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20 Best Free Email Marketing Tools and Resources


Email marketing is still relevant and the best way to promote all kind of business online. Email marketing is still in the game, and many people still use it. Why? It’s simple because it offers features which are the best and no other marketing tool or technique does that. Some pros are data-driven marketing model, target action-oriented campaigns, cost-effectiveness, and personalized messages.

However, online marketing is has got a lot more than just sending mail. It involves in drafting a catchy email, having the perfect contact list, tracking email campaign and more. And for doing this tasks user need to have a useful email marketing tool. So, before you start searching the internet for the tools.

Look at the following best email marketing tools and resources that are free. Find the best tool for you who suits you and your need.

Lets Explore Free Email Marketing Tools

1. AWeber


AWeber helps small businesses to build an effective email marketing campaign, and it helps to add subscribers. It helps in engaging readers at the right time with right topic.

With this tool, a marketer can import contacts anywhere, create an email campaign, preview draft emails, Aweber is more like Auto-responder having segmentation options through which reports can be generated for future purposes.

2. SendinBlue


Some user needs an app which works standalone as well as with other apps. SendinBlue is a perfect tool for them. The user can import a template or design with their own newsletter and send it to their subscribers on a regular basis.

Moreover, by using these tools help user can grow and increase their subscribers and can have a detail reports to understand performance.

It also provides different plugin and integrations to help user automate their marketing efforts.

3. Campayn


If any user needs responsive email designs in an instant then Campayn offers access to numerous templates. It can imports contact list from any source like Gmail and Yahoo.

Campayncan automate sending emails and can have social sharing options for sharing it online. It has got good inbuilt facilities for analytics.

4. Sendicate


If any user needs to setup their multiple email marketing campaigns simultaneously, then Sendicate has the right tools for them. The user can draft and send or schedule a more than one email campaign.

The user can search audience with search filters option and can do lot more actions with this marketing tool. It also provides the user with necessary statistics to improve their marketing.

5. Cakemail


If a user is not sure of how to develop an email marketing strategy then, Cake mail is all a user need. It is very simple to work with cake mail just choose a custom design template for your choice, add the email message and send the emails to contacts.

It has got numerous features like spam detection and various analytics tool.

6. FreshMail


If any marketer needs unique, creative, catchy email templates, then Fresh Mail is a perfect option for them. User can use its inbuilt editor to build email using various designs and formats.

It can offer multiple tools like Mail Auto-responder, inbox inspector. Other than this user can easily able to keep a watch on their email deliveries using real-time email tracking option.

7. The Hemingway App


Marketers can send their emails into editor and receive feedback for their campaign. This app has a clean and minimum style to user’s content, helping marketers to connect with their reader.

It provides suggestions which are hard to pronounce.

8. Vertical Response


If any marketer does not know HTML language, Vertical Response’s email wizard can create emails inbuilt for its user. Its clean, simple GUI helps design and sends emails to contacts.

It can even integrate the campaign with Sales force software for advanced email marketing projects. It has got an awesome feature of social report.

9. MailChimp


MailChimp offers plenty of features to create email marketing campaigns including newsletters and subscribers. It helps online marketers to create a perfect target based marketing campaign which send emails and collect analytics for future strategies.

MailChimp has an immense list of features which includes email marketing campaign tracker and new contacts list maker.

10. Mailjet


A tool which integrates with user’s app to send emails, Mailjet has a facility of transactional email service. It has an interface which creates and optimizes emails.

It provides set of REST APIs to developer for integrating it into their app or implementing in their automation system.

11. Social Media Share Link Generator


Social Media Share Link Generator is an excellent, smart tool for generating links for sharing on social media. It is apreferred choice as it combines social media and email efforts and helps marketers to social their shares directly from their respective email marketing campaigns.

This free tool generates URLs, which user can embed in their marketing emails.

12. Tinyletter


If any user is looking for a clean and straightforward email marketing experience, Tinyletter is a perfect tool.

It can help marketing team if they do not need any reporting or it is just a simple email marketing tool.

13. Visual Website Optimizer


Visual Website Optimizer tool works with pre-designed email marketing campaigns. It lets user test the email’s visual appearance before sending it to their readers, helping marketers avoid any last moment changes issues.

Moreover, it also gives insights into respective marketer’s target audience of what they want and what are their responses.

14. Sendloop


User can create and send good, mobile-friendly emails using Send loop’s drag and drop facility. Send loop makes it easy to import user emails and contacts from a third party platform like Gmail and Yahoo.

User can schedule and preview the emails and view the spam score for a mail before sending it, ensuring better marketing campaign for better ROI.

15. HTML Validator


HTML Validator is a ready to go tool to validate user’s email’s code. It reports all types of issues like missing tags duplicate IDs, invalid attributes and syntax errors.

It also suggests various improvements. User must check their code because invalid code may display errors on browsers which will have bad experience for respective users.

16. Sign-Up.to


If user or marketer does not wish to learn new email marketing tools, Sign-Up.to is a simple application to start work. It has self-service as well as managed email campaign services, which is a good option if user does not have enough resources to handle the marketing.

It’s ready to go platform offers all the tools to grow subscribers, create responsive emails, send them, and analyze your campaigns.

17. SendPulse


It provides a multi-channel marketing platform. It offers multiple channel of communication with customers like email, web push notification, SMS, and Viber.

It’s very handy tool to create responsive email without coding. Its free plan allows up to 15K emails per month.

18. Scope


Litmus Scope is an email inspector tool which inspects the code of user email and helps user to run on each of these platform, allowing anyone on to enjoy the best experience of user service.

Marketer can review and share previews of user’s emails for desktop and mobile platforms.

19. PutsMail


PutsMail is handy for generating a preview of user email before it reaches their audience. It helps in look and feel of the mail which is used in campaign.

The free tool lets user perform a preview test of the campaign. User can enter the email’s HTML and subject line with a few recipients.

20. HTML Formatter


This online HTML Formatter is a great tool to format user’s email’s code. HTML formatter keeps spaces and tabs between content tags of the respective draft.

It also allows user to choose a difficulty level for formatting the HTML, making their code readable and reliable.


Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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