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Dec 27 2018

Ready Made WordPress Theme Vs. Custom Unique WordPress Theme

Ready Made WordPress Theme Vs. Custom Unique WordPress Theme

Are you all geared up to launch a WordPress theme or website ? We are sure you have made all the preparations for the website including the look and feel of the website, the features, and functionalities. You must have also finalized the theme for your website and the plugins that may need for the same.

No matter what all pre-preparations you must have made for your new website, there is much more to the site rather than the plugins and the theme. The competitive world makes it much more difficult for an emerging website to establish as a strong brand and create a promising online presence. This makes it vital for any business to come up with a beautiful and fully functional website that gives a promising brand identity.

PSD to WordPress Conversion Services

While catering to the niche requirement of businesses, website development companies offer PSD to WordPress theme development services. Yes, WordPress themes can be customized from a pre-built website, renowned web design agencies offer the services of PSD to WordPress Conversion to make the site unique and add customized elements to address the requirement of their clients.

WordPress is Highly Accepted for Ready-Made Themes

WordPress is popular for providing ready-made themes for creating beautiful website portals. The prebuild themes and plugins make it easy for businesses to kick-start their online presence within no time. Be it a simple static website or a website for the restaurant or an e-Commerce website. You will surely find a reliable theme that perfectly fits into your theme.

Customization of Websites

There are experts who prefer integrating a pre-built WordPress theme to their fully developed website and take up rest of the customization. whereas others get a fully functional custom theme built from companies who offer PSD to WordPress development.

It is a universal fact that no two businesses will have the same requirement hence customization of any website is totally a personal choice. In order to address the difference between ready-made and custom WordPress theme, we have compiled a quick difference between the two so that you can make the right decision for your company website.

Ready-made WordPress Theme

Ready-made WordPress themes are those that are developed by other developers and they publish it online for those who wish to use it. These readily available themes can be found on the official WordPress website and also on the third party site. The foremost benefit of utilizing these ready themes is that they are comparatively affordable and tried and tested. There are ready-made themes that are available at the different range. The choice is totally yours; you will get a wide selection of pre-built themes that vary in various price ranges. So whichever fits into your pocket you can buy those themes right from the website by paying online.

Most of the themes from popular developers are tried and tested hence they fall into the popularity category. One should go with websites that guarantee future-proofing as it makes integration a very easy task. Though all the website developers do not follow the industry standards, the ones that are popular offer a 24/7/365 days support which include regular updates and customization.

Cons of using a Ready-Made Theme

Reliability of a ready-made theme totally depends on who you purchase the theme from. Make sure to check if the developer is renowned and do they follow the coding standards while creating the theme. Check for the type of customer support they offer. If you get a yes for the entire above question, you should definitely move ahead with it.

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Custom and Unique WordPress Theme

So why need a Custom Unique WordPress theme when you get better choices at an affordable rate that too something this is readily available. Customizing a WordPress theme has a wider approach. By doing so you will be assured of an exclusive design that will help you create your business identity, additionally, you can manage the website alone. So forget anything else you are about to make a great image in the business by customizing the theme.

Developers who offer PSD to WordPress Development Service have the can offer customization services by changing the look and functionality of the entire theme. You have the liberty to add or delete any functionality based on your preference. For Example. If you need an image slider you can add it. Don’t require a navigation menu just discard it.

Cons of using a Custom or a Unique WordPress Theme

The biggest drawback of going with a Customized WordPress theme is the cost associated. Getting a customized theme will cost you hundreds of dollar especially when you are hiring companies that offer PSD to WordPress Development services to perform the job.

Another thing which you might want to consider is the regular updates. Will your theme be outdated after a certain time?  Will your theme need updates and how will the bugs and errors be resolved? If these are your concerns then you need to properly screen the profile of the developers who can offer you the best services including support, occasional updates, and bug fixes.

Key Takeaways

Ready-made themes are easily available and are also affordable. Hence if you are running short of budget, you can always move ahead with such themes. Whereas if budget is the 2nd option for you and your brand identity is your foremost priority then the custom theme is the best fit for you. As there is no theme that will seamlessly fit into your business model. If you think you may want to update or upgrade your site at a later stage then you should go with customized theme development without any hesitation.


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