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Herb and Water

Industry: C2C industries Service: Web Design & Development

Herb and Water's website celebrates nature's bounty, offering a platform for herbal products and wellness. Immerse in their natural essence, explore herbal remedies and embrace holistic well-being.

The client was looking for a team with Shopify development and design expertise who could create an engaging online store that harmoniously reflects their brand's natural ethos. They wanted to present their herbal products invitingly, user-friendly, and fostering a seamless shopping experience for buyers.

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Core Features

Core Features
Project Brief

We provided Herb and Water team a website with flexible Web design and Shopify eCommerce store development. Our team has designed the website to create a serene and seamless shopping journey. We've worked on proposing a website with keeping in mind admin as well as shoppers. The websites aesthetics highlights company's product purity and gives it look of an appealing brand.

  • Product Catalog: Showcasing a diverse array of herbal offerings for users to explore.
  • Search Functionality: Enabling quick and precise product discovery through an intuitive search feature.
  • Shopping Cart: Allowing users to gather chosen items for streamlined checkout.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Seamlessly incorporating secure payment options for convenient transactions.
  • Customer Accounts: Providing users with personalized accounts to track orders and manage preferences.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Encouraging user feedback and fostering trust with product evaluations.
  • Upselling and Downselling Recommendation Products: Suggesting related items to enhance user shopping experience.
  • Inventory Management: Ensuring accurate product availability and seamless order processing.
  • Shipping Integration: Integrating shipping options for smooth and efficient delivery.
  • Order Tracking: Offering users real-time updates on their order's status for enhanced transparency.

Tools & Technology used

  • html-white-svg
  • css-3
  • jquery-4
  • shopify-white

What we were responsible for

  • UX Reserach
  • UX Design
  • Frontend development
  • Shopify Development

Key Benefits

Key Features
  • Captivating eCommerce Experience
  • Effortless Product Exploration
  • Enhanced Shopping Convenience
  • Personalized Customer Accounts
  • Trust and Credibility
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Efficient Inventory and Shipping
  • Customer Satisfaction

Testimonials from client

Their project management in all the projects is just great.

Thanks so much Samir! Really appreciate your time and help! This is going to turn out great and then we can get to work on my next one :)


Josh C.

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