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Jul 7 2021

The ultimate guide to Magento 2 email quote extension

The ultimate guide to Magento 2 email quote extension

There are no second thoughts on the fact that with every passing day, the scenario of the eCommerce business environment is getting highly competitive. More and more names are getting recognized in the marketplace, which results in higher and edge-cutting competition amongst the brands.

Thus, in modern business times, businesses need to maintain a flexible pricing policy to attract customers. The businesses should also focus on the strategies that can cover the versatile demands of the B2B and B2C customers.

This may seem easy, but how can online businesses explore and predict the accuracy in the market dynamics? Moreover, how the business owners predict the price that the buyers and customers are willing to pay for a particular product? How can eCommerce stores present the possible buying offers that suit the needs, requirements, and preferences?

These are some of the essential questions that concern the pricing complexities for an online business. But all these complications and hassles can be settled with just one simple and effective solution, which is none other than – the Magento 2 email quote extension.

The extension is a complete and all-in-one solution that helps online businesses create dynamic and adjusting pricing strategies that satisfy both B2B and B2C customers. Further, the extension helps the buyers comfortably negotiate on the product’s prices and create price quotes with the help of just one click.

The extension is one handy solution that retains the existing customers by offering them immense possibilities with pricing adjustments and ensuring attracting and motivating new customers to place their orders without any hassles.

The Magento 2 email quote extension by Pixlogix:

Magento 2 email quote extension

Pixlogix presents its Magento 2 email quote extension to ensure providing a reliable platform for the buyers to get all the information and details concerning the prices associated with their favorite products. The extension provides all the support to the customers to request a price quote for a product during online shopping for a splendid shopping experience.

The extension available with Pixlogix automates the price negotiation process between the eCommerce stores and their customers. Using the available online pricing form, the customers are given the freedom to inquire about the price of their chosen product.Talking to the business owners, they can review all the price-related quotes as soon as received, plan, and take the necessary action according to the situation. This ensures that the customers get an instant response to their inquiry to complete the buying process without any hassles. This is quite helpful in minimizing the bounce rate on the website while attracting new customers to place their orders and get a favorable shopping experience.

Besides inquiring about the product price, the Magento 2 email quote extension can offer the following benefits:

  • Easing the entire process of enabling the request for quote
  • Enabling and disabling the notifications with maximum convenience
  • Easy approval and rejection of the quote requests by the store owners
  • Leverage from bulk quote extension request for the Magento 2 email quote extension
  • Sending several price quote requests from multiple stores in different places

The extension is a simple yet intuitive effort to help the buyers and businesses to get in touch and negotiate on the product price for a pleasant and effortless shopping experience.

The available features with the Magento 2 email quote extension:

Bargaining or negotiating on the price is one essential and common aspect of any business. However, this common business trait becomes a hassle or complicated task for online businesses. Moreover, by selling the products in the eCommerce business, overpricing leads to a higher bounce rate.

Therefore, it is important to have an intermediate communication channel between the online business and the customers to help work on the product’s price. This is where the Magento 2 email quote extension comes into the picture.

The extension proves to be one reliable measure that allows the customers to effectively quotes for the various products of their choice. It also helps the customers directly negotiate on the product’s prices with the admin without any intermediate party. In simple words, your customers can receive the quote requests right from the store.

The Magento 2 email quote extension offered by Pixlogix offers many advantages to the online store owners, like customizing the forms, including product details, prices, and other related details. Along with this, the extension opens a wide range of possibilities to effectively manage the associated product prices with its available features.

So, do you care enough to know about the various features offered by the Magento 2 email quote extension of Pixlogix? If yes, then you are at the right place. We are here to list all the possible features that the Pixlogix email extension has in its store.

1. Convenient installation and easy setup:

The first and the foremost benefit that the extension offers to the businesses and the customers are allowing convenient and easy installation and setup. There are no complicated or complex steps to follow, and as a result, the extension can be installed by anyone.

This is one of the possible reasons for the popularity of this Magento 2 email extension amongst well-established businesses and start-up businesses. Every business relies on this smooth and hassle-free medium to lay the foundation of communicating product prices between the store owners and customers. The installation and setup need not require in-depth technical knowledge as the entire installation process is pretty simple and can be done by anyone.

2. Adding any product for price quotation:

The extension works for all types of products, making it really convenient to add any product to the quote. The online business owners can make the ‘add to quote’ option available next to any product in the list to receive price quotes from the buyers. This helps businesses to retain their buyers and potential customers.

On the other hand, the buyers can also add multiple products, of their choice, to their quote request list without any inconvenience or hassles. Moreover, the buyers can also find all the necessary information related to the product in the attached files. This also assures the buyers that they are investing in an authentic product of high quality, which they will not regret later.

Therefore, it can be said that by simply making different product types available to quote, this amazing feature from the Magento 2 email quote extension ensures the maximum advantage both for the business and for the buyers.

