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Feb 14 2019

Top 10 Reasons To Switch and Use WordPress Content Management System

Top 10 Reasons To Switch and Use WordPress Content Management System

Today, WordPress has over 70 million websites and blogs created on its unique platform. With big brands like TechCrunch, BBC America, Sony Music, Microsoft News Center, CNN and more utilizing WordPress on an extensive basis, it does not come as a surprise why digital marketers and technology consultants are highly recommending it to their clientele.

Whether you are a startup company, an SME or a large-scaled organization with a current ‘unsatisfactory’ site or require a brand new website, WordPress platform can always lend a hand to you. The WordPress Development Service and platform are known to have a multitude of advantages which includes its lower costing for web design and broader options in choosing themes, layouts as well as plugins to fulfill any of the website development requirements.

How The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Can Assist You

When developing a website, you want an easy to use and a commanding digital publishing system accessible. So, every site, irrespective of its size, needs a good Content Management System (CMS) to manage its content and day to day requirements. There are numerous platforms out there which you could utilize. However, WordPress development service and platform still ranks as the top option for website development as well as handling web-based content.

The WordPress plugins better enable the various sorts of blogging platforms, eCommerce stores and social networking community portals fitting any organization as well as business. WordPress is a powerful publishing platform which further empowers to have a unique customizable consumer interface, helping improve your online business presence.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Switch and Use WordPress CMS

1. WordPress Is Cost-Effective

WordPress is almost free when you are operating on a limited business budget. While, you need to pay for web hosting, and buy a theme in its place of using a free one to transform the way your site looks. However, the WordPress CMS costs nothing for its basic set-up. So, it becomes easy to switch and use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) for your diverse web-based projects.

2. It Is Effortless To Utilize

It does not need to be a technology expert to have a ready to start WordPress site running and looking upright. However, doing something multifaceted may need to hire a WordPress developer or a specialist WordPress Development Company.

3. Enables Effective PSD To WordPress Development

Splendid assortments of PSD to WordPress development, its conversion features, simple to apply updates as well as undemanding functionalities tempt every business website owner to switch and use WordPress CMS.

4. Provides Responsive Design And Cross-Browser Compatibility

With the WordPress platform, it turns out to be easier to have a responsive design. It means that your website will regulate and fit all the screen sizes. In the mobile age, Google has also made it obligatory to go responsive. The other gain of PSD to wordpress is prevailing cross-browser compatibility. A developer inserts precise code structure, and it works successfully on wide-ranging browsers.

5. Empowers With Search Engine Friendliness

It is every business owner’s vision to rank at the top on different search engines. WordPress is shaped for SEO friendliness and it boosts your site’s domain optimization.

By using WordPress, your web portal becomes enticing to search engines. The key reason being, the platform is written using trouble-free compliance and high criterion clean codes. Thus, it encloses the capability to generate semantic markups. The logical design and responsiveness make search engines have a better preference for WordPress. The platform gives every website page and posts exclusive Meta tag keywords, setting aside for more specific search optimization.

6. Customization Is Straightforward

No business owner wants to get jammed with cookie-cutter websites, and in case you are dealing with WordPress, you won’t need to be. The WordPress theme system implements the required designs. You just have to select and buy a one-time license for a premium theme which further makes detailed documentation and pre-set layouts for different use cases. These scenarios make customizations easy, affordable and take lesser time to put into action.

7. Puts Forward Useful Community Support

With easy customization preferences and obtainable plugins, there are multiple places to reach out to for assistance while working with WordPress. WordPress is a host to a heavily built community forum that is managed by its employees and WordPress activists. If you can’t answers in the forums, you can use helpful blogs and sites with articles like with everything on WordPress. You can explore the plugin reviews; get help on theme installation and much more online with the help of community support. 

8. Offers Easy Access To Plugins And Themes

WordPress had an extensive range of functionality enlarging plugins that are on hand with both free and paid options. It’s each theme with a layout for the website front end and the plugin showcased in the WordPress gallery comes with huge user reviews, so you know how both will play their own roles when putting into real practice.

9. Effortless Hosting And Set-Up

WordPress can simply be set up virtually with hosting which powers around 65% percent of the complete web. The hosting packages comprise of single-click installation with the CMS and even come as pre-installed. The customers have full hosting freedom and access to cost-effective hosting providers with a local installation set-up for development and testing.

10. Supports To Deal With Security Aspects

Make sure to put money in a secure theme, backup service, and security plugins. There are paid as well as free choices, however, make sure of their online reviews before installing them. Since WordPress is used in such huge numbers, the alternatives to protect your content are never-ending.

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Moving Forward

Many expert studies specify that over 30% of websites globally utilize WordPress, with the numbers rising on a day to day basis. It has significantly evolved from just being a blogging platform to a competent content management system. So if you want to create your website or switch to WordPress CMS, you can hire a WordPress Developer or partner with a WordPress Development Company today itself.


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Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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