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Feb 25 2021

PSD to WordPress Conversion- 10 Mistakes to Avoid

PSD to WordPress Conversion- 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Humans are prone to error. And without any fact, even a pro can end up making a silly mistake. But do you know these mistakes can sometimes be very irritating? Even website developers feel the same.

As we know WordPress is an extremely popular CMS system that can help you get a website really quickly. However, while designing a WordPress website in haste hundreds of developers take some terrible decisions. One would come across while performing PSD to WordPress conversion.

Mistakes like WP_DEBUG, accumulating JavaScript into a single file, and a lot more.

Here’s a blog sharing the top 10 mistakes that developers end up making:

Mistake #1 — Intricate Site Navigation

Experts around the globe recommend creating simple yet powerful site navigation for users. Powerful navigation is all about the appropriate insertion of links, icons, and providing accurate local information of the business.

Your website should showcase the services in an organized manner straight on your homepage. The website design should have proper links to different pages, which is clearly visible to users.

Mistake #2 — Autoplay of music or Video files

Using sound, images or video content on your website is the best thing one could do. But you need to take care of one aspect, it should not autoplay as soon as the user arrives on the homepage of your website. You don’t know where your users are- they can be in the library or some other place where noisy music is not permitted and may result in the increased bounce rate of your website.

Mistake #3 — Poor readability and Typography

The simpler you keep your website, the more users will understand it. Adding readable fonts are plays an integral role. Don’t experiment with the fonts and use something fancy that becomes painful for the user to read. It will not only become hard for the reader to read, but it would be non-understandable, resulting in click off from the website. 

Moreover, focus on the grammar of your content, it should be correct and meet the basic standards of English. Blunders in the content may affect your reputation and take away your visitors.

Mistake #4 — Use of inline CSS

Once you’re done with PSD to WordPress conversion process, you might encounter the use of inline CSS. When you create several pages similar to each other, applying inline CSS everywhere is crucial to maintain its consistency.

Alternatively, design a separate CSS file and link it with your PHP file, so that differences in only one file will determine the effects on various pages.

Mistake #5 — Incorrect closing of tags

As we know WordPress is a framework designed on PHP language, it boasts the use of opening and closing tags.

Therefore, when converting PSD to WordPress focusing on the closure of tags is inevitable. If you make this silly mistake, you would literally end up ruining the design of your website. At times, you may feel that that the website does not meet your expectation. In such scenarios, we recommend you to check once if the tags are closed appropriately or not.

Mistake #6 — Use of poorly image sizes

There’s no website without images. It is integral to attract customers to your website. However, images on your website impact the loading speed. Hence, we recommend you to make sure you make use of regular size images. The images should be not too big or too small.

Big images take more time to load and small images may not be clear to explain to the user about the brand products properly.

Mistake #7 — Incorrect linking of pages

Undoubtedly, your website would be having several web pages. So, linking them correctly is vital. This again boosts the navigation of your website. Links on your website are meant to provide convenience to users for better navigation through your web pages. More so, internal linking assists in generating more traffic.

As a business, you should know the value of a well-designed website. The website is a vital component of your marketing campaign. A bad design may end in a loss of traffic and eventually lose your revenue. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge these details before designing a website.

Mistake #8—Improper use special characters

One of the major errors that could affect your website is the inappropriate use of special characters on your website. Your website needs to be search-engine friendly as well as reader-friendly as well as search engine friendly to drive better traffic. If you add special characters on your website improperly, it will hit its readability and search engine ranking. It will be difficult for search engines to list your site if it’s loaded with several special characters.

Mistake #9— Missing alt attributes

As already mentioned, images are an inevitable aspect of a website. And experts always recommend using images on your website smartly.

Yet, one blunder that is often made concerning images is not using the alt attribute in the image tags. The alt tag is significant because it is exposed when an image cannot be loaded on a webpage. If you don’t insert alt tags it will influence search engine indexing.

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Mistake #10— Uploading an error-free content

Website content is truly important. Website is the first place where your customers will interact with your brand. That’s the reason along with web design and navigation, even the content of your website plays a key role. How will your brand know about the products you’re offering and what difference it could make? Therefore, proofreading the content is significant. Spelling mistakes or adding content that does not offer any value to users, will not take you anywhere.

So make sure you add quality content that has zero to no error and offer value to customers for better traffic and lead generation.

Let’s wrap up

The above-mentioned PSD to WordPress conversion mistakes are very common with long-lasting effects on your website. It’s high time you hire a reliable WordPress developer for your next project. Get in touch with team of experts contact us today.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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