3. Providing customized and automated quote forms:

Most businesses are now relying on the automated process of sharing customized quote forms with their customers. This feature has helped many businesses to retain their potential buyers by providing them the needful opportunity to quote their affordable price.

On the other side, the customers can also trust the online business to charge them with justified prices for a particular product. This further helps in establishing a trusted bond and relationship between the online business owners and the customers.

Moreover, as the process is automated, the business owners need not worry about missing any existing or potential customers. This helps in assuring the worldwide growth of the business.

4. Image uploading by customers:

The Magento 2 email quote extension allows the customers to upload images of the placed quotes. This helps them keep a check on their placed quotes and acknowledge all the related details to the placed quotes.

The extension is compatible with all the possible image format files, making it easier for the customers and buyers to upload the images without any hassles.

5. Management of received notifications:

The extension is quite reliable for managing the notifications received from the customers and buyers. It automatically alerts the business owners about the price quote notifications as soon as they are received.

It helps the business owners keep track of all the received quotes without accidentally losing them. This also assures the businesses to timely resolve the customers’ issues by providing them the desired help and solution.

Thus, online business owners can rely on this extension to ensure that all the price quote notifications are addressed timely to satisfy their customers. This is a much-needed asset for any business to enhance its business reach while retaining its loyal customers with improved revenue figures.

6. Enabling privacy policy when needed:

This is one of the most beneficial qualities of the Magento 2 email quote extension for online businesses. The extension allows businesses to enable the required privacy policy when needed without any hassles.

Business owners can easily enable the privacy policy for their products from the backend by making the necessary changes in the control panel. This allows the business to maintain the privacy of their offered products and ensure to maintain the privacy of their customers.

Thus, the customers and buyers can be sure that no sensitive information will be mishandled from the other side. As a result, the customers can enjoy their shopping experience with full security.

7. Managing quote option on the customer account:

If you are worried about effectively managing the multiple quotes in the customer account, then the extension offers an easy hand with that as well. The extension offers all the desired and necessary help to manage the various quote options on the customer accounts.

This is again a beneficial feature as it helps keep track of all the placed and received quotes to ensure their timely response. The business owner can accordingly modify the status of the quote option after responding to them.

This feature also helps the customers to view their quote requests in their account with all the ease. As a result, the customers can always stay updated with the status of their placed quote requests by accessing their accounts.

8. Convenient backend management of the quotes:

Online businesses can rely on this Magento 2 email quote extension to effectively manage the status of the quotes in the backend. Once the quotes are received, the admin can decide what to do with them.

The extension provides the ‘manage quote’ facility to the store admins to manage all the quote requests on the go. The store admin can also change the displayed status of the quote request after it has been addressed from the backend.

Moreover, this feature enables online store owners to delete unwanted price quotes from the backend as and when required. Along with this, the customers are also notified about the status of their placed quote request by the store admin from the backend support.

9. Enabled PDF attachments for price quotes:

Besides the compatible and supported file types, the extension also allows the addition of PDF file attachments while sharing the quote in the mails. The store admin can easily attach and send the PDF quotes to the respective customers without facing any problems or struggles.

10. Defining the desired button for the quotes in the frontend:

With all its offered features and benefits in backend management, the extension also offers immense opportunities to manage the quotes in the frontend as well. The store admins can define the desired button label to the quote in the frontend with the help of this feature in the extension.

The store owners can assign different buttons and icons to the different types of quotes received. They also can vary the buttons depending upon the customer group (B2B or B2C) to easily identifying the quote type.

Thus, it can be said that this email extension helps manage the quotes from the backend but is also helpful in handling the quotes in the frontend. Moreover, the different label buttons assigned to different quotes make the website look appealing and attractive.

11. Take customer’s suggestion for the price:

The extension also allows the online store admins to take customer’s suggestions on the product’s price. The businesses can rely on this extension’s feature to let the customers and buyers suggest the price for the various offered products.

This not just helps the eCommerce stores to understand the mindset of the customers but also keeps the buyers engaged. Asking for suggestions from the customers helps them feel like a part of the business buying process and encourages their buying process resulting in better business growth.

12. Focusing on customer engagement:

Last but not least, the extension also works in favor of maintaining customer engagement. The online business admin can set an automated process of sending a ‘thank you’ email to every customer in return for their quote requests.

This gesture of making the customer’s presence and efforts appreciated help to make them feel like a family and, as a result, facilitates the buying. It also enhances the engagement of the customers with the defined buying process of the online stores.

And this goes without saying; the more engaged the customers are, the more buying will they do. Therefore, this feature of the extension to improve the customer’s engagement can prove beneficial for the business’s success.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How can you conveniently install the Magento 2 email quote extension?

The installation of the Magento 2 email quote extension comes in handy and is extremely convenient. You don’t need to get into any complicated hassles to enjoy the benefits of this extension. All you need to do is to follow some simple steps to rely on this Magento 2 extension.

Every offered Pixlogix extension package comes with various module files, an installation guide, and a detailed user guide. The module files may vary depending upon the types of extension package selected by the buyers. Along with this, the extension package comes with various import files which can be used as references for the buyers.

