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Nov 20 2019

Five key signs indicating Web Redesign and Re-development

Five key signs indicating Web Redesign and Re-development

Are you witnessing a great downfall in your website visibility? Is your website losing out your business? According to a recently released survey by Blue Fountain Media, 81% of the users think less of a company that does not update the website, and 39% of the users will think twice before purchasing if the site is not user-friendly, fresh, and current. Today, websites play a significant role in the success of any business, and if it is not updated with the changing trend, you may lose out to competitors. A web redesign is all about upgrading your website with some fresh look, better navigations, and services. However, do you know when the right time to Web redesign and re-develop your website is? Here in this article, we’ll be sharing five key signs:

Non-Mobile responsive

Do you know today more than half of the world is on mobile? And if your target audiences are unable to find you on mobile, then you’ll be soon out of business. That’s the reason creating a good website is one thing, but making it mobile responsive inevitable. Having a mobile-responsive mobile will provide you with a massive amount of traffic from the devices itself. Therefore, while planning your Website Redesign, ensure that your website is mobile-responsive with better load speed, and is alluring to eyes.

The website should be capable of adjusting according to the various screen size of mobile phones. It should also include a menu that is easy to navigate and content readable and accessible. Professional custom WordPress development services can prove to be of great help in this entire process.

Design is outdated

If your website look gives you the feel of the 90s, then it is an outdated website. This means a non-mobile-responsive site is surely built on HTML or has not received any coding updates in the last decade or two.

Redesigning your website is one thing, but keeping your users engaged with design and content is another. The users’ longevity on your website solely depends on the design of your website, navigation, and overall performance. This will determine how much time users spend browsing your site. Suppose, if your website is outdated, users may create illusions about whether they should invest time browsing your website. Here are five signs of an outdated website:

  • Colorful or titled background images
  • A “doorway” page
  • Inappropriate formatting of content
  • Text colors that come to blows with background images or colors, which affects the readability of the content
  • A website lacks a clear structure

This doesn’t mean that your website is ten years old, but for instance, look at a 2009 modeled- car. It will neither look modern nor outdated. Thus, to stay ahead in this competitive market, you need to be transforming your website with the advancing technology.

Hire Expert Developer

The site lacks proper structure or theme

For enhancing user engagement, customers should feel great ease navigating through your website. Are they reaching the right page? Are they getting what they’re seeking? Is there a proper menu that will lead to your website? If customers find things messy, it will surely mount the bounce rates after web redesign.

Choosing a clear theme that naturally flows with the color throughout your website is one way of letting your users know why your website is worth investing time in. Be strategic and creative! Select two complementary colors that will suit your business objective and inject them in the website efficiently. Inappropriate choices in themes can lead to poor customer engagement, affecting the overall ROI.

Codes are obsolete

You might have observed that every factor is interconnected to each other. A mobile-responsive website is all about updated codes eventually. So if your website is non-mobile-responsive, then the time has arrived. For code updating, you can hire a WordPress developer that would work virtually for your organization and provide better outcomes.

If your website takes a long time to load, then it clearly means that codes are required to be updated. And if you’re still using Flash for your website, then for sure your users are not gaining access to modern experience.

Small changes are challenging to accomplish

Making small changes such as blog update, adding events or product description might seem easy, but consumes a lot of time. In such scenarios, you can either delegate your workload internally or externally, depending on your choice. This organized manner will help you to stay focused on core business activities.


As mentioned above, every factor is intertwined. So, you must update your website thoroughly with changing trends in the market and grow exponentially!


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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