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Jan 1 2020

Best mobile app design tips for great user experience

Best mobile app design tips for great user experience

Based on the mobile app design strategy, the mobile application might function well, but that’s only half of the action. A more functional application is high on user engagement and has fewer chances of uninstalls.

If you as a business genuinely want your app to reflect in the market, it needs an impressive mobile app design.

Don’t forget that it needs a powerful use-case to design improved mobile apps and utilize fundamental user experience design principles for great benefits.

Compelling the best practices for mobile design is a key to have your mobile app in Google play store and iTunes, and is used frequently by the users.

Top tips for mobile application design

These tips can help Mobile App Designer guide all through the designing and development process to create a world-class user experience.

✦ Make a clear call-to-action button:

Also known as a CTA, this button helps users assure about the action to be performed.

There are two major things to note when making a call to action button for any mobile application.

The very first thing is it should be defined clearly and the second thing is it should easily be visible to users.

✦ Thinking about the user’s perspective is very important:

An expert mobile app designer is the one who understands the requirements of users and creates an app according to it.

He/she knows well that the app design requirements may vary from one client to another. And, a professional designer designs an app in a manner that users don’t find it complicated to go through different sections.

Users must have full control over the user interface of an application while performing the desirable task on the product with no disruption.

✦ Mobile applications should be easy to navigate:

No matter what steps you take to make interactive UI based apps, you’ve got to make the navigation as easy as possible for users.

The easy navigation of the mobile app is the most valuable feature. It allows users to find the content they are searching for quickly.

For designing easy to navigate mobile apps, a designer can add varied menus on the screen and even, expand it as per the need to utilize space.

✦ Make design responsive:

Should the mobile app be responsive? Yes, it should be.

Mobile apps should be compatible with different devices such as Android and iOS phones for awesome UX design services.

So, design an application that is responsive to both iOS and Android devices. Try to work for a 50-50 split to target a good number of audience.

✦ The design should easily be accessible:

When designing an app, it is critical to think that mobile app users would be using their fingers, not pointers for interaction with the app.

It requires the spatial distribution of all designing elements. Don’t forget that this spatial distribution should be done with a thought that the user’s fingers might be thicker and the app should have access with finger typing and taps.

Mobile App Designers

✦ Map content and develop great user flows:

Dis you know that design and research work is very much important to be done in parallel?

You need to quickly sketch user flow and create a simple prototype.

Remember, a prototype doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be created easily by understanding how users flow between actions and content.

✦ Maintain consistency all through the mobile app design:

Another foremost tip for a well-performed app designing is consistency. UI mobility experts must show consistency in different aspects of Android or iOS applications.

This implies that apps should use similar color, font style, design and icons all through the app, and also, in the same order.

This, in turn, simplifies the user’s step and assist them to perform an action without getting a cognizance of being on some different platform. So, keep it into thought process while thinking about the app’s UI design.

On the whole, designing an app with an attractive user an user experience isn’t quite simple.

While designing an application, it’s essential to keep all of the extraordinary design practices in mind. This lets the creativity of any mobile app designer shine without compromising on the quality of the app.

Stay tuned for more exciting mobile app design tips to revolutionize user interface or user experience of mobile apps in the market.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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