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Comprehensive Guide to Follow When Converting PSD to HTML


One of the most important steps in the process of web designing is the conversion of Photoshop Designs (PSD) to HTML. PSD format allows the creation of multiple layers in the file. The last step is to convert PSD to HTML. It’s very important for web designers to be well versed with it to create impeccable web pages.

If you aren’t familiar with the conversion process, you can hire professional service providers. They can make a huge difference in the final outputs of the projects. If like many others, you are stuck in the conversion process of PSD to HTML Service and don’t know how to rectify the problem at hand, read on.

Because below are some of the key tips you can follow to avoid such complex scenarios:
1. Organize the PSD Structure

When you have a habit of organizing the Photoshop designs structure, PSD to HTML conversion becomes a breeze. It’s a habit that will save you time, save your costs and will give you higher precision during the conversion.

You can utilize the time you save on locating layers on other important aspects of the conversion process.

2. Avoid File Merging

Web designers should avoid merging different layers. Merging the layers maintains the smaller file size but it should be noted that providing all the modifications, texts, and layers accurately are essential for the conversion of PSD to HTML. Having different layers keeps vital data intact which is required for maintaining accuracy to convert PSD to HTML.

3. Use SEO Tags

Make sure you are using SEO HTML tags, heading tags, Meta tags to attain search engine optimization and to make sure your site appears on SERP. Better performance on the Search Engine Result Pages is very important for any website in today’s competitive world of internet. These things assist in the overall optimization of PSD to HTML Conversion.

4. Utilizing Website Banners

If you want to use a banner ad campaign on your website then make sure your PSD designs are converted to HTML5. You can ask for help from professional service providers. Along with PSD to HTML service they can even help manage to make the website look more attractive with its animated banners.

5. Choosing Responsive Coding

Choose a responsive web design service provider to make sure your coding is responsive. Being knowledgeable about the art of designing is one thing but it amounts to nothing if the end product is unresponsive. Make sure to choose responsive coding.

It will make the website look upright on multiple devices. Overlooking this will result in a design which would not look the way you want them to. A Professional Website Design service provider can provide you with a robust coding structure which is an important part of these conversions.

6. Give Attention to Font Rendering

One of the most neglected aspects of the conversion process is paying attention to the font rendering. The font rendering differs across browsers, devices, and operating systems. Make sure you have given proper attention to spacing and alignment on various devices and platforms before your site goes live.

So please don’t forget and double-check the font rendering while delivering the final project design outputs.

7. Be Consistent as it has its own Beauty in Design Projects

This is the key to the professional-looking design. Web designers should adopt standard height, width, border-radius, and padding and make sure the buttons header, footer are aligned symmetrically. A consistent design will add charm to your website and will help in engaging the user.

8. Take the help of Professional Service Providers

Many companies are backed by professionals with expertise PSD to HTML Conversion Services. There is no harm in seeking help from the specialist service providers for whom web designing is a daily task. PSD to HTML conversion service providers can deliver you with a well-designed and coded email template in a very little time.

If you are short on time, seek professional service providers instead of wasting time and effort. Make sure to check their experience and work portfolios before hiring them.

9. Compatibility Across Browsers

Care should be taken to see how the site performs on different browsers. Make sure to check if your design is compatible with multiple browsers. While altering the markup, special attention should be given to the exactness of conversion across different browsers. The users on your site should get a comprehensible and productive experience.

10. Test in the End

Testing is a very important but undervalued step in the process of the conversion of PSD to HTML. Inspecting your site on real-time devices will let you check your website on various devices and platforms and how it actually performs.

It would ensure competence and will make you correct any variation from the design. It is a huge task and it will do you good if you hire a professional service provider for the job

Key Takeaways

The above tips will help you in avoiding common mistakes made while converting PSD to HTML. Although some of them may seem to be apparent, however, others are very essential to include on your checklist. By precisely following these tips they will help you immensely in the conversion process, and you will have a flawless web design that is attractive and productive in all the parts.

The picture-perfect conversion demands proficient web development skillsets. Pixlogix is a multi-award winning web design and development firm based in India which assists its clients to nurture their online businesses by offering quality solutions.

We commenced out with a small team some years back and today we are one of the leading names within India as well as with global business reach. Pixlogix is a company always backed by highly talented professionals.

It assists you to gain business success through its finest conversion services from it as the company commits and delivers design projects with 100% satisfied service levels to all its clients.


Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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