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Oct 19 2016

Eight Key Design Tips While Creating Your Next Mobile App

Eight Key Design Tips While Creating Your Next Mobile App

Technically building a Mobile app and creatively designing the same are two different tasks. Sometimes even organizations having a powerful digital presence often have issues with creating and enhancing their mobile applications. Mobile designs can diverge in many vital ways from out of date or even innovative designs. These variances are often what can distinct a great mobile application from a mobile app that struggles to bring results.

Here are the Eight key design tips you should consider when designing your next mobile app:

1. Clearly Decide On What Do You Need

Decide clearly on what do you need, a mobile website or a mobile application. Beforehand even initiating the design procedures, you need to analyze what formats will be suited to achieve your objectives. This makes life easier for all the stakeholders related to that project.

A mobile-optimized website is accessible on multiple devices, while a mobile app can be designed to offer a 360-degree user experience to your visitors on precise platforms.

If you have decided to go for a mobile app, the next seven tips will assist you with your next Mobile App Design project.

2. Decide On Where You Want Your App to be Utilized

Once you are clear with the mobile application platform, decide on where your app will be best utilized. This is key as if you clearly know where and how your application will be utilized it can rightly affect how it can be intended for design.

For example, if you want your application to be used while traveling, having a geo-location app, ensure that the core app functions are easily viewable and accessible. Also, it should be simpler to move with the content.

If your app is for sales purposes, ensure that the “pricing” options are clearly noticeable and easily viewed so that they can be effortlessly used.

3. Take Care of Resolutions and Screen Sizes

Even with the identical mobile platforms, resolutions and screen sizes differ on the device types. For example, the resolutions and screen sizes on HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Incredible are different, even being of the same brand type. So you should take care of an application to have a steady look and feel transversely on different devices.

4. Color has its Own Value for Visual Communication

The color value is utilized to represent the core objective. For instance, if you make the first mobile app button black, the subsequent dark grey and third light grey, it represents that you are intending to pass a message that the 1st button is of utmost importance to the user or visitor, the 2nd button is slightly lesser in importance and the 3rd button has the least importance.

5. Color is not just about attraction, it also conveys your brand

The brand is engrossed in the expressive relationship your customers are linked with your product or services. Color assists to define that emotional relationship in a refined yet efficient way. So your mobile app should not just have to be highlighted by attractive colors but should also emotionally connect with your services and products which should further connect with your visitors or customers.

6. Design your app around the touch and ergonomics

Mobile apps would ultimately be accessed while in somebody’s hand. So imagine how you grip your phone and think around where your thumb sits. This is the real reason why applications have main menus at the screen’s bottom side and all the content at the screen top. Apps with such design types are intended for better touch and ergonomics.

7. Logos adds both Trust and Style

A brand creates a client and vice versa. A logo will not generate your access to business, however, an off-color or badly executed and intended logo will replicate badly on your business. So a logo builds trust as well as communicates your unique business style to your customers.

8. Modest tricks can be utilized to augment the text

All capitals, indent, title case, underline and contrast, these all can be used with styles to represent your content. You can use them at any of the places to create a style or content hierarchy, if you are consistent with them they can bring up good readability for your visitors.

Some of the Concluding Points

Design your apps so that they take benefit of multiple gestures, like pinching to zoom, forward and backward swiping and quick refresh functionalities, which really enhance the usability features of your mobile or web application.

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Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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