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How significant are the Magento extensions and modules to your eCommerce store?


Making use of the correct category of extension and module is a factor that any business would find valuable. Extensions and modules help in increasing technology capacity. They are vital because development depends on the enhancement of service, swiftness of work and delivery, higher quality of products, growth of store functionality, or scaling the products for sale. Further, Magento Extensions for eCommerce and modules can assist you in finding hidden issues that are difficult to identify otherwise.

Pixlogix’s top-rated and highly used Magento extensions 

Pixlogix’s Magento 2 Extensions have helped numerous website owners boost sales and marketing, engage visitors, gather leads, and much more. All our Magento Extensions for eCommerce portals are simple to set up and work.

Magento blog extension

For creating blogs on diverse subjects, categorizing them, or need to have striking images on blog pages, Magento Blog Extension can help you with the below features.

  • Responsive layouts for expanding audience reachability
  • Access to SEO friendly blogs to increase marketing effectiveness
  • Enabling social sharing without any complexities
  • Facilitate a broad range of listing options
  • Add usability through search sidebar and categories sidebar widgets
  • Enable/disable the functions of Magento Blog Module easily from the backend

Best Magento Blog Extension

Magento 2 blog extension

The extension helps manage your blog posts, categories, tags, and comments from the Magento admin panel. You can extend your eCommerce site content and boost traffic using Magento 2 Blog Extension with the below features.

  • Access to best SEO practices
  • Effectively use advanced permalinks
  • Useful comments section
  • Several language support

Magento 2 Blog Extension | Magento Extensions for eCommerce

Contact form extension

Magento 1 custom contact form extension helps in adding communication quotient in your online e-Commerce store by facilitating Google Captcha, Maps, Tailored form fields, view reply, and more. Below are its features.

  • Build striking forms to gather constructive feedback
  • Options of using drag and drop functions for convenience
  • Save time and money with supple and practical features
  • 20 categories of fields to enable data-collecting tasks

Contact Form Extension | Magento Extensions for eCommerce

Magento 2 form builder

The extension enables you to add an intuitive contact or feedback form and embed the same anywhere in your site on the go. Also, it facilitates you to safeguard your online store from the spammers. The features Magento 2 Form builder are as below:

  • Swift installation and setting-up of the contact form
  • Simple enable/disable of the extension features from the backend
  • Entirely responsive and completely flexible front-end designs
  • Spam protection features and integrated form validation by Captcha
  • Assists configuring dynamic contact forms utilizing conditional form fields

Magento 2 Form Builder | Magento Extensions for eCommerce

Magento 2 SMS notification extension

Through this Magento Extension, you get real-time notifications and quick updates for customer orders. The following are features of the Magento 2 SMS notification extension.

  • Simple to enable/disable SMS notifications
  • Instantaneous and fast notifications regarding orders status
  • Vibrant and tailored SMS text
  • Mobile number verification access by OTP
  • Flawless SMS integration with diverse Magento 2 SMS gateway providers, like Bulk SMS, Twilio, Msg91.

Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension | Magento Extensions for eCommerce

Buy Magento Extensions Today

Magento 2 product attachments 

Magento 2 Product attachments extension assists in keeping the customers informed regarding the product they buy. Right from how-to guides, marketing materials, you can effectively prompt customers to download documents with products. Further, you can straightforwardly upload files of any format and utilize a catchy icon that enables customers’ interest on the go.

  • Attach an unlimited number and numerous file types
  • Showcase striking icons for diverse attachments
  • Exhibit attachments in list view, box view, or table view
  • Facilitate mobile-optimized designs
  • Capability to enable/disable attachments

Magento 2 Product Attachments 

Magento 2 email quote

Magento 2 Email quote extension automates the manual processes of product price negotiation amid you and your possible customers. With the assistance of a user-friendly quotation form, the buyers can inquire related to the pricing of their products in real-time. Further, the website owners can view the in-hand quote requests and take necessary actions. Also, it enables the cart to quote extension features.

  • Facilitate request for quote with no difficulty
  • Ease of allowing and disabling notifications
  • Approve or delete the requests for quote
  • Enable bulk request for quote extension
  • Send quote requests from numerous places in the store

Magento 2 Email Quote

Shipping module in Magento

Magento shipping module accelerates shipping processes with shipping accessibility. The probable buyers can easily find the product shipping accessibility and Cash on delivery (COD) payment method obtainable. Further, through COD Checker Extension, the COD method can be displayed or restricted to precise postcode/zipcode configured.

  • Effortlessly import records in bulk
  • Implement specific business rules
  • Configurations to enable/disable the module
  • Assist probable buyers in checking for shipping accessibility

Shipping Module in Magento

Key Takeaways

You can easily purchase all the useful Magento modules, extensions, and plugins from the Pixlogix website. Fast installation, free upgrades, unbeatable technology support, excellent document repository, open-source technology, and paying your money back on dissatisfaction makes Pixlogix the preferred choice for Magento Extensions and Modules for your eCommerce store.


Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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