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Feb 17 2022

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Online Store With Magento?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Online Store With Magento?

Have you decided to take your business online and want to launch your store with a grand entry via an attractive Ecommerce store? If yes, then we’re sure you must be thinking about a lot of factors like how much cost to build an online store with Magento? Where to start from? How to hire the right developers? And, so on.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Ecommerce Website?

To grow your business on an Ecommerce platform, you need to make a list of all the essentials and backups.  But, when a development platform comes in question, Magento Ecommerce solutions could be the best way out. A Magento Development Company could provide you with the best results according to your requirements.

Now, if you’re wondering about the estimated cost and your actual budget, then we assure you of wide range of possibilities you get with Magento.

This article is going to clear your doubts about the ultimate cost to build an Ecommerce website. We will also speak about what is the average Magento Ecommerce price.

It will help you understand what is the Magento Ecommerce pricing and how much does Magento cost when it comes to building online stores.

A better understanding of the costs will let you easily hire Magento developer in India. So, let’s begin reading!

What is Magento Ecommerce?

Magento is an open source Ecommerce platform that definitely should be the go-to choice for your online business. Magento developers are highly skilled professionals who offer best-in class services and smooth experience.

If compared to the regular, conventional websites, Magento Ecommerce website far better services, seamless operations, and secure sales. New start-ups and fresher in the line of Ecommerce can put their trust on Magento for creating strong online presence.

What makes Magento Unique?

Magento offers great levels of customizations for online stores. One gets variety of scalable design and huge support network with large number of Magento developers spread worldwide.

Magento is known as one of the best Ecommerce solutions around the globe, amongst mid-scale to large online stores. With more than 250,000 business websites powered by it, it is evident as to how much is Magento commerce getting popular amongst online business community.

It supports variety of features and themes. Magento is also the most loved platform when it comes to efficiency of content management. Highly flexible, it provides the ultimate business experience with its customer-friendly Ecommerce stores.

Magento is robust and provides wide range of tools and features for Ecommerce store development and management. Google data shows that approximately 50% of visitors leave slow-loading websites.

Magento websites are SEO friendly. Ecommerce websites powered by Magento are highly responsive. This means, your Ecommerce store can be accessed by users on multiple devices without any hassles.

All this leads to increased user-engagement, sales, and profits. With a Magento Ecommerce portal, it becomes easy to manage content, product catalogue, feature development and more.

Doesn’t really matter if your Ecommerce store is loaded with products, Magento will always keep your store running smoothly.

A Complete Guide to the Cost to Start an Ecommerce Website

Online shopping has become a part of life now. Owing to the trends, various businesses are shifting online more and more. In 2019, a report by Statista demonstrated the sharp rise in ecommerce sales globally.

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The report also suggested that the online retail revenues are bound to grow by as much as $6.54 trillion in 2022! And, if you too are thinking to take your store online, congratulations for taking the first step towards business growth!

Now, you must be wondering how much does it cost to build an online ecommerce store. Let us give you some detailed info. First of all, cost to build an ecommerce website depends on endless factors and scenarios.

It covers everything including the basic website cost, design and advanced features, management and SEO charges, and a lot more. To make it specific, we must start with understanding our needs of building an Ecommerce website for a nearly accurate cost estimate.

Get online store development cost.

Also, set up a budget to calculate where you might go extra.

Well, when it comes to the big questions as to what is the cost to develop Ecommerce website or how much does a basic website cost then there are no exact answers that could be found. It depends on various factors as mentioned previously.

There could be two main categories in basic websites you must pay attention to, while estimating the final cost:

  1. Infrastructure: The Ecommerce platform you choose for your store acts as the major foundation for future endeavours. Suitable software offers core functional system to your Ecommerce store, hosting to power it, a domain name for users to access, along with SSL certificate for data encryption.
  2. Tools and Layout: Everything your store looks like depends on its design and functionality. Visitors are attracted by how your store appears. It decides how they interact.

In case of Ecommerce websites:

On an average, Ecommerce store development costs around few hundred dollars. This may exceed as per your list of requirements.

Find below the features and add-ons you can’t miss in the case of Ecommerce websites and create your budget accordingly.

