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Mar 16 2018

Top 5 SEO Trends Must Look for in 2018

Top 5 SEO Trends Must Look for in 2018

The aspect of SEO Marketing is growing rapidly as new trends and best techniques are rising every year. User behavior is constantly changing as many people are moving towards mobile devices for search and browsing. Due to regular changes in the Google algorithms and other updates also affects the way the websites are crawled and ranked. Every year people carry out research on upcoming trends that will follow throughout the year.

Thus, it is important that the business owners and marketers stay updated with new SEO trends and formulate the SEO strategies accordingly.

Some of the upcoming trends which are likely to bloom in 2018 areas below-
1. Extension of Meta Description Length

At the end of 2017, Google announced that it has made some changes in one of the SEO technique called Meta Description found below the URL. This meta description length is extended to provide more descriptive and useful snippets. So that the user can understand clearly whether the page displayed is relevant to their search or not.

Initially, the length of Meta Description was approximately 155 characters, i.e. 920 pixels and now it is increased to 230 characters, i.e. 1700 pixels. Rank Ranger kept a track record of this and here is the observation chart.

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This change is observed only on the desktop as of now. Whereas mobile searches still remain the same. Though, not all the snippets are long in search results, web pages with precise meta description and focused keywords still have the short snippets.

Tips to Optimize Meta Description

Keep a track on your website visitors. Identify the source whether they are coming from Google or Social Media or other. If you have more visitors through Google than focus on writing longer meta description – But it should be Eye-catchy, simple and clear so that people can easily recognize your website.

Make sure that you put most information in the first 130 characters so that it is displayed in all the search engines and mobile devices.

Also, verify the meta description length with various tools like meta description length checker or plugin such as Yoast SEO that allows you to set the right length of the meta description.

2. Rich Snippets Will Make You Shine

There are two types of snippets; Rich and Regular. Both consist of URL, a meta description and clickable title. Rich snippets have a more concise title and images. They can be added to your page using microformats to code. This is the significant way to beat the competition on SERP because perfectly formatted rich snippet generates more clicks and higher click ratio which leads to more potential clients.

Rich snippets

Though there are many business owners who are not aware of this and do not use it. So this is the potential gap for you to move ahead of them by using Rich Snippets.

Tips to Optimize Rich Snippets

Use to add multiple structured data in HTML, you will get all the technical details to write them to code. If you have a WordPress website than its easy for you. Simply use a plugin: All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin, it gives you all the necessary information for search result snippets

3. Voice Search is spreading around

Similar to 2017, Voice search will spread its wings in 2018 also. Approximately 40% of users are using voice method for searching because it is the fastest way to search queries.

Voice recognition software supports the normal speech that people tend to speak while searching. Usually, most common questions are based on phrases such as: where, what, when, and how. Phrases and keyword changes while speaking and typing. Thus, for voice search, it is necessary to use Long-tail Keywords.

Tips to Optimize Voice Search

Know how people speak usually because today’s content is more user-friendly with the advancement of voice search. Use long-tail keywords; for e.g., the search query is ‘travel places in London’ then use the following phrases

  • Best travel places to visit in London
  • List of travel places in London

You need to organize the keywords in a way the people speak naturally. To get more visitors on your website use long-tail keywords in the website content and also optimize and update your business on Google My Business listings to boost higher rank in search engines.

4. Google SERP Will Lead You to Success

Google SERP means the Search Engine Results in Page. When you type any query in Google, the results are obtained in a format of up to 10 web pages per page. SERP features usage is increasing as business owners optimize their website to allow the Search engine to better crawl web pages.

In 2018, the Google SERP feature ‘Question & Answer’ is the newest feature you can expect to come across. This feature is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices which can be very important for local services.

Google SERP feature

Tips to include in SERP

There is a facility in a SERP, where people can ask any question related to your business and you as a business owner can resolve their query by answering them. This helps another user to see the answers if they have similar questions.

5. No more Ajax Crawling Scheme

Google announced that it will no longer use the old Ajax crawling scheme.
According to John Mueller – Google, “GoogleBot will be responsible for rendering the #! URL directly, thus it becomes optional for website owners to provide a rendered version of the page.

Technologies like Flash, Silverlight or other plugins can be used to convert JavaScript or basic HTML and then the content will be displayed on Google.

Tips to Get Visible on Google

It is not required to indicate the crawler that your website is supporting the AJAX crawling scheme if you are already using any AJAX technology or WP plugin based on Ajax.

Conclusion About Top 5 SEO Trends

As you make an effort to refine your SEO strategy for 2018, concentrate on optimizing Rich snippets, Meta description, Voice search, and SERP to increase conversion rate and stay updated with changing Google algorithms


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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