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Magento 2 Blog Extension: Everything You Need To Know


This is a known fact that an attractive piece of content can attract millions of visitors online. The detailed information about the products and services further enhances the chances to get a higher ranking in the search engines.

Also, creating a helpful and insightful website blog is one of the easiest ways to reach a step closer to the audience. However, a post is never just limited to just words; but it is a complete package that combines information and images. Therefore, you need an extension that can fulfill all your needs and requirements to make your blog post simply amazing.

The Magento 2 blog extension by Pixlogix is one such extension that combines everything that business owners can need to provide a pleasant and satisfying reading/visiting experience to their readers/customers. You can also rely on this extension to accelerate and enhance all your promotional efforts for your business website.

The Magento 2 blog extension is not any rocket science to understand and use. It simply needs clear and transparent knowledge of the extension to get the maximum benefit from it. Thus, without any further here and there, let us get into the details to get a better and clear understanding of Magento 2 Blog Extension by Pixlogix.

Magento 2 Blog Extension: Lets start to learn more

The Magento 2 Blog Extension:

Magento 2 blog extension - Pixlogix

For any eCommerce store portraying the best and transparent information should be the utmost priority. It does not just help smooth business flow, but it ensures providing the relevant and desired information to the customers and buyers.

Therefore, it only makes sense to choose such an extension that can offer the businesses ample opportunities of putting their best foot forward.

Magento 2 blog extension enables eCommerce businesses to be super quick and effective in creating and managing their business blogs on their website. The extension is a complete package that combines the best SEO practices and all the technical know-how.

One of the best benefits of relying on the best blog extension for magento 2 is that it eliminates the need to have any other 3rd party application for creating or managing the blogs. This professional extension is the only thing you need to create amazing content for your customers and buyers.

The admin panel of the extension allows the businesses to have a smooth track of all the comments, tags, categories, posts, and authors. There aren’t any hassles involved with the management of the mentioned actions.

The Magento 2 Blog Extension from Pixlogix is one of the most effective and convenient ways to improve your website’s traffic by extending the most relevant and accurate store content. Some of the basic advantages that the Magento 2 blog extension offers are as follow:

  • Effective management of blog posts, tags, and categories
  • Detailed use of corporate-based best SEO practices
  • Use of advanced permalinks
  • Effective management of the comments
  • Supporting the use of multiple languages for various blogs pots to reach an expanded audience base

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The appealing features of Magento 2 blog extension:

One of the best ways to attract more eyes to your eCommerce business website is by portraying your business blogs in an attractive layout. This could seem a little confusing but not with the Magento 2 blog extension.

Magento 2 Blog Extension

The extension is a simple yet effective way to boost all your marketing efforts to outgrow your business’s reach. The extension makes a wonderful and trusted name to present all the useful and relevant information in an authentic and beautiful layout without any hassles.

Thanks to all the offered varieties in its posts, categories, tags, etc., the Magento 2 blog extension is highly recommended to leverage the maximum benefit and profit. Here are some of the features that the Magento 2 blog extension has in its store for its users:

1. Grid and list viewing option:

One of the Magento 2 blog extensions’ best features is the ease to alternate between the grid view and list view. The users can conveniently choose between the two options ensuring maximum comfort for the readers and an impressive layout design for the page.

As a result, the blog posts are limited to a particular device; rather, it gets extended compatibility with several other devices such as smartphones, laptops, laptops, etc. Thus, the Magento 2 blog extension can be seen as the perfect choice to get mobile-oriented solutions for various devices, offering maximum comfort and ease.

2. Blog widgets:

Using the blog extension, it becomes really convenient to add all the recent blogs to the homepage. It is also feasible to categorize the recently added blogs in the desired specific categories for easy searching. You can either scroll through the recent posts or can search through them based on any specific category.

For enhancing the ease, you can also tag the cloud sidebar widget along with the admin settings. This ensures that your customers and readers can see all the recent posts in the sidebar without struggling with hassles. Moreover, the cloud sidebar widget offers a quick response without demanding any additional space and anywhere access.

Thus, in short, this amazing feature helps in the following ways:

  • Enabling quick search for the customers for their interesting posts with the help of post search widget
  • Using tags for combining the similar posts using the tag cloud widget
  • Portraying the history of the blogs using the archive widget option
  • Providing a quick notification to the readers for some interesting blogs of their choice with the available recent, popular, and featured post widget
  • Relying on and utilizing the custom HTML widget for adding images and customized blocks in the sidebar menu

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3. Importing/Exporting blogs:

With the blog extension for Magento 2, importing or exporting the blogs with their full data is really quick and easy. The extension makes it possible to import and export the posts from the other blogs, such as the blog posts, tags, and categories.

This feature is compatible with all the leading third-party platforms like WordPress, etc. This feature, offered by us, is helpful as it not just imports the full data but reduces the unwanted complications by just requiring to follow minimal steps. This helps the readers to find all their favorite blogs in a single place.

