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Jul 1 2020

How to improve ROI with Magento maintenance and support services?

How to improve ROI with Magento maintenance and support services?

Poor website performance can hurt your business sales. If you own a Magento store, you should hire the best agency for Magento maintenance and support services. It is important to hire an experienced Magento development company to help you get exceptional maintenance and support solutions for your magento online store.

Every minute if your online store is down, you are losing an impactful sales. And you know you don’t wish for it. That’s why you require established Magento support and maintenance professionals to keep your nightmares away. Pixlogix Infotech, an experienced renowned businesses trust to take care of all their ecommerce store worries. Magento maintenance and support are core offerings which by far making a huge impact on sales.

From patches and extensions to upgrades and new extension installations, from diagnosing errors to minimizing store downtime and for everything in between, Pixlogix is you’re the best choice for Magento support and maintenance. Hence only with the right skillset people you can manage and sustain in this competitive market.

Why should you hire an agency for Magento maintenance and support services?

Magento is a robust eCommerce platform that offers great opportunities for performance and sales. It needs regular support and maintenance services to fix bugs, add new features, and update it regularly. There are four main reasons why you should look for Magento maintenance services:

  1. You want to fix some issues on your website
  2. You may want to extend the functionality of your web store
  3. You want to provide a greater user experience.
  4. You would like to increase sales and be competitive.

A professional Magento development company will take care of the following tasks under the support and maintenance service contract:

  • Magento Installation
  • Magento Configuration
  • Magento Theme Updates
  • Magento Site optimization
  • Magento Backup Support
  • Magento Performance Monitoring
  • Magento PHP Support
  • Magento Emergency Support
  • Dedicated Helpdesk
  • User Management
  • Data Flow
  • Magento Bug Fixes
  • Magento Code review

With all these important services your store will never face any tech or non-tech issue. The business is highly dependent on the team behind your product and Magento indeed requires that.

Improvement of a Magento website

If you have an online store, you may want to improve your performance in order to stay competitive in the industry. You need to ensure that your website is modern, flexible, and sharp for your target users. You can upgrade your functionality and match the latest standards.

Some Magento website owners may wish to add new features to enhance the functionality of their store. They should look for talented and expert Magento Development Company to help them improve the performance of their site. Whether you want to add a new extension or change the theme of your eCommerce store, look for skilled Magento developers to help you. Even if you want to enhance the aesthetics of your store, you can look for the best service provider.

Magento website performance optimization

Are you facing the problem of a slow loading website? Do you want to hire someone for fixing broken links? If you face any such issues, you can search for Magento development services over the internet. Fix these issues immediately as they can hamper your sales and business reputation.

Your website may be having an absolutely fine design. It may have a custom functionality that makes it unique and competitive. But, if it is not fast enough, it will not meet the set speed standards of Google and hence cannot achieve the top of the search results. Therefore, it is crucial that your Magento website outlooks the test of speed and is optimized for the servers too so that the site gets enhanced visibility to your customers.

A proficient Magento development company can help you make sure that your site is up-to-date and ensure that website runs smoothly. Do some research and find the best service provider to help you improve the performance of your online store.

Magento 2 Support and Maintenance services

Regular maintenance of your Magento store can help you stay competitive in the market. You’ll be able to attract more customers and make great profits when you opt for Magento 2 support and maintenance services.

Now that you’ve understood the benefits of Magento maintenance and support, we’ll help you understand the best practices for development and support.

Upgrade to the latest version

It is important to make sure that your website runs on the latest Magento version. This will help you take full advantage of all the latest features and functionality provided by Magento. New versions are released with constant upgrades and security features to make your website stand out. So, whenever you receive a message for upgrading your store, contact an expert Magento development company to help you.

Magento Maintenance and Support a lot depending on the version. As the Magento community constantly improving its services, we can analyze significant changes with every release. With each release, Magento adds up default and extensive features that raise the competitive bar. Shopify, OctoberCMS, Woo-commerce, etc. are the other players who are knocking the door but comparatively by far Magento stood tall.

Hereby if you upgrade to the latest version then you will get the benefit of all default and demanded features of the store. Recently launched Magento2 is the best example of it. It launched with many demanded features, which developers needed for a long time. By simply updating your store will make a huge impact on your store inbuilt features as well as overall sales.

Hire Magento Developer

Choose a reliable hosting provider

Believe it or not, using a reliable hosting provider can improve the performance of your Magento store. It ensures that you have a smooth-running website that has a huge amount of traffic for better growth. Avoid choosing cheap Magento hosting as it can be one of the biggest mistakes made by any website owner. Reputation matters a lot and so looks for the best hosting solutions for your eCommerce store.

Web hosting providers often charge for the service they render. To run a smooth eCommerce store Magento Development Company offers highly supportive servers. These servers play a huge role in in-store success. It is advisable to have dedicated hosting with greater space, bandwidth, IP, etc to maintain the eCommerce store transaction smoothly.

However, there are multiple hosting service providers available, it is always recommended not to purchase something that is expensive. By doing research online you can get superior plans at affordable prices. You should not get tricked into purchasing more than what you actually need. There is always a scope to upgrade your hosting plan if your website is able to get more visitor footfall.

Keep the extensions up-to-date

Most Magento extensions need to be updated on a regular basis. If you are planning to migrate your website to a current version of Magento, you should make sure that your extensions are up-to-date with the new version. If you have any antivirus software, you should make sure that it is updated so that your store is free from malware and suspicious links.

Hire the best Magento development company

Hiring an in-house team for Magento maintenance and support services may not be a feasible option. Outsourcing the job to an experienced Magento development company can help you get the best Magento development services at affordable prices. Most of the service providers offer pre-defined packages for support and maintenance services while a few others provide custom quotes depending on the clients’ exact business requirements. No matter what your requirements may be, make sure that you hire the best agency to help you with exceptional services.


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