  • Ecommerce software.
  • Domain name.
  • Ecommerce hosting.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Checkout processing costs: Payment, shipping
  • Theme and designs
  • Add-ons
  • Extensions

Magento Ecommerce solutions come in a wide cost range based on their exclusive features, and high level of service.

Thanks to Magento development services, the cost to build Ecommerce website has come down, and it no longer has to be the $10,000+ story as it used to be.

However, you still won’t find it for free. Selling online with good exposure comes for a cost. Understanding how much can you pay for it should be the first thing in your mind so that you don’t fall off budget before even gaining the limelight.

What do you want in an Ecommerce website and how much does it cost to build?

  • Responsiveness: The Ecommerce store should be accessible across various types of devices such as mobiles, tablets, PCs etc.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Mobile-friendly Ecommerce stores are the biggest success tools. Easy access to products, shopping cart, payment gateway, and checkout process helps in building strong customer base.
  • Quick navigation: Slow loading of websites takes away your potential customers like no other factor can do. Quick loading and easy navigation from one page to another contributes to a good user experience. Create categories and filters in a way that customers could find products without any hassles.
  • Security: Your Ecommerce store has to be extremely secure so that customers can place their trust in the name of their data and payment related information. To achieve that, one has to install and configure the SSL in a proper way.
  • Content readability: The description, price and other details should be mentioned in easy to read format for better understanding of the audience. Better understanding of what you’re selling helps the customers to relate to your products easily.
  • SEO optimization: Ecommerce stores properly optimized for search engines work wonders in the long run. They reach to more audience and attract greater organic traffic.
  • Content management: Properly optimized images and videos of the products help in better user interaction. If the images are not responsive or the videos take too long to load, the visitor loses interest and leaves. Customers should be able to view products on both smartphones and PCs.

How much does it cost to hire someone to build an Ecommerce website?

There are many businesses that are yet to go online, all because of the unknown facts about development costs of Ecommerce stores.

Average cost of an Ecommerce website is dependent on planning, software, domain, hosting, designing, theme, settings, content management, SEO, etc.

However, it is always hard to predict the exact cost until you’re on ground zero. While estimating the Magento price for Ecommerce website, it is highly necessary to understand your online business goals, budget, factors that are required to develop an Ecommerce store.

When it comes to hiring a developer or an agency to create your dream Ecommerce store, always remember that the price will vary.

Look for the reasons below:

  • Different companies charge differently on the basis of their services and quality.
  • The total number of products you want to
  • Different pricing is offered as per the range of website functionalities that are demanded by the client.

Even if you hire dedicated developers, you might have to pay for the hours they work.

Even Magento developers spend on an average 40 hours almost in designing and developing an Ecommerce store. It includes banners, logos, texts, content, menus, branding etc. but at the end it’s depend on the agency and client requirement. There is not any fix price.

So, if we consider the working hours of developers, the cost to develop ecommerce website will somewhere begin with $1,800 for every $50 charged per hour.

Moving forwards, the Magento commerce price may vary as per need, depending on different factors:

1. Ecommerce software: Either free or approximately $29+ per month

Rather than coding something from scratch, most stores nowadays use a pre-built, off-the-rack software solution because: Magento offers flexible and affordable development solutions with security. With a dedicated team at the back-end taking care of the software, you can just sit back and relax.

2. Domain: Almost $10 per year*

A domain name makes your store accessible to the visitors and your future customers. It is the permanent address of your store online. One has to pay differently for different types of domains available such as “.com”, “.org”, and others.

3. Hosting: Approximately $7-$15 per month, going up as per need

Hosting gives your Ecommerce store the user-accessibility you may require, by empowering the software accordingly.  It decides how the Ecommerce store will function and work With Magento, you’ll have to buy your own hosting.

4. SSL Certificate: Free to $20+ per year

For encryption of data and security

Additional factors that play a key role in determining cost of Magento

1. Maintenance:

Maintenance includes upgrading and discarding features as per need.

Proper maintenance is the key to your Ecommerce store’s development. Maintenance cost may vary from developer to developer.

