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Feb 19 2020

Launching Magento 2 SMS order extension: Best extension notify customers new update

Launching Magento 2 SMS order extension: Best extension notify customers new update

Pixlogix Infotech today announced the launch of the SMS notification extension for Magento 2, the most innovative addition to the company’s Magento Extension store. Indeed, at its core, Magento 2 SMS notification extension is essentially a fully automated way for online retailers to notify the target audience without any technical hassle.

With SMS order notification extension, we are bringing new features like seamless Magento 2 SMS integration with different SMS gateway providers, ease of enabling or disabling various notifications, custom text support, mobile number verification and a lot more.

Moreover, keeping an eye on upcoming trends, we have incorporated additional support of SMS service APIs, which will bring ease for the online shop owners to manage various 3rd party service providers.

The Magento SMS notification extension will not only help you establish a strong connection with your target audience but also helps you manage how effectively you can communicate to the customers. We note that this new offering means that online retailers won’t have to worry about the operational aspects of running the business.

To ensure that it can manage a gamut of customer needs, we have tweaked the extension a little more than other extensions available in the market to make it more flexible and scalable.

Features offered by Magento 2 SMS order extension:

  • Easy to Install & Setup
  • Ease of Integration
  • Instant & frequent messages for orders
  • Instantly verify customer mobile number
  • Send Updates via SMS to Customers
  • Custom SMS template with Dynamic Variables
  • Ease of Customizing SMS Content
  • Connect with leading SMS Service Providers: Twilio, Msg91
  • SMS report to store admin
  • 100% Open Source
  • Manage SMS Log for Admin
  • Set custom text for various notifications
  • Enable/Disable Mobile Number Verification
  • Secure & Authenticated
  • Resend OTP as and when required

We have also stressed that this new Magento SMS order extension isn’t just about closing the last mile for the company from a commerce perspective but also from an innovation perspective. It’s worth noting that all of the other extensions available in the market are not offering all of these features in a pocket-friendly way!

What’s your take on this? Want to try out how SMS notification extension for Magento 2 works? get in touch with us now!

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