SKUs, shipping charges, discounts etc.

It is also possible to acquire multiple approvals. The approvers can either accept or reject a purchase order on their accounts and comment on it. Customers also get notified at every step of the purchase process.


The advantages of Magento 2 development services are surely many, which have led users to switch to the platform in large numbers. This also makes it the most famous Ecommerce platform in the world, especially for entrepreneurs, small scale & large scale business owners, developers, digital marketers, and large corporate sites.

The new Magento 2 features will help you create an ideal, optimized, and user-friendly store for your business. So, if you are still using old Magento, then it is high time you should make a move to Magento 2 for an amazing Ecommerce experience.

If you want to know more details about Magento 2 development services and the cost of building an online store with Magento in India, then book an appointment with Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Chirag Patel

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