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Jul 17 2019

How Magento eCommerce Upgrades help merchants to drive business growth?

How Magento eCommerce Upgrades help merchants to drive business growth?

If you dreamed about success, you definitely dreamed about Magento eCommerce. Does this statement sound a bit analogical to you? Well, there’s a reason behind it. Magento framework not only helps eCommerce business owners to hit it big in the market, but it also rolls down innumerable features, plug-ins, features, and extensions. There are many more reasons that enforce behemoth companies to opt for Magento eCommerce development services.

According to researchers, approx. 86,000 active users from the US are on Magento for their eCommerce business needs. More so, 60% of your target audience prefers online shopping, so you should utilize develop your website using Magento. Big brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Nike, Ford, Olympus, Nestle, Vizio, Men’ Health, and other million companies are on Magento.

With the increasing number of online stores available on the World Wide Web, using Magento is leading employers to rethink their existing website.

Here are the top reasons explaining why one should embrace the Magento platform for their eCommerce web development:

  • Straightforward and simple-to-use
  • You can create scalable websites
  • Upgrades the website automatically, which is only possible with Magento
  • Functionalities of this platform are quite user-friendly, which makes it easier for customers to browse, buy products or services and enjoy the shopping experience
  • It also supports the website to promote their brand across different channels without any hassle
  • In the year 2013, Magento was recognized as the popular platform for eCommerce web development
  • This framework has a long history and so it is for developers and users to learn about this platform.

What is the recently unveiled innovation by Magento?

This year, Magento revealed details about its flagship features that will enable eCommerce business owners to boost their growth. Magento understands that customer expectations are evolving with time. It is becoming crucial for brands to be responsive to market trends and the changing preferences of customers. That’s the reason Magento came up with few effective updates in the framework.

Quickly innovate and expand the functionality

Magento has added some more commutable features that will empower brands to upgrade their website and business rapidly by leveraging the benefits of PWA Studio, Page Builder, and Multi-Source Inventory (MSI). Above all, MSI will first become available allowing eCommerce business owners to select distance-based inventory, thereby improving bulk management performance across the eCommerce business.

Discover or create the seamless user experience

As we all know that marketing experts are playing a pivotal role in promoting brands online. However, to achieve success in marketing, the development of online content and access to powerful tools to continuously design, test, and launch content is vital. The all-new feature by Magento called as Page Builder easily drag-drops site content in no time. One can use their creative expertise without any constraints and organize their content efficiently. Existing users reported that with Page Builder they can create and organize content 10 times faster.

Sell your products globally

Magento 2 development services enable you to sell your products across different countries, allowing you to provide your customers with a more amazing experience. This platform has expanded its shipping capabilities across 37 countries with the support of some trusted and popular courier services that include FedEx, UPS, DHL, and a lot more. Merchants can easily fuel their growth as they can expand their brand and attain more visibility. More so, there’s a feature New Click & Collect that provides users with more delivery choices.

Optimize performance and usability

Overall improvement in performance and scalability enables organizations to grow faster than ever. Be it B2B or B2C, Magento can support a high level of company accounts with 30 times the number of allied addresses.  More so, you can also save on time spent on processing orders within the admin interface and add high-quality images on the website. More so, the upgrade also highlights the major security enhancements and updates concerning late payments and shipping APIs, to maintain efficiency in the operations.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, it seems that Magento is all set to deliver groundbreaking features with its new upgrades that will eventually fuel the growth of merchants. Are you looking for a Magento Development in India? No need to worry! Get in touch with Pixlogix- an award-winning organization that offers quality, reliable, and affordable Magento 2 development services, 2007. For more details, Feel Free to fill up Request a Quote Form:

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