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Entegy is a dynamic force in event technology that unlocks a suite of dynamic products, each with its own prowess. Thus, seamlessly collaborate to create extraordinary event experiences regardless of scale or budget.

This client sought an experienced team of developers and designers to craft an impressive website for their company. They reached out to us and asked the solutions that can showcase their suite's power, engage audiences, and highlight their global reach seamlessly.

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Core Features

Core Features
Project Brief

Our team provided customized development, optimized content, and refined technical aspects. We ensured that the website achieves high search engine rankings, driving organic growth and boosting digital presence effectively.Our team of experts have focused on each aspect of web designing to give it a classy look & our web development team has taken care of clean & SEO friendly coding.

  • Engaging Homepage: Captivating design and content immediately draws visitors into exploring the website.
  • Streamlined Information Structure: Organized content layout to easily navigate key information.
  • Infographic Animation: Dynamic visuals bring complex concepts to life through animated infographics.
  • On-Scroll Interaction Flawless: Smooth and responsive on-scroll animations enhance user experience.
  • Accessibility Features: Incorporating tools to ensure inclusivity for users with disabilities.
  • Blog and Articles: A repository of insightful content to inform and engage visitors.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Inviting users to stay updated by subscribing to regular newsletters.

Tools & Technology used

  • html-white-svg
  • css-3
  • jquery-4
  • javascript-1
  • wordpress-white-svg

What we were responsible for

  • UX Reserach
  • UX Design
  • Frontend development
  • Wordpress Development

Key Benefits

Key Features
  • Inclusivity
  • Enhanced Engagement
  • Effortless Navigation
  • Effective Communication
  • Immersive Experience
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Sustained Connection

Testimonials from client

Thanks so much for your quick service!

Thanks so much for your quick service! It looks great. We should have something more for you in the next few weeks.


Jon C.

What’s Next?

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Anfix is an innovative cloud-based platform, that revolutionizes accounting and invoicing with user-friendly software. Streamlining financial tasks, Anfix empowers businesses to efficiently manage and organize their financial operations.

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Herb and Water

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