You need to have access to FTP/SSH to successfully install the Magento 2 email extension. Here are some of the steps which you should follow to install the extension without any worries:

  • Create a backup of all the data in your web directory and store the database
  • Enable the admin cache before uploading the extension for your business. You can easily do this by following the path – Systems > Tools > Cache Management
  • In the next step, you should download the TCPDF zip package by using the URL –
  • Once the zip package is downloaded, you should then extract the same in your store’s root folder/lib/internal. After completing the extraction, rename the folder as TCPDF and take its screenshot:
  • Now, extract the extension zip package and copy the folder (app)
  • Upload the copied (app) folder to the store’s root folder by using FTP
  • Once the uploading is complete, navigate to the store’s root folder in the SSH console of your server:

cd path_to_the_store_root_folder (cd public_html)

  • Run the following commands:

php bin/Magento setup:upgrade

php bin/Magento setup:static-content:deploy

  • Now, flush the store cache
  • Finally, log out to complete the installation process and then login
  1. On which page can I place the ‘quote button?

Choosing the right position and page to place the quote button is one of the basic needs for all online businesses. If the button is not placed on the right page, it will not yield the desired results. Therefore, the email quote extension takes good care to provide the best page for the placement of the quote button.

You can place the required quote button on the shopping cart page in the offered Magento 2 email quote extension by Pixlogix. We have provided 3 different potential places on the shopping cart page to place the quote button to get its maximum use. You can choose any of your favorite places, depending upon your need and business preference, amidst the available options.

  1. Which type of customers can use and fill the quote form?

The quote form can be used and filled by all types of customers. Also, the extension allows adding different kinds of products to quote, which any buyer can choose. Enabling this feature for all types of customers increases the business reach to worldwide buyers and potential customers.

  1. Can the business owners save the customer’s data using the email quote extension?

Yes, all online businesses can save all the available customer data in the backend using this email quote extension. All the available data is saved in the table format to get easy access when needed by the eCommerce store owners.

The admin can access and analyze all the saved and stored data in the Magento Quotes tab. The extension provides many simple ways to find the required data of any specific customer or buyer within no time or without any hassles.

  1. Can the users and admin edit the quote?

No, once the quote is made, neither the users nor the admin can edit it. If there is something important to edit the quote by either the user or the admin, you can always reach out to us at to get the best help in the case.

Our support team will assure you the best help needed to continue enjoying all the possible benefits and advantages of the extension without any problems or complexities.

  1. Can the required custom fields be added in the front end of the Magento 2 email quote extension?

Yes, it is possible to customize the extension’s frontend by adding the required and desired custom fields accordingly. The owners of online businesses can customize the changes they need for their business.

To customize the extension’s frontend, the online business owners can contact us at anytime. Our professional and experienced support team will assist you with the best help to customize the email quote extension just the way you want it for your business’s growth and development.

Why should you choose Pixlogix’s Magento 2 email quote extension?

Amidst the various Magento 2 email quote extension available in the market, Pixlogix stands out distinguished. We ensure offering the best benefits and features in our Magento 2 extension for online businesses and customers.

Moreover, our offered extension is supported by the in-depth experience and knowledge of highly qualified professionals who are passionate about serving you anytime and with any type of help. Our years of experience and sheer understanding of the various online businesses’ various requirements help us serve the businesses with nothing but the best.

Here are some ways to portray how our offered Magento 2 email quote extension be helpful for the business admins:

  • Enabling different products or all the products for the ‘add to quote’ option.
  • Specifying the features for certain customer groups
  • Effective management of the quote requests
  • Maintaining the compatibility with different payment options
  • Providing an easy installation and setup for the extension
  • Enabling the required privacy policy as and when needed

Here are some of how our offered Magento 2 email quote extension is helpful for the customers/buyers:

  • Enabling the addition of multiple products in the shopping cart
  • Get all the updates and notifications about the quotes

Thus, it can be understood that this Magento 2 email quote extension by Pixlogix is a complete companion for both the businesses and the customers to get a hassle-free and splendid shopping experience.

Magento 2 Store

Final Words:

Price is always one of the main concerns for the buyers and shoppers, especially in online businesses, which lack bargaining and price negotiation. Thus, if any of your products are overpriced, there are high chances that the buyers will bounce back from your website.

The Magento 2 email quote extension is one of the simplest and effective ways which allows the customers and buyers to quote their preferred price for their chosen products. The extension works as an intermediate communication channel between the online business and their customers to negotiate the product price according to the need.

This Magento 2 email quote extension is very helpful for both online businesses and buyers. On the one hand, the buyers can quote their affordable prices for a particular product, and on the other hand, the businesses never miss out on their potential customers and buyers.

In case there is something else that you want to know about this amazing Magento 2 email quote extension by Pixlogix, then we are always available for your assistance. Reach out to us by commenting below on all your doubts and concerns about installing and using this amazing Magento 2 email extension.


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