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Jan 15 2020

7 Vital gestures that explore the requirement of new website for any business

7 Vital gestures that explore the requirement of new website for any business

Being part of the digital world, every business required changes and updates as time passes. But the question is how to know when and why we need this change? Replacing your traditional website with the contemporary portal is the result of many gestures Website Redesign. Some businesses can not examine the requirement of updates and changes on time and that’s why they may also not compete with their competitor.

Launching a website is not only enough to run an online business and you also required to take a look at the changes and updates required on your website. But some signs are common that determine you need to Redesign Existing Website. 

What are these? Take a look at this blog.

Here we will talk about all these reasons when you need a new website for your business without any delay. Changing the appearance and functioning of your business digital face is not an easy task for you. To assign this task you may also find Best Website Redesign Services. Google Algorithm Updates are important for every business because if you are not looking towards the latest updates and announcement of Google regarding the updates in a website and marketing program then you can’t face the digital world competition.

#.1 Browsing Experience Should Be Good on Every Device

The browsing experience of a portal is a vital aspect for users. The bad experience can also navigate your potential clients towards your competitor’s website. The percentage of mobile searchers is increasing every day in comparison to the web. Thus, every website should be mobile-friendly. The ideal website is that can perform perfectly on all devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet. Even, according to the latest Google Algorithm Update the website which is not mobile-friendly also lose their ranking.

Check the mobile-friendly score of your website. Most of the people at present consider mobile devices for the search on search engines and also place orders online through mobile devices. Sometimes, users face difficulty browsing on websites and not able to get the right search due to the bad navigation in the mobile layout of the website. You may lose your potential clients just because of the low score of the website mobile friendly.

#2. Higher Bounce Rate is Indication to Change the Structure of Your Website

The Higher Bounce Rate is one of the most important gestures that show you must confirm you’re appointed with the best website designing company for website redesign tasks. 40-50% Bounce rate is genuine for any website but when it goes to 50-60% then it is the red-light for the sales and traffic of your website. The bounce rate reflecting the time spends by the visitors on your website. The higher bounce rate shows users’ visits and leaves from your portal and it is not a good sign for your online business.

The navigation and structure of the website are important. When users don’t find useful on your website or can’t able to get the right things which they are searching then they may leave from your portal. Thus, redesigning is a great step for any business to decrease the bounce rate of a website.

#3. When You Are Not Getting Enough Leads

Leads are important for your business website and launching a website is mainly depending on the principle of generating leads from an online portal. The minimum leads from your online portal are the big gesture that you need to change the design, color combination, and navigation of portal and this will possible when you acquire Best Website Redesign Services. 

Redesign Your Website

#4. Rebranding of Your Website:

The rebranding is the goal of many businesses at present because they want to compete in the tuff marketing competition on search engines. From logo to banners of your website everything required changes and updates and the redesigning of a website also includes all these things. The rebranding is important when your website design is going out-of-trend and modern approaches.

#5. Your Website is Not SEO Friendly:

The SEO Friendly Website is the eminent pillar for your revenue generation objective of your online portal. The SEO Friendly Website

#6. Remove or Add New Products, Services & Contents

Is your business products & services update from the last few years? Updating, content, products, and services on the website are also a comprehensive task. When you are thinking to expand the structure and categories of your portal then also redesign your website with the web redesigning services.

#7. You Are Not Able to Rank Higher On Search Engine Results:

The ranking is the factor on which any business constructs a website and lives on the Internet. If your website is not appearing in the Google search result then only professional and experienced website designers can redesign your website and provide the ultimate look.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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