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Sep 18 2019

Transformations Which Will Twist the Future of Mobile World

Transformations Which Will Twist the Future of Mobile World

The Mobile World is transforming and developing way swifter than the web. Remember about your first smartphone – what kind of functionalities it had? How significantly large was its screen? Match it to what you have today in both online or offline stores.

The companies considered not of some time ago are now the leading ones. Multiple unbelievable features appear and go away, some even without a notice.

With these scenarios, a Mobile App Development Company has to be on the edge of a severe revolution. And there are four signals that in 4 to 5 years down the line from now, the mobile space will be different in comparisons to what it is today.

Shifting with Transformations

Remember we used to choose new phones focusing on 3 or 4 features some time back. Also, there were just 2 to 3 leading brands in the market at that time to choose. Some years are passed, and now we select from 10 to 15 close functionalities and sincerely follow upcoming releases keenly. Every quarter now people check-out what is going to be launched to the marketplaces. And the brands that were far at the back than every realistic device are currently being leading and trendy. If you question me, I will say if LG or Samsung don’t wake up now, people will again shift to Nokia very soon.

Even Mobile Application Development services providers have their headaches as technical features and functionalities are transforming quickly. And adapting to them is getting quite tricky. You need to continually train and hire a Mobile app developer for advanced technologies which is not an easy task.  


Android is the best; however, sometimes, people have a feeling that it requires some polishing rather than a new update.

It seems that Google believes the same as rumors can be heard they are to build a new OS which will be recognized with the name Fuchsia. Some time back, a repo was shared of it on Github platform enabling people to take a view into the code and see their future plans. The first and primary look is stimulating. Also, Android and little birdies tell that Fuchsia will be accessible not only on smartphones but even on other Google devices along with Chrome books.

It looks like Google at the end of the day perceived that what they are short of in contrast to Apple’s offers is the entire world of devices connected by a single OS.

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PWA Applications

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web-based mobile application which has been around for a reasonably long time. We will come back to PWA after some instances.

At present, if you have to browse your best blog, it needs a recall for getting it along. You have no notifications or alerts. Similarly, if you purchase a train ticket through a web application and lose the internet, then your ticketing process will go away until the internet is back.

So now think about a website working in the same way as a mobile app. You will have access to push notifications, an internal cache, you can enable it from the desktop, and all this is accessible through PWA apps. Additionally, you will face no irritating popups with advertisements or cookies. There will be now slower or sluggish web browsers with multiple bookmarks, just uncomplicated, swift, and seamless access like mobile apps.  


Flutter is going to be a leading cross-platform solution that is not resisting; however, it is really compelling and convincing. It enables you to build your app having just single codebase, and release it mutually on Play Store and App Store. And all this can be done much faster than the native solutions. This setting leads to affordable development which results in more and more useful apps. Users won’t be limited to the web, and legacy applications will be rewritten with a smooth as well as seamless flow. However, users almost certainly won’t even become aware of that disparity, but the development industry is enthusiastic about utilizing it.

Moving Forward

So, you can view the future of mobile space which seems to be quite exciting. Some are stuff to wait for; however, some things can be truly worth trying now. As a user or a professional, contribution to the mobile world will let us reach new heights with the latest technologies. 

Also, a custom mobile app development company has to make changes in mobile technologies to the next level. Advanced Mobile Application Development Services have to be both future-ready and user-oriented.

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Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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