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Jan 29 2020

Discover website design thinking and know how important it is!

Discover website design thinking and know how important it is!

Design thinking is a simple yet effective solution to solve various kinds of problems. It is an iterative process where the UX designer will start understanding the user, challenge their assumptions, and redefine the issues to find unique solutions for it. So, this is a user-defined process where the UX designer should empathize with the user and provide a solution for their problem so discover website design in this blog.

The website design company has to put users at the forefront and have to make the right balance between both user’s needs and business needs. And once you come on common ground with users, it becomes easy to understand the product that they need. Further, the hired custom website design agency needs to check the product is offering definite advantages or not.

There are five steps involved in design thinking

  • Empathizing the users
  • Defining their needs, understanding their problems, and presenting them with your insights.
  • Ideating- challenging the assumptions and create some ideas for innovative solutions.
  • The prototype is where you start creating solutions
  • Test the solutions that you create

These steps are not linear, and they may interchange with time or while enabling web page design services.

  1. Empathizing the users

You have to be empathetic towards your users to understand what they need. Hence, it is like an essential skill that you have to learn. Also, the customers don’t buy your service or product. They buy why you are offering it. So, if you understand why your customer needs a product, then you will be able to communicate about the same with customers. This way, it will become effortless for you to provide a solution for users’ problems.

You have to connect the product or service with the user and to do it. You should start understanding their needs. So, do not get judgmental here or assume anything as it is not a healthy practice. You have to be open to customers’ needs and listen to what they say. Also, to empathize with your users, you can conduct interviews and surveys. These activities will help you in various ways.

  1. Definition of problem

Once you are thorough with the discussions and understand the problem from users’ point of view, it is time for you to define this problem in your way. You should create a human-centered solution by using all the details that you got from the interview and create a problem statement. This problem statement will help you in understanding things from a different perspective. So, the one thing that you have to be careful with the problem statement is that you have to mention a task here that is manageable. And do not put any kind of restrictions on creativity, and let the team fetch new ideas, new methods to solve the problem.

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  1. Ideation

Now it is time for you to commence diverse brainstorming. You have to generate the user-related approach here that is effective. Start thinking and making as many ideas as you can because you can narrow them down later. This scenario is the time for you to unleash your creative potential. You can create as many designs as you can with your knowledge and creativity. You must think as well as implement outside of the box. And try to bring out as many innovative solutions as possible. Ideation will help you in challenging the things and deepen your strategies to solve a problem.

  1. Prototype

In this stage, you have to build the required solutions by considering end users. For example, if your client has asked for a custom web design, you have to create a basic custom web design that won’t cost you a lot. You need to consider pricing here. So, do not overspend money as it is a stage where you may fail too. And utilize less time, less investment, and have a simple prototype. Thus, create a robust version within less time and release it for your users. Collect the feedback regarding the same and get some insights. And use these insights to create a better version.

  1. Test the product

Now you should start testing the product. You can approach some users and ask them to verify your product. And this scenario is a crucial phase where you will get feedback along with valuable insights from customers. So, just give them the prototype and ask them to use it without explaining a lot about it. Be open to constructive and destructive criticism (not every user will encourage you right). Take the insights and use them to create the right product.

Key takeaways

So, design thinking means an iterative process of thinking and creating something useful. There are diverse stages involved in this process, and there is no rule to follow them on a linear-basis. A website design services company can further help in enabling this design thinking to succeed.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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