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Apr 8 2019

Magento-The Right Choice for B2B Enterprises

Magento-The Right Choice for B2B Enterprises

“Being online” has become a new buzz word in the business world, whether an enterprise is a small or medium size. But whenever an entrepreneur began to create his online presence, Magento is what that strikes their mind! For B2C organizations, Magento is an ideal platform as it is very user-friendly with vital features like CRM, payment process, SEO-friendly in order to rank their website on SERPs, powerful third-party extensions, and a lot more. However, when it comes to B2B enterprises, business owners hesitate to opt for Magento due to certain misconceptions they’ve developed with time.

But with the advancement in technology, Magento has not only become a preferred choice among B2C but B2B enterprises as well. B2B organizations are turning to PSD to Magento Conversion Services for better brand recognition and to give their customers a better experience.

Let’s Look At The Important Factors Proving Highly Customizable

Magento is a user-friendly tool, assisting enterprises with a great number of choices to make their website more intuitive and attractive. You can easily integrate your website with CMS or ERP systems to make the procurement process easier. The flexibility to customize your platform with a limited checkout process is what a B2B enterprise requires, providing customers a better experience. It also helps enterprises alleviate the burden of making their website mobile-friendly as you already get that feature in Magento.

1. Enjoy the “Quick Order”

Magento offers an array of order processing options for B2B enterprises, allowing them to choose the right and convenient order process that suits their business. However, you can allow buyers to easily enter the Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), utilize requisition lists or copy a previous for faster checkout or you can assist them to order creation, quotes tracking and discount calculations.

Enjoy The Quick Order

2. Real-Time Access To Accounts

If you want to know the financial position of your company or the details of your trading account or your credit limit, Magento can provide you with every minute detail of your company accounts. With such information, entrepreneurs can make viable decisions with regards to their liabilities and work hard to achieve financial success.

3. Segments Customers

You cannot offer a uniform buying experience to every customer because every business is different. But with Magento 2 development services you can easily segment customers as per their requirements and provide them tailor experience. You can keep a track of buying behavior of each customer and look at the purchase history you can offer them what they want.

4. Provide Greater Visibility

Creating your B2B website on Magento enables you with a clear picture of every order coming in. With a clear insight into orders, B2B enterprises can easily streamline their inventory and sales procedure. History orders eventually assist businesses in maintaining a proper workflow within the organization.

Provide Greater Visibility

5. Report Management

This might surprise every B2B owner, but the Magento platform is equipped with 75 built-in reports that enable organizations to stay updated with their overall performance. B2B eCommerce businesses can seamlessly take informed procurement decisions as Magento is deluged with the sheer volume of reports right from sales order to purchasing reports to Product Information Management (PIM).

6. Efficient Quotation System

As we all know that B2B eCommerce websites are involved in bulk purchasing that too more often. Thus, quotation plays a crucial role for B2B enterprises. A better quote system may help you attract more customers and increase the conversion rate. However, negotiation on orders is very common in this business, Magento offers a vigorous quotation system that allows buyers to request a quote and negotiate on the same by providing them a streamlined way.

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7. Utilize Customer Services For Increasing Sales

With Magento, B2B enterprises can easily transfer their customer service department to an extra sales department. Magento offers drop-in call services that enable entrepreneurs to solve the problems of customers and utilize cross-sell and up-sell techniques to boost their sales.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, Magento is a platform that gives you what you see, allowing retailers to customize their website with simple-to-use extensions or apps to deliver better customer experience.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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