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Dec 5 2017

A Comparison Walk-through between jQuery and AngularJS

A Comparison Walk-through between jQuery and AngularJS

jQuery vs. AngularJS is one of the key topics in discussions these days. jQuery is the best library that can provide an open structured platform, where developers can work flexibly. On the other hand, AngularJS is a more structured, planned and controlled JavaScript framework.

jQuery being on the JavaScript library and AngularJS on the JavaScript framework. It is difficult to choose one and there is strong competition between them. However, it is unjust to go through a jQuery vs. AngularJS relative study as one is a library and the other on a JavaScript framework.

jQuery has been influencing the Document Object Model (DOM) with JavaScript since the year 2006. However, AngularJS is relatively a newer framework. It was launched in the market since 2009. AngularJS gave developers a commanding tactic to build a single page application (SPAs). These days both play a crucial role in front-end development.

How both are connected yet differently

Even though this is a comparative study, it is required to note that both the library and the framework are uniformly essential. As when a developer is working with AngularJS, the jQuery plugins can be used smoothly. Contrarily, when you utilize AngularJS you can use the jQuery library to get the needed things executed for your web project. Thus, both are connected yet are a bit diverse from each other.


jQuery is one of the most accepted JavaScript libraries. It is a DOM manipulation library that makes the practice of JavaScript for your web projects much simpler.

The features for jQuery library comprise of

  1. Cross-browser compatibility
  2. CSS manipulation
  3. Event handling
  4. HTML/DOM manipulation
  5. Lightweight
  6. Ajax / JSONP
  7. Effects and animations

Since jQuery has no obligatory structures; web developers have complete liberty to create a project that is required. However, lack of composition also signifies that it can be trapped in “Spaghetti Code” which can direct to quite a few confusion for the bigger project with no clear code design and code management.

In these kinds of scenarios, AngularJS can be of huge help. When it comes to vast projects, AngularJS works the finest. However, JavaScript frameworks comparison between a JavaScript library and a JavaScript framework still comes up because although both are diverse, both are mutually dependent on each other.

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AngularJS is one of the JavaScript frameworks which are exclusively designed to build single-page applications also called SPAs. With the assistance of the complete structured environment to generate the just right SPAs with fewer to zero spaghetti code.

The significant features of AngularJS include

  1. Angular directives which are an extension to HTML
  2. Dependency injection
  3. Two-way data binding
  4. MVC support
  5. Validation of forms
  6. Use of RESTful API.

Both JQuery and AngularJS are helpful. However, AngularJS is somewhat more controlled, better structured and well-thought-out, that better assists the web developers to get the most excellent single page application. This also offers support to the AJAX / JSONP.

When to prefer jQuery

When you are exploring for a lightweight and commanding DOM manipulation, jQuery might be the foremost option. JQuery is a library of design and might assist you to tailor the DOM along with the use of JavaScript. You can utilize jQuery for creating a website or a portal from the starting with simple vanilla JavaScript to go together with an active framework along with the use of jQuery plugin. However, you require making sure that you are picking the right jQuery plugin so as to make sure that nothing turns to be wrong in the applied framework.

If you want to put in additional functionality to the required Angular framework, with the assistance of jQuery plugin, you will have to be extremely cautious and make sure that the data binding within the multiple applications used is not broken in any way. jQuery is powerful for swiftly scripting innovative ideas.

When to go for AngularJS

AngularJS is an open-source application framework which is improving continuously with its updated versions. It assists in building a structured website. When you want to create a SPA website you can depend on AngularJS for the structured features that it possesses. AngularJS is a restrained framework that needs the discipline to work on.

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AngularJS provided everything that you require to develop your client’s app and therefore it is significant choosing AngularJS when you are going forward for a single page application development. It is very simple to keep the web projects prearranged and well preserved with modules making sure that you do not replicate. The features like two-way data binding and dependency injection help to create stunning and engaging applications.


You need to choose between jQuery and AngularJS smartly if you are planning to get the finest quality website that can be a magnet to pull clients with the single-page applications.


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