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Oct 15 2020

eCommerce Website Design Principles to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

eCommerce Website Design Principles to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart is the moment of truth. It brings an amazing upselling opportunity for online retailers. However, not all online retailers manage to gain the desired ROI for their eCommerce website design investment and the reason behind this is the higher shopping cart abandonment rate. If you need proof of the influence of shopping cart abandonment, have a look at Google, which will show more than millions of results on this topic.

It is often observed that either shopping cart is poorly designed or lack the creativity that can appeal to the consumers. So-called professional eCommerce website design service providers consider it as a page where the products and costs are summarized. But does it work in today’s fiercely competitive market? Well, to be honest, it won’t help you at all. And if that is the case with you, it is time for you to think about website redesign services revamp the existing shopping cart.

However, just by simply investing in website redesign will not help. It is crucial for retailers to ensure implementing the best practices and guidelines when it comes to design or revamp their existing shopping cart. In this post, we will examine the industry-best practices and guidelines to be followed when it comes to design an effective shopping cart to reduce the abandonment rate.

Start with proper placement of add-to-cart option

Online consumers are unpredictable and they want everything available right in front of them to make them initiate their journey. To make sure they don’t get confused about locating the shopping cart, it is important to put the shopping cart icon at the right place during website design. Make sure the shopping cart icon is placed at the top right corner of the site.

Clearly display the relevant information about the product

Just imagine, you have bought an amazing product from the online store and proceed towards checkout. When you have landed on the shopping cart page, you don’t see the image, name, quantity or other specifications of the product you have purchased! Would it be possible to move ahead with the order placement? It is a big NO!

Therefore, it is crucial to display a detailed product summary when the customer is landed on the shopping cart page to encourage the visitors to initiate payment. Make sure to incorporate a proper image, product name, product specification, and quantity to help customers quickly review their order before they purchase it.

Understand the impact of color scheme

Do you know that all the industries use at least one color code for the add-to-cart button? For example, the majority of the clothing brands use black color in the add-to-cart button whereas the electronic industry uses red color for the add-to-cart button. When it comes to eCommerce website design, it is important to know that visitors love clear and appealing design. Therefore, while designing the shopping cart, ensure you think about the overall color theme and choose the color wisely.

Workout on the thumbnail images of the product

There is nothing more annoying than tiny thumbnail images of the product. When your customers review their shopping cart, help them identify the product purchased with convenient size and resolution. This will also help you bring a great user experience for mobile users. Additionally, make sure to use clickable thumbnail images of the products so that the customers can easily go back to the product detail page from the shopping cart itself.

Leverage from the “mini cart” option

Mini cart brings an amazing opportunity for the online store owners to provide a glance at the products they have purchased without leaving the page they are on. Of course, having a mini cart won’t eliminate the need for an actual shopping cart page, but it is a great alternative to help shoppers keep track of what they are buying when you think of website redesign services for your online store.

Don’t forget to notify the users about items added to the shopping cart

Online shoppers hate finding the items they have added, and you also won’t like them leaving the shopping process to find out whether the item they purchased added to the cart or not. Moreover, the users often change or update the items in the shopping cart. In such a scenario, notifying the users when an item is added or removed from the shopping would be a great way to improve their shopping experience and reduce the shopping cart abandonment from your online store.

Final Thoughts…

Today, the shopping cart page is often overlooked when it comes to website redesign services and functionality of the majority of the eCommerce stores. Having a neat and clean shopping cart that is easy to use and simple will be an added advantage for online retailers. Considering the eCommerce website design guidelines and best practices discussed in this post can help you improve the shopping experience for your customers, reduce abandonment rate, and improve your sales. Hire a website designer or consult us for website redesign services to know how we can improve your existing shopping cart design.


Chirag Patel

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