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Feb 26 2020

7 Unavoidable tips to let your mobile app survive in the long-run!

7 Unavoidable tips to let your mobile app survive in the long-run!

Over the past few decades, Mobile application development has grown tremendously globally. Mobile applications cast our everyday lives ever since their initiation so Mobile App tips can be useful. Undeniably, they are reshaping regular and corporate tasks, aiding us to establish an extensive network of innovators and professionals.

With the competing landscape increasing, nearly all businesses are leveraging mobile apps and developing their own mobile applications. To accomplish this, they hire a reliable Mobile app development company to stand among their competitors. As per the global CEO survey report by PwC, 81% of CEOs recommend that mobility plays a significant part in their imperative decision-making processes.

Well, deciding to partner with a custom mobile app development company is the most suitable decision but to help your mobile app reach full potential, we’re suggesting 7 top mobile app tips:

1. Competitive analysis

As there are thousands of applications in the iTunes and play store, it is extremely important that you perform a meticulous competitive analysis of the current marketplace. Competitive analysis is the assessment of existing apps that is similar in essence to the one you assume to launch. Competitor’s web presence, their unparalleled value offering, and their rankings & reviews are some of the crucial points you must consider. Always remember the purpose is to offer a new and powerful app to the audience that will keep them hooked on your app.

2. Market research

Begin your market research with people’s pain points and choose the one that you can answer. To find evidence that your idea has the power to solve an issue of society, Google trends show you a percentage of people seeking for a relatable term.

Google keyword planner is another tool to attain fine-grained volume data for search phrases. Depending on your research data, you can make your app sound than expected. Development, designing, marketing, and the overall business rely on how you research your idea.

3. Key design principles

Being an entrepreneur, you need to be proactive throughout the designing of UI. Making your app aesthetically delightful is necessary. Be it a native or cross-platform, your app should be attractive, interactive and user-friendly. According to the available statistic, the first responses are 94% design related.

Material design is the topmost on-going designing trends. You may have witnessed Google following this design pattern. The most striking feature of the material design is the layers. The navigation across the layers is quite convenient. To get the most from your app, you can explore the hidden styles. However, don’t forget to simplify the app usage journey to provide pleasure to the end-customer.

4. Scalability matters

It is proved that 61% of users don’t give an app a second chance if they had a bad initial experience. The course of ideation to development is loaded with ups and downs. When your app is about to manage a growing number of customers, users or clients, it is essential to check for scalability. Prioritizing the scalability of the app will raise the agility, improve user experiences and lower maintenance costs.

Mobile App Developer

5. Testing for quality assurance

The need for proper quality assurance may take your app users to uninstall the app soon after downloading them. When users face problems of freezing, crashing or draining of phone charges, it is discovered that around 44% of users delete the app.

When you Hire Mobile App Developer they perform app testing with various internet speeds and test for precise use of regional styles.

6. Measuring usability

Measuring usability is a critical task to assure that your application is perfect, has enough speed and extends security to the user profile. You have to actively use the supreme combo of two tools that will perform the tricks- in-app feedback forms and qualitative analytics.

Qualitative analytic empowers you to view how users are acting within the app and learn exactly what’s working in your app and what’s not. Most of the users are ready to provide feedback to your mobile app usability. You must make the process simple for the users by offering in-app feedback tools.

7. App security

Acknowledging the amount of information your mobile app is receiving, you must pay heed to the app security. The intrusions of privacy can double the churn rate of your app. You will observe nearly every app now ask for permission to access to link with other built-in features of your mobile device and create additional log files. This renders opportunities for hackers to reach the app and hack sensitive data. Optimal data security must endure as your primary concern.


To make sure your target audiences are constantly connected with your app, you need to ascertain some good practices. These mobile app tips discussed above will help you to retain users with longer lifetime value decreasing the bounce rate.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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