4. Easy management of month archives page:

Gone are the days to struggling with the management of month archives pages. With Magento 2 blog extension, you can easily get super-efficient management and handling of the monthly archive page. Thanks to this feature, the posts available in any particular month can be listed and arranged in their desired categories.

The admin can easily make the necessary settings to list the required posts on the monthly archive page without any complications or hassles. Moreover, it is quite easy to edit, delete and manage the post listings available on the page according to the convenience of the readers.

5. Management of author archive page:

The author archive page lists and presents all the available content written by a particular author on your website. Thus, if you want to search the content of any specific and general author on your business eCommerce website, this feature would really be helpful. Besides listing all the blog posts from the particular author, you can also add the author’s bio to the author archive page.

Magento 2 blog extension allows the easy enabling and disabling of this feature by adjusting the required settings in the admin panel. Relying on this, the readers can click on the posts listed by their favorite author on your website without undergoing unwanted hassles.

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6. Managing the tag archive pages:

Along with the month and author archive pages, the Magento 2 blog extension also extends its benefits for managing the tag archive pages as well. You use several tags on your blog postings available on your website, isn’t it?

With the proper and optimized management of the tag archive page, you can easily categorize the available blog listing according to the used tags. Thus, this helps the readers to search the desired blog very easily using the used tag.

Amidst the various tags, you can rely on this feature and use it to find your direction to the relevant and desired blog post.

7. Creating canonical URLs:

Do you often struggle with problems to preserve your original and authentic content from duplicacy? Well, this can be very easily done using the Magento 2 blog extension.

The extension can generate the canonical URLs for the posts and categories, which helps the search engines quickly and easily identify the master copy of the content. The canonical URL ensures to reduce the risks of all the problems caused by duplicate content on the multiple URLs.

The available canonical URL feature is one efficient way to consolidate the duplicate URLs while maintaining the authenticity and quality of the posted content posts.

8. Adding the required post details:

No matter how good your post may be, if it is not supported with all its required details, there is certainly something missing that restricts the growth and reach of the post amongst the readers and customers.

Therefore, all the major and well-established bloggers understand the importance of adding all the required details concerning the available post listing. Now, just imagine adding all the required essential details of all the posts and blogs available on your eCommerce website. Wouldn’t that make a whole lot of your time?

If this is something that you are concerned about, then the Magento 2 blog extension will surely rest all the thoughts. The extension allows adding all the necessary details of the posts on the post detail page. You can add post title, date, author, image, image description, categories, and related tags on the page to increase the convenience and ease of the readers.

9. Advanced SEO settings and practices:

No one can deny the need and importance of having an optimized SEO blog on their business eCommerce website. A properly SEO-optimized blog page on the website can enhance its reach and increase website traffic.

Moreover, it satisfies and retains the existing customers and ensures attractive more customers towards the business. An SEO-optimized blog also focuses on keeping the readers engaged with a reduced bouncing rate.

Thanks to the Magento 2 blog extension, it is now possible to use all the needed SEO practices in one place. The extension allows using the desired SEO settings for the blog posts and the tags, comments, categories, etc.

Using the extension, you can:

  • Create SEO-friendly URLs for your posts
  • It helps in the creation of XML sitemap
  • Effectively arrange and optimize the information mentioned in the meta-data, including the meta keywords, meta robots, meta description, etc.

With the Pixlogix Magento 2 blog extension, you can be sure of getting the desired profitable SEO results that you have always dreamt of for your blogs and websites.

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10. Managing the blog comments:

Managing the comments on your blogs is one of the easiest and effective ways of keeping active communication with the available readers and website traffic. Commenting back to your audience is a clear sign that you appreciate their time, effort, and presence on your business website.

Therefore, you should be quick and responsive with your comments on the blog posts. If you have problems coping and balancing with various comments on multiple blog posts, then the Pixlogix best blog extension for magento 2 can be the best help.

The extension helps to manage, create and use the Facebook and Disqus comments without any hassles. You can easily communicate with your readers to keep them loyal to your brand. Use and rely on the extension to read, analyze, use and receive the available comments to make the necessary improvements in the blogs and websites and show the much-needed appreciation to the audience base and readers.

11. Using Magento CAPTCHA:

The business owners can make the best use of Magento 2 CAPTCHA for all their standard comment forms. The use of advanced CAPTCHA settings can ensure the originality and authenticity of the comments and maintain reality norms with the security of the comment source.

The Magento 2 blog extension CAPTCHA feature can reduce the risks of any online frauds, viruses, cyber-attacks by enhancing the security features. Also, the Magento 2 CAPTCHA maintains and preserves every comment’s uniqueness without bothering about the duplicity of the data or comment source.

Thus, this helps the business owners reach their authentic and loyal customers and readers for improving their brand value. This also helps in improving the SEO ranks of the page amongst the various search engines.

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12. Social sharing buttons:

Your business’s presence on social platforms cannot be doubted, especially during this time of digitization. Customers and users are now relying on digital assets to reach their favorite business platform.

