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Aug 28 2019

Photoshop to WordPress – 5 reasons to prefer manual conversion of PSD!

Photoshop to WordPress – 5 reasons to prefer manual conversion of PSD!

WordPress and PSD are two top-line platforms that play a pivotal role in web development. PSD helps to create enticing web pages by adding well-design images, content, layouts, etc. On the other hand, WordPress is a well-recognized content management system (CMS), approximately there are 14.5 billion pages read by 409 million users on WordPress. Unsurprisingly, WordPress is leading the web world at a faster pace. So, if you’re planning to develop your website on this user-friendly platform, then you’re on the right path.

WordPress provides you freedom! You can easily create your own website and design the way you want. But the real challenge begins when it comes to adding life to your theme functionalities.

Do you know the importance of WordPress themes? Well, to simply put across, themes can literally make or break your WordPress site tremendously. Many businesses design their site in Photoshop to make it more fascinating. But then, giving life to its functionalities requires PSD to WordPress theme conversion. You can accomplish this task either using software or opting for WP Integration Company in India. However, you can also utilize the manual process by using computer programmer and write codes to make a real-life theme.

Although in this tech-savvy business world, many wouldn’t agree to do hand-written coding, it proves to be a boon for your business. WordPress themes are quite to design, yet difficult to put them live. PSD to WordPress conversion might seem time-consuming manually, but it can benefit you in several ways. More so, the manual process will cost you more as compared to the software, but the end results would be worth it.

Here we have discussed five reasons why one should forgo manual coding for PSD to WordPress process and stay ahead in the competitive world:

SEO optimization coding

It is a fact, if your codes are not optimized well by search engines, your rankings will be surely affected. Therefore, only a human expert can help you stay updated with the ever-changing SEO requirements in the market. As the trend changes, you should update your codes accordingly and stay afloat of your competitors.


When you run automatic tools, it delivers codes that rarely runs on a few platforms. But when you have the right developer in your team, you can stay assured that the codes are compliant to every platform on the web available presently. It also ensures that your site loads seamlessly on top browsers and adapts to the smaller screen perfectly.

Pixel accuracy

Every manual conversion has the ability to design any theme, the way you want, whether it is asymmetrical and show it up on your WordPress site accurately. You don’t have to take stress whether your site will translate appropriately or keep in mind any kind of worries concerning the design. Just relax and watch the results of manual coding!

W3C authentication

Nobody can trust a machine blindly without any human intervention as it can also mistake. And many responsive WP theme development software consists of small errors. This eventually affects the end results, which may cost your reputation in the market. These small errors can put your W3C authentication at risk, making it seem unreliable to users. However, with a professional developer, you can eliminate these errors as he/she will keep a hawk-eye and cross-verify every code thoroughly.

Highly versatile

Things done with machines are non-alterable, especially in case of coding. If you allow the software to write codes for the PSD to WordPress, later alteration or addition becomes tough. Thus, hand-written codes are often considered as versatile as you can easily or alter codes by asking your web developer team.

Slower time-to-market, but worth it

Now that you’re done with manual coding, going live can be less stressful as you can expect minimal errors. Hand-written coding helps you avoid maximum bugs and vulnerabilities, which is impossible in software. Therefore, you might be late for the website launch, but everything is worth the while.


The above-mentioned are quite convincing why you should opt for manual coding to accomplish PSD to WordPress conversion efficiently. If you’re seeking for experts to perform this task, then get in touch with us:

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Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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