2. User Interface

Ecommerce store which is not user-friendly is like a nightmare! Visitors will be unable to catch hold of what they want to browse in the store. The website will take ages to load and your customer bank will be gone! More the Ecommerce store will be user-friendly, more will you have to pay for it.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Website features such as email, customer care, and chat-bots are additional functions that help you in maintaining customer relationship. These features will be adding to the total cost of the Ecommerce store.

4. CMS Platform

Requirement of CMS platform may vary with the type of online store you want to create. Thus, the cost will differ as well. The price will keep on increasing with your demands in content management and associated factors.

5. Themes

Looking to get the most appealing of the Ecommerce stores? Get ready to shell some extra money then! As your online store gets more attractive with attention grabbing themes and layouts, it keeps on adding to the total amount of website building cost as well. No doubt, more alluring your store is, higher will be the visitor ingress. Different agencies charge differently for spending hours on your website designs.

6. SEO & Marketing (approximately $10,000–40,000/year)

To remain competitive in the market you need proper SEO and marketing services, which could cost you around $10,000-$40,000 per year approximately.

7. Safety & Security

Adding security features increases the total website development cost. And, this is something you must never try to skip. Your customers will only grow if you keep your store safe and reliable for them. Cost for the security elements depends upon what you choose.

Magento Ecommerce Cost and Demand generation

It goes without saying Magento is one of the most loved Ecommerce platforms which is trusted and widely used by online store owners around the world. Now, as much as Magento keeps rising in fame and popularity, Magento Ecommerce cost may not stick to one range or a particular limit. One must consider the development cost carefully before trying to create the dream store.

Magento Ecommerce pricing

To begin with, a basic Magento website could cost you around $1,000 or even less. With basic site we mean a store where the owner might just be interested in selling the products and does not focus much on the design and advanced functionalities. Store owners looking for special features and better version, the cost might stick around $5,000. It will keep increasing as per your demands.

Secondly, the price of building online retail stores for a limited region or area could range from $6000-$10 000 depending upon the complexity of custom Magento modules.

When you want to create an online store with Magento where users are categorised as sellers and buyers, this kind of store could make you shell some good amount of money. An Ecommerce store like such is a marketplace with thousands of online shops on a single platform and could cost approximately $20 000 or more.

Magento license costs

Sometimes, the business that you managed to do annually decides the Magento pricing policy:

  • Magento Open Source is free of charge.
  • Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud (renamed to Adobe Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud since April 2021) offer exclusive built-in features with by-default optimized codes. The annual sales will decide Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud pricing policy

Magento enterprise cost (Approximately $30,000+):

Some exclusive features and edition come with the price-tag they deserve! Magento enterprise cost begins at $22,000. The Magento commerce cloud pricing starts from $40,000 inclusive of hosting and extra features. The price could grow from $30,000 to $50,000 depending on additional charges of features as per need.

Website designing price with Magento 2

Small scale online store owners could purchase Magento 2 theme instead of sourcing expensive web-designers. Magento themes come for  0 to $200.

The same price could shoot up to $10,000 or more if you hire any out-of-the-box agency fro your store.

Looking to hire Magento Developer in India?

Find below the cost to develop a Magento website in India:

Basic functionality: $600 to $1,000

Complex functionality: $1,000 to $2,000

Advanced functionality: $2,000 to $5,000


With Magento, get ready to expand your business with great website performances and powerful Ecommerce solutions. Magento can be handled easily even by a non-programmer who is aware of hosting. But, all this is secondary when development cost comes into picture.

In order to create an amazing, professional, secure, fast, and responsive, Ecommerce store one needs a good amount of budget in hand. You cannot expect good things coming for cheap prices!

The average cost may begin from $500 to $30,000 or more. You can only calculate tentative prices. Estimating the exact cost to start an Ecommerce store is not possible as it keeps varying. If you feel Magento Ecommerce could be expensive then it is high time to rethink.

Magento offers cost effective solution as per demand, ranging from low to high. Already 25% of stores are running on Magento, with growing numbers every day.

There could be many companies and agencies offering development services. But, choosing the right one to build your Magento-powered Ecommerce store is the key to success. We wish you all the best!


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