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How Can Web Design Impact Customer Experience?


In today’s world we communicate, exhibit, share, transfer, shop, and everything that we can think of – on the web. The easiest way of reaching people is a web and if you want to present an idea to the people the best way is to share and present it on the Professional Web Design platforms.

The web design includes not only the visual effects but also the usability and the aesthetics of the website on the whole. Since companies now show their availability online and mark their presence on digital platforms, so the way the website is presented becomes a very crucial factor for customer experience. The website being a direct way of communication between the customers and the company so it’s enhanced user interface adds to the overall business value.

In This Blog, We Will Explore Major Elements Of Web Design And How You Can Enhance Them.

1. Appearance

Web Design Appearance

Design always has a huge impact because according to human psychology the first impression is usually considered to be the last impression and hence the website should be appealing enough to the customer on the very first go. The web design should be modern and trendy as well as authentic and easy to use at any device be it a laptop or a mobile phone. It should be able to convert itself. The all-over appearance of the website includes several elements like

  • Responsive design: The website should function in the same way regardless of the device it is used. It should not get affected by the traffic which is visited i.e. if there is a high amount of traffic or there are a large number of people visiting the website then the website should not function in a slow manner.
  • Parallax scrolling: The different speeds at which the two different visual elements are moved on the web page.
  • Big bold fonts: They basically refer to the fact that the size of the words is easily legible and the readers can read it without straining their eyesight.
  • Eye-catchy: These refer to the images which immediately capture the attention of the users as they provide summarized view of the article and are great for the popup and the generating clicks.
  • Multimedia: The images, visuals, and videos which help you in educating your visitors.
2. Professionalism

The website also shows the professionalism of the company. This refers to the impression that the customers get when they visit your website. The people who arrive at your website must believe that you are a reliable, modern and credible business.

There are several individual elements that make the site look professional and the business look dependable and worthy of the time the users are spending on the website. Things like culture page, team photos and testimonials help in making your website look professional.

  • Culture Web Page: A culture page is a small part of your website which is dedicated to the morals and the vision with which you started your business. It is that part of your web page in which you mention your approach towards your business; it is about the goals you have set for your business. It talks about the traditions you follow or do you celebrate anything unique or what according to you is the USP of your business.
  • Both Professional & Fun Pictures of Staff: Team photos are proof of how happy your staff is working in the company. It is the evidence of the togetherness and the well being of the employees. It is upon you at what time you picture them. In any case, you are telling the visitors that you are not just a brand name, you are much more than that, and you are a thriving company.
  • Positive Customer Outcomes: On one hand you have the employees adding to your professionalism and on the other hand by the way of the testimonials, you post the client reviews about the business and the website which helps in increasing your credibility.

This leads to customers believing that they are always your priority.

3. Load Time

Webpage speed Optimizing

The factors like the load time of the website even matter. There are many users who access the web through their mobile phones and it becomes important to make sure that the website is user savvy and does not take a lot of time in loading as the longer it shall take in loading, the fewer users will visit because of the time it takes in loading.

The load time can be maintained by

  • Optimizing the images
  • Removing the autoplay multimedia
  • Using more white spaces

The above three factors enable the web pages not to buffer more and load quickly. Users prefer manual working on the web page as they are not ready to spend a lot of mobile data on the page. The white space on the web page should be used for expanding the letters so that they are readable with fewer images and videos.

4. Clarity

Breadcurmb Clarity

The other way of providing your customers with the best experience on the web page is by adding more clarity to it. The basic meaning of clarity is that the user is able to find easily whatever they are seeking. Be it a novice visitor who has no idea about how your site works or somebody who is regular on the page who knows where he will find what he needs; everybody should have ease in locating what they need.

Clarity basically means that there is the ease of navigation, the two most popular navigation styles are:

  • Bread crumb: As soon as the user opens a new web page, the previous page automatically is added to the navigation bar so that it can be reached instantly with one click.
  • Dropdown menu: Basically when you hover the cursor over a particular menu then there comes a box that shows the various options which that particular category contains and you can choose where you prefer to go.
5. Conversions

The most impactful part of any website or web page lies in conversion. Conversion basically includes three principles, namely:

  • Color: It may sound cliché and repetitive but the color scheme is the first thing that a visitor notices on the website. The colors should be attractive and should be intelligently in contrast to highlight the selling proposition of the website.
  • The KISS principle: The KISS principle which is an acronym to Keep It Simple, stupid, which comes down to the principle of simplicity is the best. The more organized and easy to use the website is better. It need not be flashy or loud.
  • Faces: Faces are one of the ways in which the people feel connected to your business and if you keep the images of your employees the better it is. It shows the human side of your business and you believe in maintaining a perfect balance between the work and well being of the employees.

Key Takeaways

These are the things that help in improving the customer experience on the web.

At Pixlogix, Web Design Agency in India and mobile app developers have expertise skill-sets to make your projects flourish within a precise period.


Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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