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Dec 9 2020

Significant Benefits of Magento 2 Order SMS Notification Extension

Significant Benefits of Magento 2 Order SMS Notification Extension

Messaging is one of the most accessible options to notify someone due to its better response and read rate. The fact that smartphones are effortlessly reachable over an Internet connection to check SMS plays an imperative role, being a constructive preference. These facts even apply to Magento 2 store admins who use notifications for enabling their customers about their Magento 2 store and related order activities.

Pixlogix has developed Magento 2 Order SMS Notification extension that facilitates the store owner or admin to send the text messages to notify customers about order status updates swiftly.

The following are the benefits from Magento 2 Order SMS Notification:

  • The effortlessness of enabling and disabling SMS notifications
  • Immediate and speedy messages related to orders status
  • Dynamic and tailored SMS text creation
  • Mobile number verification through right through OTP
  • Flawless SMS integration with diverse Magento 2 SMS gateway providers, including Twilio, Bulk SMS, and Msg91

Magento 2 Order SMS extension – Assists in Notifying Customers Instantaneously

As and when consumers involve an online order in your online store, they anticipate rapid and instant communication about how stuff will move forward. Here, the Magento 2 SMS notification extension offers a comfortable facility to notify customers of numerous order status updates with text messages’ assistance. SMS notification extension for Magento 2 will help you send and receive SMS alerts on a real-time basis from your eCommerce store.

Whether it concerns the online product orders, movement of shipments, or processing of product orders right in the store, you can with no trouble notify customers through order status with SMS notification on the concerned mobile phone. Besides, you can even take advantage of customized SMS text content, flexible and integrated SMS gateway API, and dynamic messages.

Further, the SMS notification Magento 2 extension can lend an easy hand to getting rid of conventional messaging problems and email communications issues. It will be of assistance for you to leverage instant messages about order Placement, automatic order notification By SMS for Magento 2, Cancellation, Shipment, Invoices, and Credit Memo.

Significant Functionalities through SMS Order Notification Extension

  • Direct and regular messages related to orders
  • Resend OTP as and when needed
  • Send quick updates through SMS to customers
  • No difficulty of customizing SMS content
  • Secure and authenticated SMS API
  • Immediately verify client mobile number
  • Straightforwardly integrated with SMS service API
  • The OTP string backs numeric digits
  • Set tailored text for a range of notifications
  • Open source code which is simple to customize
  • Easily enable and disable mobile number verification
  • Admin can without difficulty decide on SMS gateway from the backend
  • Admin can modify SMS text for diverse order status updates
  • Practiced Magento 2 Order SMS Text with active variables
  • Simple to connect with top SMS service providers

Benefits of selecting Pixlogix’s Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension

With this particular extension’s assistance, you can update customers about all the order-related activities in the Magento 2 store with quick follow-ups through SMS. Admin can receive SMS notifications for consumer’s activities by just entering the registered mobile number from the backend. The API settings can be configured-up by registering with SMS Gateway to get sender details by picking the message category to the consumers.

SMS notification is sent for every activity as soon as the mobile number is registered with the Magento 2 store. This scenario creates customers’ trust and enhances the complete user experience by sending on the spot SMS notifications right to users with Magento 2 SMS module.

Additional Features of Magento 2 Order SMS extension include

  • Acquire OTP to verify mobile number right on the registration page
  • It is straightforward to install, setup, and work with the related processes.
  • State OTP String type and length, i.e., just user numeric values
  • Mobile number verification is executed right on the customer registration page.
  • Simplicity in the configuration for admin to setup text messages as and when requisite
  • The straightforwardness of configuring SMS notification for end consumers
  • Easy enabling and disabling of sending SMS when order status is modified
  • Control of Pre-built and custom variables to configure different SMS texts
  • Trouble-free setting up of SMS texts for diverse messages

Key Takeaways

So, we can conclude that these days, the mainstream of people use SMS over regular emails due to the fast response rate. Pixlogix’s best Magento 2 SMS notification extension will help you keep your customers and store admin rationalized with the SMS notifications about a mixture of online store activities.

With this extension, the store owners can speedily set up a variety of useful stuff with the help of Magento SMS notification with tailored SMS text according to the involved order delivery processes.


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