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Jun 3 2020

How and why Pixlogix stepped into PSD to HTML conversion?

How and why Pixlogix stepped into PSD to HTML conversion?

Since we begin our journey in the creative IT world, our inventive agency explored unexpected ways to unleash a very firm, strong web development solution. We were actually looking for someone to take our finished designs and code them into websites that performed wonderfully on mobile, desktop, and tablet on every browser.

We didn’t think that the hunting process would be difficult as the world is full of creative people and great developers. Right, it should not be that hard! But it turned out another way.

After years of distress working with freelance developers and other PSD to HTML Company, we finally give it a break. With a relaxed mind, we had a brainstorming session with our seniors to answer “What if our designer’s team start doing the PSD to HTML conversion and make things easier?” 

And at that moment, Pixlogix PSD came into existence!

In this article, we aspire to share with you the impediments we encountered when working with other PSD to HTML India and how we become the game-changer when we began this work on our own.

1. Problem: Unending lists of corrections

One of the major difficulties we felt both when working with big PSD to HTML companies and freelancers, were the never-ending lists of corrections.

We would spend incalculable hours crafting exquisite designs, striving over every detail. We’d get the finished websites back with details misaligned or missing entirely incorrect fonts, and font sizes, and the list goes on and on. It was actually disheartening for the entire to see the finished files and find a website that looked absolutely different than what we designed. 

After then, we spend hours upon hours penning down corrections and providing screenshots. When sending them back to the developers, only a few would resolve and the rest overlooked.

This became strangely irritating as weeks turned to months and we still could never resemble to get what we wanted – a flawlessly functioning website that met our design expectation.

Solution: Add a designer to the mix. 

The absent piece in every PSD to HTML service out there is that there’s no designer examining the work. This is such an obvious and essential part of the process, we were surprised no other company was doing it.

At Pixlogix PSD, once the website is coded and tested by a senior developer, a designer evaluates the project with a hawk eye and looks for variances. Developers are excellent at what they do, and they often even have a great sight, but design usually isn’t what they live and breathe day in and day out. Nothing strikes a designer looking over your project. And they’ll go back with the developer as many times as needed to get it precise, so you don’t have to.

2. Problem: Poor code quality

Good code is the inevitable factor when coding a website and it should be the bread and butter of a PSD to HTML Company, but in our continuous search for good quality, the code we confronted was average at best.

There were several bugs and odd glitches, things that just didn’t work best, concerns in various browsers, etc. But most importantly, and this might sound unusual, the code just didn’t ‘sense’ good. It felt speedy, sloppily put together – like there was no passion and care embedded into it.

Solution: Hire amazingly skilled developers who live and breathe code.

When we first kick-started Pixlogix PSD, we understood that a PSD to HTML company lives with its developers. That’s why we needed to find intense developers who cherished code as much as we enjoy designing. Developers who are passionate and read on the most advanced coding in their free time, who can’t relax at night if their code is rumpled, and developers who don’t take bypasses- were are a preferable choice.

So we did exactly the same. And our code utters for itself!

3. Problem: Missed Deadlines

If you’re looking for a PSD to HTML conversion service, you normally either need a site developed for yourself or for a client. We had the same case. And sticking to deadlines is important when working with clients. Your own business and pay are on the line, and you have to be able to deliver the project when you said you would.

In so many years, we struggled with other PSD to HTML companies, as well as freelance developers, it was extremely rare that a deadline would be acknowledged. Projects would always be delayed, and the amount of time needed to go back and forth with the countless lists of changes would extend the project timeline tenfold. We’ve lost time, sleep, and money over juggled deadlines, so we know precisely how stressful it is to be put in that situation.

Solution: A dedication to realistic deadlines

At Pixlogix PSD, a deadline means a deadline. We’re often able to deliver the project in a shorter time than we mention in our quote, but we make sure to always give ourselves the amount of time essential to accomplish the project. Plus a little extra just in case any sudden complexities pop up.

We have firsthand experience and knowledge of how valuable being on time is both to our customers, and their clients, so we make sure we’re on point, every time. No complaints.

Convert your PSD to HTML

Are you ready to have a unique and improved PSD to HTML conversion experience?

Pixlogix PSD has been and is a work of love for us. We’ve been able to give our clients a great, positive experience and a feeling of fellowship they hadn’t felt before with a development partner. Many of our clients become our associates. We exchange horror stories and accomplishment stories since we’re all in it collectively.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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