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Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension
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Magento 2 Order SMS Notification

Let your customers get real-time notifications & get frequent updates for their orders

As and when consumer places the online order in your eCommerce store, they expect quick and immediate communication about how things will move on. Nothing is better than Magento 2 SMS notification extension provides facility to notify customers on various order status updates through text messages. SMS notification extension for Magento 2 will help you send and receive SMS alerts in real-time from your online store. Whether it is about the orders, shipment activities while product order in the store; you can easily notify customers through order status with text notification on registered mobile. Moreover, you can also leverage from custom SMS text content, integrated SMS gateway API, dynamic notifications and a lot more.

  • Ease of enabling or disabling SMS notifications.
  • Instant and quick notifications about orders status.
  • Dynamic and customizable SMS text.
  • Mobile number verification through OTP.
  • Seamless SMS integration with different Magento 2 SMS gateway providers, i.e. Twilio, Bulk SMS, Msg91.
49.00 2021-05-08

CE : 2.3.x, 2.4.x | EE : 2.3.x, 2.4.x V 2.0.1


SMS Order Notification Extension - "Helps You Notify Your Customers Instantly"

These days, majority of the people SMS over conventional emails due to quick response rate. And Best Magento 2 SMS notification extension will help you keep your customers and store admin updated with the SMS about various activities in the online store. With this extension, the store owners can quickly set up various kinds of Magento SMS notification with custom sms text as per their order deliver process.

The SMS notification Magento 2 extension can help you get rid of typical problems related to emails. It will help you leverage from automatic order notification By SMS for Magento 2, instant messages about order Placement, Shipment, Invoices, Credit Memo, and Cancellation.

Key Features You Can Leverage from SMS Order Notification Extension:

Instant & Frequent Messages for Orders.

Resend OTP as and when required.

Send Updates via SMS to Customers.

Ease of customizing SMS text.

SMS API Secure & Authenticated.

Instantly verify customer mobile number.

Easily integrated various SMS service API.

The OTP string supports numeric digits only.

Set custom text for various notifications.

Open source code and easily customizable.

Enable/Disable Mobile Number Verification.

Admin can easily select SMS gateway from backend.

Admin can customize SMS text for different order status update.

Custom Magento 2 Order SMS Text with Dynamic Variables.

Connect with leading SMS Service Providers: Twilio, Msg91 & Bulk SMS.

More Features:

  • Get OTP to verify mobile number on registration page.
  • Easy to Install & Setup.
  • Specify OTP String type and length, i.e. user numeric values only.
  • Mobile number verification on customer registration page.
  • Ease of configuration for admin to set text as and when required.
  • Ease of configuring SMS notification for customers.
  • Enable/Disable sending SMS to customer when order status is changed.
  • Leverage from Pre-built/custom variables to configure SMS texts.
  • Notify customers via SMS about their activities such as Order Placement, Shipment, Invoices, Credit Memo, and Cancellation.
  • Set SMS text for different messages.


5 Easy to Install and Features
January 16, 2021

We got the right solution to send order notification to our customers on order activities. SMS extension is very useful and all the features are exactly as described. Top-notch development and support!

- Edward Gardner
5 Useful Magento plugin to send a quick notification
December 28, 2020

Very easy to integrate for the store admin to set custom text as required for each ordering activity. no, your customer gets quick notifications. Pixlogix development team is very supportive after purchase the Magento plugin.

- Corey Bryan
5 Gain customer trust and improve the experience
November 06, 2020

I can now quickly send an SMS notification to customers for order shipment, order invoices, order placement, order creditmemo, cancellation, in my store which is appreciated by my customers!

- Robert T. Martin
5 Best Extension for E-Commerce Store
August 08, 2020

Best ever Magento 2 Order SMS Notification extension for ecommerce store! Thank you

- Samuel Bell
5 Supported and Works Very Well
June 27, 2020

Supports are really great, thank you Pixlogix for your great extension and support

- Aubrey Rose
4 Instant & Frequent updates order activities
April 30, 2020

The module is helpful in enable and disable for mobile number verification as well as other activities and Our store admin using custom SMS text for different order status update. We really gaining trust from our customers as they getting status updates on purchased items from our store.

- Megan Reyes
4 Supported and Works very well my store
April 10, 2020

Amazing module by pixlogix team. It's integrated with Twilio SMS gateway and Works very well. Our customers receive a quick notification on there registered mobile number.

- Qutuz Salim Srour
5 Superb SMS Notification Extension
April 09, 2020

Finally, I got amazing extension for my sms notification. It’s easy and very customize as per my requirement. Thanks to Pixlogix Infotech.

- Layla Sommer
5 Outstanding SMS Notification extension for Magento store
March 26, 2020

The extensions have all the useful features like placement, shipment, invoices, cancellation, creditmemo. Pixlogix support team is also very supportive to help to install the extension.

- Odin Olsen
5 Considerable extension for eCommerce store
March 24, 2020

The Magento plugin is supportive of Twilio and it work fine in our store.

- Kristin Waechter

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1. How to install Magento 2 Order SMS Notification extension?

Every Pixlogix extension pack includes module files, an installation guide and a user guide depending on the extension you purchase, there also may be import files which can be used by you as examples.

Pixlogix extensions are easy to install. All you need is to have FTP/SSH access details, and follow below steps to complete.

  • Backup your web directory and store database.
  • Enable all cache from admin (System > Tools > Cache Management) before upload extension.
  • Extract extension zip package and copy folder (app).
  • Upload (app) folder to your store root folder by FTP.
  • After uploading (app) folder navigate to your store root folder in the SSH console of your server:
    • cd path_to_the_store_root_folder (cd public_html)
    • Run the following command:
      php bin/magento setup:upgrade
      php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
  • Flush the store cache; Logout to complete installation process and login.
2. Is it possible sending order-related updates through SMS with this SMS notification extension for Magento 2?
Yes of course. You can easily configure and send SMS to the potential customers and when order status is updated in the store.
3. I want to personalize text message for the customers. Is it possible?
Yes, Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension helps you create customized SMS templates using dynamic variables for different parameters, like customer name, customer email, order number, total amount and store name.
4. What all types of SMS service providers are supported with Magento 2 SMS notification extension?
Magento 2 SMS extension supports Twilio, Bulk SMS, and Msg91 SMS service providers. However, if you wish to add any other SMS Gateway service, you can contact our technical support team to Magento 2 SMS gateway Integration.
5. Is it possible to verify customer’s mobile number?
If you have enabled the verification functionality, customers will have to verify their phone numbers by providing OTP codes sent to their number.
6. What information does SMS notification extension provide customer with?
The Magento 2 SMS extension will support customers with various notifications: Order placement, Order shipment, Order Invoice, Credit Memo, Order cancellation.

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