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Kell BensonPhotography

Kell Benson is a landscape and wildlife photographer from the mountains of Colorado. Being from most photographed region Jackson Hole, Wyoming has a passion for photography from an early age. His adventures have taken him throughout the western United States, and beyond, enlightening deep respect for the natural world.

His pursuit of both iconic and unique vistas has created an outstanding collection of images which might change the perspective of the living hood of its generation. With that thought, Kell Benson started working on his collectibles to showcase his work to the world.

During an ascent of the Grand Teton, along with several family members, Kell Benson took a photo and something snapped. He was sharing an emotional experience with loved ones and wanted to be able to bring that feeling to life for others who were not present to experience such a treasured moment. He was keen on finding places and passages that induce sentiment. He has a passion for sharing his connection with the natural surroundings with others.

Right from childhood Kell was attracted to Mother Nature & spends most of his time around mountains. He spent most childhood summers in the mountains around Estes Park, Colorado at a summer camp nestled near the boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park. Kell did various road trips to some of the marvelous destinations across the USA which includes a long excursion to Alaska.

During the course of time, Kell completed a renowned course from National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Utah, Nevada & Wyoming. He received appreciation for his exclusive work on nature photography.

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Since the concept was to showcase the work in the most efficient manner, Kell was looking forward to connecting with a perfect team that can do justification for his idea. Pixlogix Infotech not only understood his idea but gave him value-added suggestions to inspire, admire and focus on generation next youth to the photography field.

The major challenges were for us to:

  1. Present work in the most easily accessible way.
  2. An elegant design as per standards.
  3. Performance of a website with high-resolution works.
  4. Shape Up with digital marketing techniques.
  5. User-friendly backend.

For any website to work in the perfect manner it has to be built with the latest trend and adaptable to the newest technology in the market.  Pixlogix used the latest technology stack to build the website so that it will require minimum efforts to make it updated all the time.

The client specifically insists on the overall presentation of the website as there are plenty of other things along with photographs that will make an impact on it. Pixlogix team has to prepare a sitemap based on these and also take care of digital marketing aspects as well.


Pixlogix digs deep and understood the core purpose of the website. They followed the Agile methodology to pursue this web project to ensure that the website will convey its message & encourage youth to the photography world.

Based on the requirement of the client and considering future enhancements team decided to go with WordPress CMS along with MySQL database. This fits well with the need of the client and also will give an edge to its user in terms of customization. Since WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, it was relatively easy for any tech or semi tech person to present his work in the best manner. So the first challenge was overcome with the selection of technology.

It was very crucial to decide the sitemap of the website. Given the fact that it should be encouraging towards youth yet accessible by all sorts of users, Pixlogix first presented wireframes to the client to foresee the end product. After approval of wireframes, they proceed with industry-standard to make an elegant design that was adopted by all its users.

With the expert WordPress developer tag on their shoulder, Pixlogix justified each effort to make the idea into reality. The website has the ability to handle high-resolution images without compromising on its quality.  Content on the website distributed to avoid additional load time. On top of that, experienced Web Developers make sure that the overall design of the website will help in digital marketing.

A positive approach with an eye on future aspects won the heart of many clients. The zeal to produce pixel-perfect results made Pixlogix the best choice for website design and development across the globe. Regardless of businesses we focused on providing the ultimate solutions to our clients and help them in their business growth.

So let’s connect quickly to know the finest solution to your needs!!


Fantastic work! I am just impressed by their service quality and working strategy. I hired them for Photography Website Design and Development and they have satisfied me to the full by delivering the right solution. They have great expertise, are dedicated, talented team and care much about my requirement. Highly recommended.

Kell B. Kell Benson Photography @ USA

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