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Jan 22 2020

5 UX/UI Web Design Tips to Grow and Enhance Your Business

5 UX/UI Web Design Tips to Grow and Enhance Your Business

Want to grow your business? A very important question asked to you. But the answer doesn’t fall in any marketing strategy UX/UI web design tips. It is a very minor thing that helps you change the whole scenario of your business. With all the major tasks, we often forget to divert our attention to the minute task, which can be a silly mistake.

With a recent review from Harvard business, a study was conducted and found that it is not a marketing method that helps you complete a lead. It is the safe and secure feel which lets the customer complete the purchase goal.  Easy navigation and trust factors help users to shop so frequently from your website. Good responsive website design is also important. Educate users from your website and make them easy to shop.

There are many elements that are equally important like creative landing page design and some others which is a must present on your website. Those elements are like testimonials, reviews, feedback, guidelines, good description all this will help in gaining good experience to users and positive responses. Also a good ranking in search engines like Google. But let’s see what are those some web design tips and tricks that can change the whole thing towards you positively.

Check this 5 UX/UI Web Design Tips and Tricks to enhance and grow your business in a quick way:

→ Parallax Scrolling:

It is an excellent plan to demonstrate the shoppers the enormous no. of site pages through parallax scrolling. If the client faces any issues in navigation through the menu and if it gets delayed then in the blink of an eye client leaves the site without any action. In this way, parallax scrolling is an imaginative alternative to make the navigation procedure a lot simpler for the client.

There are a few layers of the pages and their development speed differs. This can be utilized for structuring the site in a substantially more fascinating manner. Accordingly, parallax scrolling makes the route of the client simpler and reduces the issue of heaps of new pages.

→ Video Landing Page:-

It is a very usual thing that users prefer to watch images and videos rather than reading those content in form of text. At that point what about making an autoplay video on the beginning website page. It is seen that individuals invest the greater part of their energy seeing recordings.

In this way, it is a smart thought that when an individual opens your site naturally a video starts playing that gives the essential thought of your site and advances your image in an imaginative and exceptionally adequate manner. People automatically get all Poststracted to videos thus, landing on your site. So, a video landing page is an innovative and highly profitable element for taking your website to a much higher level.

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→ Animated Calls to Action:

Users consistently require some affirmation before making a move and it truly makes your work tough. The only thing which can really be of good help is to explain something in a form of action. The animated direction makes it easier and also helps the users to increase the appearance of your site. This small element can bring out big positive changes on your websites.

→ Customized Typography:

Understand what customers or users do when they visit your website. The first thing their eyes will focus on reading the contents. So, develop custom typography that can give good credit to the UI of your website.

Attractive typography, like colored and designed texts, big and bold texts, can really draw the attention of the user. Custom Typography is an efficient element to contribute to expanding your business efficiently.

→ Artificial Intelligence(AI):

There are numerous benefits to AI. Let AI do the work for your website. AI can change the whole user experience of the website. Users can attract towards AI as AI can work for all the time, Customers can visit your website at any time and it will be very pleasing for them to get equally active interaction throughout the day with the application of AI. Without AI a person will never get active response throughout the day. AI can provide such ease and also boost your business giving your business maximum returns.


Get all these custom website design tricks and tips to add to your website from the top website design company who also provides amazing graphics design, custom logo design service and more. Use their expertise to grow your business. Let your business not suffer from these minor things.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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