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Apr 8 2020

A complete guide on choosing the right Magento hosting provider in 2020!

A complete guide on choosing the right Magento hosting provider in 2020!

Well, in this article, we’ll be focusing on the top Magento hosting provider for the year 2020. But before we plunge into the details, if you’re from the non-technical background that you should know what it exactly means.

What is a web hosting service?

Web hosting services means when a company employs its services or technologies and host your website on the browsers. We have explained it in novice terms for you to quickly grasp the concept. A Magento development company will be able to lead you more meticulous and choose the most suitable hosting for your Magento website.

Here, we will be a complete guide about everything right from the basics. After all, a little information harms no one and further it will also assist you to make better choices.

What is Magento?

Presently, Magento is amongst the most famous eCommerce platforms in the digital environment. Its contribution to the market share is approx. 29.1%.

Magento is an open-source technology. So, as an eCommerce store owner, you get the highest level of flexibility. The overall concept of open-source technology is comprehensive control over the functionalities of a website. Magento’s versatility and customization choices make it the most prevalent eCommerce platform.

How to choose the perfect Magento hosting provider from the list given below? 

Here is a checklist to acknowledge before you pick the Magento website hosting services for your project.

1. Website traffic

The primary factor is the number of requests your server accepts. The time of accepting these requests doesn’t matter but the quantity of requests is a pivotal factor in determining the best Magento hosting provider for your website.

2. Number and type of products

The pages and products on your website as well as the type of products will be deemed to determine a suitable Magento host.

This data is important for the below mentioned reasons:

  • Latency test

Latency is the major factor for all Ecommerce websites. Hence, it is essential to discern the location of your target audience and discover the geographically nearest server location.

What are the types of hosting?

There are two types of hosting depending on who owns the server hosting:

1. Managed hosting

A managed hosting provider is liable for:

  • Configuration and maintenance of optimized server for Magento
  • Oversee server and Magento relevant issues
  • Enhancing the security of server for Magento particular loopholes
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Implementing the Operating System updates

2. Self service hosting

In self-service hosting, you will be liable for running the server or a third-party organization that you hire.

As you are transparent about your website needs, you will be able to pick the right server type. The options are:

  • Dedicated Servers

With dedicated servers, the whole scope of that server is convenient for you. Such dedicated servers ensure that your website gives the best performance.

  • Shared servers

A shared server involves restricted disk space and speed. It won’t allow you to customize server settings according to your project needs.

  • Cloud servers

Cloud servers are mostly similar dedicated servers, just more scalable with virtualization expenses. Moreover, the cloud servers will give you comprehensive access to software updates.

3. Support

It is highly suggested to only invest in those Magento hosting companies that provide continuous technical support. It will be indeed better if you hire Magento developer.

4. Web security

As you own an eCommerce website, security is remarkably significant. Thus, make sure that your hosting service provides the following:

  • SSH and SSL encryption
  • Everyday as well as live backups
  • Sturdy firewalls
  • Server security policies that are specifically designed for the Magento platform

Here are the top 5 Magento hosting service provider:

1. Siteground

It has been in the market from the year 2004 and is the best web hosting for eCommerce sites currently. The WordPress community has great consideration for SiteGround.

SiteGround provides inhouse agility and security that makes your eCommerce website speedy and secure.


  • Fast and secure servers
  • 24/7 customer service through email, phone, and live chat
  • Free CDN and SSL


  • Although there is tremendous storage, it is still insufficient
  • Setup fee for people who prefer monthly billing

2. Bluehost

Bluehost was founded in 1996 which makes it one of the most reliable web hosts. It has become a popular name among people due to some of its features like high-speed servers and marvelous customer service.


  • It has hosting plans that can fit in various budget categories
  • No hidden cost
  • Hosting more than 2 million websites with 99.97% uptime


  • Relatively high domain renewal price
  • The upsell method is competitive during sign up

3. Information hosting

InMotion hosting is well-recognized for its customer service and optime. Just like Bluehost, the most diminutive of your needs to the largest eCommerce websites can be handled by InMotion.


  • 90 days no interrogatories, money-back guarantee
  • You can shift from WebHost to InMotion free
  • A choice for your data center location


  • No option of a monthly billing system, besides yearly plans.
  • Competitive pricing structure but not the most affordable

Hire Magento Developers

4. Hostgator

Hostgator is presently hosting 8 million websites. Hostgator is one of those hosting service providers that ensure its features are excellent for a shopping cart. With Hostgator, you have an automated installer, which makes the installation process simple.


  • Unrestricted disk space and bandwidth for Magento
  • Free Magento orders
  • Optimized for a shopping cart


  • Not one of the most competitive eCommerce hosting in the market

5. Web hosting hub

It is the most reliable web hosting for small business eCommerce websites. Web Hosting Hub intends to give the smallest businesses the opportunity of choosing hosting services as per their needs.


  • Best prices for small scale enterprises and beginners
  • Endless features for its customers
  • Excellent support services


  • Not a great option for large businesses due to restricted scalability


We hope that the list we’ve outlined, consisting of the best Magento hosting providers did guide you and gave some clarity on the topic.

Each of the above-mentioned hosting providers has its uncommon qualities and is a perfect fit for several kinds of projects. Based on the size of your website, type, and a number of the products listed on it, the type of hosting provider may vary. Thus, we suggest always go for specialist guidance if you don’t belong to a technical background.


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