On the other hand, even businesses use social platforms to ensure hitting the right kind of audience base and providing them the right information.

Among all these excellent social media uses, sharing a useful and relevant piece of information is one of the most important activities. The Magento 2 blog extension offers an easy hand for readers to share their favorite blog through various social platforms with just a click.

Readers can simply select all the social platforms, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc., on which they want to share the blog post, tags, and categories. After the selection, with just one click, the readers can share the required data through hundreds of online social media platforms without hassles.

13. Dynamic image resizing:

Along with making all the needful changes and adjustments in the blog posts, Magento 2 blog extension can also be trusted to dynamically resize the required images. There are plenty of admin settings to resize the image for making it the most attractive and appealing to the eyes.

The specialty of this feature is that it brings all the required tools and settings to a common place for adjusting the image size, shape, and position. Moreover, the feature can enhance the image quality for better view and picturization for the readers.

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Offered Customer Support and Assistance:

The Magento 2 blog extension of Pixlogix is a complete package of all the features mentioned above, ensuring a pleasant experience for the readers. But, other than this, what makes it even more special is the offered assistance and support for the customers.

With Pixlogix, you will always find the required assistance and support for all kinds of problems and hassles that you may experience. We are always ready and available to guide our customers to get just the best support from our team.

All the professionals in our customer support team are highly experienced and passionate to assist our readers with the required help. They work supportively to understand the readers’ issues and then work consistently to solve the concerning issue.

With your journey to choose, install and use our Pixlogix Magento 2 blog extension, you will never be alone. Our support and assistance will always be a constant asset for you. We assure you of all the support and assistance you need and expect throughout your journey of relying on our team’s Magento 2 blog extension.

FAQ on Magento 2 Blog Extension

  1. How can you install the Magento 2 blog extension for your online store?

The Magento 2 blog extension offers its users a complete installation guide, module files, and user guide, which varies according to the extension bought. The extension may also contain some important files that the customers and users can use as an example.

The Magento 2 blog extension from Pixlogix is convenient and easy to use. You don’t need any complicated tools or 3rd party platforms for installing the extension. All you need to have is FTP/SSH access details and to follow these simple steps:

  • Take a backup of all your web dictionary and database store
  • Enable all the admin cache before uploading the extension. Follow the path – System > Tools > Cache Management for enabling the admin cache
  • Extract the zip package for the extension and copy the app folder
  • Copy the app folder at the root folder of your store using FTP
  • After you have completed copying the app folder, reach to the store root folder in your server’s SSH console:
  • cd path_to_the_store_root_folder (cd public_html)
  • Post this, run the following commands as well:

PHP bin/Magentosetup:upgrade

PHP bin/Magentosetup:static-content:deploy

  • Lastly, flush all the cache from the store and log out to complete the entire installation process.

The entire installation process will take some time. You shouldn’t interfere while the Magento 2 blog extension is being installed for your eCommerce store.

  1. Is Magento 2 blog extension compatible with multiple sites and online stores?

Yes, you can use the Magneto 2 blog extension for more than one online store and website. The extension can also support a multi-store setup, making it a reliable option to use a single Magento 2 installation for running several stores.

There will be no hassles or confusion to keep track of all the blog posts, comments, strategies, etc., for different eCommerce stores.

  1. Does the Magento 2 extension offer both grid and list view options?

Yes, the Magento 2 blog extension offers both grid and list view options for assuring the convenience and ease of its users. You can choose between any of the options according to the need and requirements of your online store.

Moreover, it isn’t much complicated to switch between the available views as and when needed.

  1. Is it possible to get the recent posts on the home page?

Yes, you can get your recent posts on your home page. You can use the recent posts widget available on the CMS homepage editor to get a quick view of all your recent posts right on the home page.

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To Conclude:

Suppose you are looking for the best Magento 2 blog extension enabled with some amazing features to ensure maximum benefits. In that case, there can be nothing better than Magneto 2 blog extension by Pixlogix. We bring all your desired features combined into one complete package.

The optimized SEO features, responsive design, layouts, social sharing, Magento captcha, etc., all contribute to making our offered Magento 2 blog extension simply the best amongst all the available options. Moreover, our offered Magento 2 blog extension can conveniently be installed in the backend to easily manage all the blogs in one place.

Surely, we aim for perfection, but we also focus on improvement. If you have any suggestions, do please share your feedback, thoughts, and opinions with us in the comment section. We will be delighted to learn from your experiences using Pixlogix Magento 2 blog extension for your online store business.


Samir Bhimbha

Samir Bhimbha is the Founder & CEO of Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. which offers web and app solutions to fulfill business's online needs and help to improve their online presence with many clients in the USA, Europe, Australia, and more. He is a skilled entrepreneur, web designer, developer, and team leader who can handle every situation. With 15+ years of experience in UX/UI design and web development, he is leading a team of IT professional talents.

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